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  1. NeilB

    Why Is It?

    That may have been me - https://www.volvopentashop.com/epc/en-US/Details/AccessoriesCatalog/5438?path=1532%2F4225%2F5437%2F5438 or page 86 here - https://www.volvopenta.com/content/dam/volvo/volvo-penta/master/marine-leisure-engines/for-owners/parts/Accessories/Accessories Catalog.pdf You can sign up to get prices or speak to French Marine in Brundall. I have seen similar systems running radiators before, good way to get heat when cruising.
  2. So sorry to hear this news, our condolences to you and your family.
  3. Volvo Bus have been running full electric bus trials in various cities across the UK. They use an overhead charger which outputs up to 300Kw installed at a couple of locations on the busses route. Everyone was on board, local councils, bus companies , planning authorities etc, basically every organisation that required an input did their upmost to make these trials work. Except the power supply companies. To be fair, I've no idea what the issues were but they were stopping the trials from going ahead. In the we (Volvo Penta) stepped in and supplied a diesel genset to power the chargers, so not very green - apart from the engine !
  4. NeilB

    My Day

    Something has also left a deposit on Mr Churchill !! Back onto the tube now and off to visit mum.
  5. NeilB

    My Day

    View from my meeting room today, not sure what Nelson would make of today’s goings on at the 2nd photos location !! I also made some time to pay my respects.
  6. NeilB

    My Day

    Not much moving but I’ve made is festive!
  7. NeilB

    My Day

    It’s time for my yearly trip to London, set off from home at 6:30. My pool car must be a reject as its like sitting in a bucket of vomit! I’m currently sat on an tube train to Westminster that rides like a boat doing 30 knots!! Only difference is I have someone’s bum in my face!! I’d normally use a train for the whole journey but I’m popping into see mum on the way home. Plus driving / tube is half the cost! I’ll try and get a few boaty photos later.
  8. NeilB

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    Everyone will be deaf by the age of 25 !!
  9. NeilB

    My Day

    I watched Bohemian Rhapsody last week, the reviews are not great but Queen were not liked by the press. There are a few large holes in the script but I also thought it was fantastic, by the end you thought it really was Queen - great entertainment.
  10. NeilB

    Goosander? No - Gooseandhim!

    Nice photos. Anyone know what the mounds were?
  11. Jamie Oliver may be open to offers as his restaurant is not doing so well ?
  12. NeilB


    It was called Lady Suzanne in the hire fleet, probably sold around October 92 or 93 at a guess. No idea where it went but it had a name change or moved off the Thames.
  13. NeilB


    Had one in the hire fleet on the Thames the first year or so I worked there in the early 90’s. They were wider, slightly longer and felt roomier than a Safari with a large aft cockpit. It had a 1.5 BMC on a V drive gearbox.
  14. NeilB

    Robert John Richardson

    Very sad to hear this news, my sincere condolences to Clive, Paul and their families.
  15. Not as hire boats until the infrastructure is in place. It will be hybrids first, they have been around for a while as one offs and people like Greenline, etc. They will start to become more commonplace in around 2 to 3 years time and serial production is coming, followed shortly after by full electric.

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