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  1. Hi Paul, thanks for the picture, i know now what it looks like underneath were all astons this design Thanks Steve.
  2. Hi All. My ex " Aston Seamaster" is keel cooled are there any problems i should be aware of when winterizing this type of system, all my previous boats have had bowmon heat exchangers. Thanks Steve.
  3. Hi Andy. As it's white smoke this is unburnt diesel,This could be a weak or dripping injector and would explain why when you alter the timing it goes away i would get the injector's serviced from a good diesel agent. the timing chain set up on these engines is pretty robust being a duplex chain running on a spring loaded rubber pad and doesnt give much trouble same as all B series engines. Steve.
  4. Hi Andy. Blue smoke is is oil burning diesel is black smoke. shot in the dark are all engine breather's clear including oil filler capthis should be the vented type when this engine was desined it had a breather on the cam cover side plate but normally removed on boats hence the vented filler cap. Steve
  5. Worn valve stem oil seals will give this problem and is quite a simple job to replace, i would also put the timing back to where it should be as this can cause untold damage ,also slighty to much oil in the sump dont trust dipstick unless you are sure it's correct. Steve.
  6. Sunny


    Hi All Just clicked on to jill's topic and it's come up with not authorised to reed this is it a secret ??? Regards steve.
  7. Great Pic's keep them coming Steve.
  8. Hi All. Just looked at the Aquafax web site at wroxham,they stock a whole range off brass plate's for about six pounds each ,battery .gas. stop bilge pump .ect well worth a look four pages in total Steve.
  9. I have allways used crossland filters as supplied by my local diesel /electrical repair centre, never had a problem. steve.
  10. Looking good,Great post Steve
  11. Thanks for the replies i think i will have a word with maycraft, like the look of brass plates Thanks Steve
  12. Hi All, My boat is due for it's Bss in june, As i own and use the boat do i have to display stickers for gas cocks battery switches ect in the inside of the boat as i think they look a mess. Thanks Steve
  13. I dont think it's more than a days work to re-fit depending on what boat it is. The old Porter Haylett yard at wroxham(LE-Boat ) has mooring spaces their phone no 01692-630614 if this helps. Regards Steve
  14. Hi Jimbo. Thanks for the info on the P.R.V i will be down this weekend, so a trip to wroxham marine should sole the problem as they seem to stock quite a few. Thanks again Steve
  15. Hi all, the p.r.v on my calorifier has failed can anyone tell me what pressure it should be as there are no marking on it,The engine is a bmc 1.5 and runs at 82 deg the calorifier is the old type copper cylinder approx700mm long x 450mm dia. Thanks Steve
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