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  1. sidestand

    Guess The Beach!

  2. sidestand

    Sun Hatch Supports

    There should be 2 plastic rectangles pieces that sit/fit either side of the stay arm within the clamp housing with the metal shim on the piece that has the tightening bolt .....I nearly gave up in my search and was going to drill a few holes in the stay arm and use a longer bolt to go through the lot.
  3. sidestand

    Sun Hatch Supports

    Just as an afterthought there should be thin metal shims that are placed on the back of the plastic rectangular slider that prevents the threaded thumbscrew bolt from cutting into the plastic slider on that side. Failing finding any of the plastic rectangular sliders if you have at least one then maybe if someone had a 3D printer then perhaps it maybe possible to make / copy some.
  4. sidestand

    Sun Hatch Supports

    I had this type of stay on my Broom for the butterfly roofs.....I got replacement plastic slider/grips ( they are the parts that squeeze together along the arms with the thumb screw) from Haines at Catfield.... Found them very helpful and also got a guided tour of their whole boat building factory....just turned up at their reception and was taken to the vast parts storage area ....many of the parts are universal between Haines , Broom and Renaissance.
  5. sidestand

    Friday Girl

    Friday girl now passing me at Barton turf..... Looking good ?
  6. sidestand

    Mud Weight Size

    Hope all goes well next week John
  7. sidestand

    Mud Weight Size

    In my defense it is a godsend to me as I have severe arthritis to both hands and extreme finger tip joints ..... can manage to tie the boat up in a fashion but sadly pulling up a mud weight can leave me grabbing for the painkillers ... lol
  8. sidestand

    Mud Weight Size

    It is also has both foot switches on the bow and a remote in wheelhouse to work it .... us softies don't like getting wet either JM.... ?????
  9. sidestand

    Mud Weight Size

    Just checked and it's 15 kilo shiny chrome one attached with chain and powered by a windlass....
  10. sidestand

    Mud Weight Size

    Will check what's hanging off the front of mine either tomorrow or Sunday and let you know .... However whatever it weighs holds us firm ...
  11. sidestand

    The Tales Of Susie Speedwell

    She is looking good nice and shiny.....
  12. sidestand

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Great follow up to episode 1 Robin .... and as always highly enjoyable to watch.
  13. sidestand

    Shetland 27

    With a bit of practice ... possibly a few swear words you will soon get the hang of it ?
  14. sidestand

    Shetland 27

    Yes very easy .... the canopy splits in half (unzipps in half ) so you can have just the front part up if you want a bit of sun shade and the back end folds down flat.... however it can all be left up and to get the whole canopy level with the top of the windscreen we just unzipp the front 2 canopy bars and they fold forward thus lowering whole canopy level with top of the screen and the rear canopy bar ( we do this when it's raining and want to get under bridges quickly without to much fuss and worry about airdraft)... whole canopy down is also easy and a one person job.
  15. sidestand

    Shetland 27

    Plenty of room for 3 with plenty of seating area ... never had 4 of us stay overnight on it ..lots of storage space ... our son (13) has the under helm sleeper compartment that he calls his own space. Easy boat to handle and control plus with screens down it's only 6ft 6inch air draft.

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