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  1. Thanks for all the replies I have had to this post, I suppose what I am after is somone to come down to the boat and check the installation and unit out. at the moment there is a pall ofblue smoke emitting from the exhaust an an intermittant heat output. Someone said that the supply cables are not big enough and so indicating a low voltage problem. There is certainly enough voltage in the batteries so I just dont know. Paul
  2. dear all, I am new to the wonders of the warm air diesel heater systems and I have one fitted to our new boat of which the serveyor commented on as work in progress. I have asked, continuously, at a local dealer to service and survey our heating system and I have now given up on the "service" offered. As the onset of winter is upon us, I am concerned to have the unit serviced and given the once over. Any suggestions would be very much apprieciated. Paul
  3. Oh Dear, I seemed to have ruffled a few feathers here which is not what I had intended. In my view, the issue here is the fact that my boat, which ever it is at the time, is a target for people to collide with. Thats fair enough. As I have said earlier, accidents happen and I concede to that. What really p---es me off is that no one will stand up and accept responsibility for their actions. Lets look at the hirers, they pay oodles of money for a holiday on the broads, the Thames, the Shannon or where ever, they are not really interested in having lessons on boat handling. They are more int
  4. No apologies needed, no offence taken. All like minded people here, in my opinion. Paul
  5. I totally agree with your comments JTF. My problem is with the fact that whilst accidents do happen, and can happen to us all, I find it very distastfull of the attitude of both the hirers and the people who hire the boats out. Most people are quite genuine and will hold thier hands up and say 'Yep,screwed up that time, lets sort it out' but the people I have dealt with over the last few months have been both arrogant and abusive, that attitude sticks in my throat. I will not, in future, venture up the fresh side, as I have been burned too many times now, maybe in the winter when there are
  6. Would you believe it! Just got the new boat launched on Monday, got all systems working correctly and decided to get away for a couple of days. Opted to go fresh water side as we are not too familiar with Dody Lee yet. Arrived on Reedham Quay Late morning yesterday and got whacked again this morning!! Not only that but the boat that hit us this morning is owned by the same company as the boat that hit us in Reedham in May. Hows that for brinksman ship,must have been driven by barny rubble from the flintstones. I already have the hire company in question going to court after the last
  7. Gone done and dusted. Left Lowestoft Pier heads yesterday (saturday) at 0800 for Titchmarsh marina. Weather conditions were perfect and we carried the main flood all the way down. arrived and Titchmars at 1400 on the dot and said fairwell to Frigid Brigid. Once again, not a hiccup, smooth passage and a sad end to the day. Thanks for all your comments, but we have the new vessel now at Lowestoft, if you ever need to move a boat by overland, Malcom Evry comes highly reccomended by myself, superb service and reasonable too. Dody Lee is the new boat and she is being launched first thing M
  8. Sad and bittersweet day. Brigid Mary now belongs to someone else, and I have conflicting feelings about the whole affair. We have had her up for sale for a couple or three years now and she has at last been sold and soon off down south. We have spent another small fortune on her this year and for that reason I am glad to see the back of her,But.......... The old girl has become a part of us and it will be a wrench to see her go. I am taking her down to Titchmarsh on the 21st. We have covered a great deal of miles in the 12 years we have been custodian and she has never let us down. The
  9. Good Idea Jill, Perhaps the money could go to Lowestoft as a new boat is due there in the next couple of years, Paul
  10. Quite agree with you Barry, when I drive 'our RIB' you know the one I mean, at high speed there is minimal wash, at low speed a humungus tidal wave. I can drive Brigid Mary along the Yare at full speed, all of 7 knots, and make a wash equivalent of a mallard on heat. The issue is not speed,in my view, but being sensible. Broads cruisers are desinged to give minimal wash, sea going boats are not. Try approching Harwich when one of the pilot boats are about. They are not too bothered about the amount of wash they put up!!!!!! Speed limits are a generalization, in my view. Common sense wh
  11. superb photographs, I wish I could take photographs and not just snaps. Paul
  12. Perry, The Misty you mention is the very one. John and Jackie where here at Lowestoft for a while a couple of years ago, they then went to the Orwell and we saw no more of them until Gibraltar. Brittania Sea School took the boat down there for them.
  13. As delivery trips have been very scarce, in fact non-existent so far this year, I was somewhat surprised when an enquiry came to deliver a Broom 50 from Lowestoft down to sunny Gibraltar, not too much persuasion was needed to accept the job. I had been involved in moving the boat a couple of times in the last 12 months, up and down the east coast, to and from the Thames so she was no real stranger to me. Taking into consideration some of the boats I have moved over the past 3 years, Aqua fleur was a veritable super yacht! She is a very well found vessel and equipped with all the usual e
  14. Just got back from taking this machine, From Lowestoft to Here, and we saw plenty of these on the way, Will post more words and pictures in the next couple of days as we are pretty kernacked at the moment.
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