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  1. Liberty


    Agreed - Andrew from Jeckells is the 'go-to guy'
  2. Liberty

    Moorings Going South ?

    Just crossed with you Mark - not arguing! :)
  3. Liberty

    Moorings Going South ?

    Plenty of non-floating pontoon moorings, fine with springs. Not an issue. Brundall Gardens is quite good. No pump out as far as I can remember (it's been 2 or 3 years since we were there). It also depends what type of boating you do; if you want to have a blast across Breydon or go to sea frequently, the Reedham is probably the best location although limited facilities, or Oulton Broad/other side of Mutford lock. Lowestoft Haven is very nice, but you can't get into the Broads except by Mutford.
  4. Liberty

    Penalty Notice Glue Removal

    There's some great stuff called Vuplex available in spray tins. It is a plastics finishing product; there is some citrus and some silicone, along with a number of other bits. As it is a finishing spray, don't put it on anything which you want a sticker to stick to - it won't. It fills micro-scratches and makes a huge different visually. Just to mention again: "don't put it on anything which you want a sticker to stick to - it won't". Not that I'm advocating preparedness or anything.... :)
  5. Liberty

    Bad Manners

    That's horrible Ray, and is unfortunately not unheard of. The best thing I can say to myself when it happens is "there's a***h***s everywhere, and they are not going to ruin my day." That said, a good dose of stinky diesel exhaust fumes in their direction goes a long way to making me feel better.
  6. Liberty

    Radar Arches

    A few different ways to do it. Brooms tend to have electrically operated hydraulics on their radar arches, so you just flick a switch for both up and down. Handy with radomes, antennae, lights, GPS, radar reflectors etc etc as the weight adds up. Just remember the canopy first... BTW you don't get cooked by radar if you have a nice 3G/4G system as opposed to pulse magnetron.
  7. Liberty

    Beginners Guide To Boating.

    As for driving it, go and do the RYA powerboat level 2. It's a great introduction and will teach you the basics of boat handling. Really worthwhile,
  8. Liberty

    Having The Right Tackle

  9. Liberty

    Selling Boats

    Worth bearing in mind that brokers, particularly the big, well-known ones will have buyers on their books who are looking for suitable boats. I have sold one through a broker straight away without it even being advertised, as it was what someone was after and they were on the look-out.
  10. Liberty

    Best Route To Sea

    Lowestoft every time for me. JW is right - Lowestoft much more geared up for pleasure vessels, and no bar to get over on the way out. Overnight at the yacht station, hearty breakfast at the Wherry, then out. Failing that, RNSYC overnight and you are really on the doorstep of going out quickly and easily. Also shops for final topping up of the biscuit barrel and milk. Diesel too.
  11. Liberty

    Selling Boats

    Very happy with NYA. Yes it cost a bit, but worth it for taking the hassle and grief, tourists and weirdos out of the equation.
  12. Liberty

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    You're not trying hard enough -- my 7 series was big and could pick up its skirts and run with the best of them!!
  13. Liberty

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Would never go back to a manual; why make life hard work? Especially with today's tiptronics and steering wheel paddle shifts if you do want extra work... If you want to play chuck it into sports mode and off you go on the twisties.
  14. Liberty

    This Is Rough!

    Big respect. I know we were delighted to see them arrive once. Must be exhilarating though, knowing the boat can handle it. Thank goodness they are crewed by these highly skilled, brave individuals.
  15. Liberty

    North Or South ?

    Four years South, then one year North. Boating is not a contact sport in the south. (dons tin hat)

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