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  1. That was a great way before my hearing went south try some vac gauges there brill for setting up multi carb systems correctly, one time when hearing was ok?set some carbs then checked with gauges wasnt that far out but you have to have that lug ole that works !!!
  2. I have found most N/boaters like and do tend to moor up leaving a 20ft space between them and the next one on visitor moorings leaving not enough room for any one else even when there all friends they will not raft up or moor end to end this is mainly on the R Trent and R Witham lets hope on the few occasions we come to the lovely broads usually a trip down for 2 wks a year it does not get overrun with them and some but not all have the attitude of ( look at that plastic/wood crap) etc etc OK rant over but after locking through 54 of the buggers on Sunday and hearing various comments from the boaters got my blood boiling I can only hope that the broads does not get full of them from the canals with this attitude as at the end of the day we are all boaters
  3. Peckin order in our house/boat, house Maggie my lady then Penny the GSD boat Penny, Me then Maggie
  4. The survey was commissioned by the seller? get your own and at the same time a valuation needed for insurance purposes and how long if any the Bss cert etc you could be saving a small fortune on the asking price as any defects could be price negotiable. Good luck Craig
  5. HI Frank yes it is very straight forward fitting a D2/4 eber the only real fiddly bit is connecting the copper tube from the off tap to the heater inlet as the said inlet has a flared nipple that needs carefully filing down as to fit the 4mm olive over Don't cut the inlet down as it will not leave enough tube to fit the fitting and also fit all the wiring through any bulkheads before you attach the plugs/sockets and you also need to lag the S/S exhaust with exhaust wrap hope this helps Regards Craig
  6. With out seeing it no thoughts on engine removal . Fuel tank if its S/steel you could steam clean it if replacing use S/steel fit once and forget job done
  7. And bloody cold up here in the midlands hope ever one hase done the winterising
  8. Nice Carol A very happy Christmas and happy new year to one and all
  9. If its a new heater and working leave it just run at max heat for about 20mins a month these heaters coke up if run at low heat then need cleaning out aka decoke easy job you can get all the info including all diagnostic codes off the net type up eberspacher and go through the various pages
  10. IF ONLY WE COULD catch then and then lop the ands orf (only jokin) should be Birched first and then made to pay with a baseball bat till they scream UNCLE : Will Keep Both eyes out Thevin BAS****
  11. Yea abit slow and dare i say scary only twin AQD 21s legs out of water 50% of the trip so not alot of steerage
  12. Nice vidio well done finding it took me back 20 years or so on a trip from yarmouth to boston sea state not that calm then in a RLM 31 Bahama
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