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  1. The car in question was a small hatchback Peugeot.... Laying alongside it was great big deer ...sadly the deer ran across the NDR and was clipped by the car hence the smashed front end / bonnet and roof as the deer ended up on top of it.
  2. Funny enough I've just been binge watching In Sickness and In Health complete collection all 20 hours and 11 minutes of it..... Got box set of Till Death us Do Part for this weekend ....so totally not PC ....😂😂
  3. It even tells you 'Road Kill' as a hazard..... Personally use the shout at it /voice control method and run the app through Sync3 cars 9 inch inbuilt media screen for clarity of the maps.
  4. Have just registered my onboard/fixed radio VHF DSC to my boat ...it was needed for the mmsi set up for the radio and radio call sign . Simple enough to register through Ofcom as a 'Ships Radio' and it states that a copy of the licence relating to the radio should be kept onboard the registered vessel.
  5. Not a great picture ...but that's what mine looks like ..
  6. There should be 2 plastic rectangles pieces that sit/fit either side of the stay arm within the clamp housing with the metal shim on the piece that has the tightening bolt .....I nearly gave up in my search and was going to drill a few holes in the stay arm and use a longer bolt to go through the lot.
  7. Just as an afterthought there should be thin metal shims that are placed on the back of the plastic rectangular slider that prevents the threaded thumbscrew bolt from cutting into the plastic slider on that side. Failing finding any of the plastic rectangular sliders if you have at least one then maybe if someone had a 3D printer then perhaps it maybe possible to make / copy some.
  8. I had this type of stay on my Broom for the butterfly roofs.....I got replacement plastic slider/grips ( they are the parts that squeeze together along the arms with the thumb screw) from Haines at Catfield.... Found them very helpful and also got a guided tour of their whole boat building factory....just turned up at their reception and was taken to the vast parts storage area ....many of the parts are universal between Haines , Broom and Renaissance.
  9. Friday girl now passing me at Barton turf..... Looking good ?
  10. In my defense it is a godsend to me as I have severe arthritis to both hands and extreme finger tip joints ..... can manage to tie the boat up in a fashion but sadly pulling up a mud weight can leave me grabbing for the painkillers ... lol
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