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  1. Apparently there’s a shortage of broccoli as well but I don’t like that
  2. And I wonder what happens in the meantime
  3. PM Wombat new Blownup he had one a while back
  4. I thought that but there has never been a tall tree line to the left that I can remember
  5. Griff owner of broad ambition has a triumph tiger I believe
  6. If the mid weight is 25 kg how much would you like for it?
  7. The bank can go back a milenium if you owe them money they need to take responsibility
  8. You’re missing the point let them find you and give it back no expiry date a lot of old people don’t know what they have done
  9. Not sure if this is allowed here but keen to hear your answers PPI deadline approaches why should me or you have to claim the banks building societies knew who they stole the money from let them track everybody down at their expense and give the money back cant we start one of these things whereby you get so many signitures and get parliament to sort it if the moderators feel the need to remove this please do Bob
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