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  1. You are quite correct Howard Colin Barnes a smashing publican
  2. Jiffy says T cut he can Tut a dent out of a Ford Focus hit by an artic and spray it a completely different colour not shade 👍😏
  3. Keep up the humour Timbo we need it in these times
  4. Good old cable ties alternately use duct tape
  5. Didn’t comment on this earlier but a colleague was told he could no longer stay after a full 12 hour shift at work yesterday they put a note under his room door during the day they said wouldnt return the rest of the weeks booking money either said it takes time travelodge my ar5e maybe my premier inn will do the same to me tonight
  6. Surely it would be easier to lift the boat out of the water to paint it
  7. The mill is facing the wrong direction
  8. I never open drawers in my house but the other day I did and was confronted by every mobile phone and charger we have ever had since the beginning of time
  9. Excellent company to deal with
  10. remember the Beast from the East. You mean Maureen from Hull
  11. It’s extremely moist up here in Bradford
  12. I spy with my little eye something beginning with T
  13. Can you just imagine how difficult it would be to play I spy with Yorkshire folk
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