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  1. NeilB

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Lots of vicars but no tarts!
  2. NeilB

    News Papers

    The weekly free newspaper is occasionally useful for lighting the BBQ or fire, it's about the only time I touch one !
  3. Sounds like there’s a serious problem with the rudder, definitely not you. The rest sounds very odd on a 2017 boat but please don’t let that put you off the canals. I can recommend Kate Boats, I’ve hired from them twice and both boats and staff are great.
  4. Depending on the A34 I should be there from about 9am on Thursday. A friend of mine at work is restoring an old Fletcher, I'll try to persuade him he needs some Teak Carpet and drag him over! The organisers will bring the breakdown info to you during the show, it's a bit of a bunfight to get any vehicles in on the Sunday night so try and sell as many mats and give out as many samples as possible!! May be able to wheel the stuff out if you have a trolley, we use a folding festival one to distribute VP mats around all the boats.
  5. Early start for engines this year - 5-30am !! Allan’s spot looking a little empty though! Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  6. NeilB

    Langford Jillings Snr.

    I never met him but worked on a few of his boats, quite a character from what I've heard. I actually worked on your boat when it was at Kris Cruisers. I can remember turning the battery master switch's off and the radio kept on going. Turns out there were 2 power supplies, one to each side of the domestic master switch ! !
  7. Long range forecast looks good, you should cook nicely inside that tent !! Your stand is quite close to the permanent park café though which does nice slush puppies to cool off !! The organisers have also moved the official Guinness bar to a different location, not sure where the secret Guinness bar is yet....
  8. NeilB

    New Crossing To Start In 2020

    Once built it may allow Haven Bridge to be closed for extended repairs to improve the reliability?
  9. NeilB

    Mooring On Southern Rivers Needed

    Hippersons had room in their wet shed a few months ago, not sure if it’s still available though. Fantastic boat by the way, any pics or info on the restoration?
  10. NeilB

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Bit closer to Gloucester now
  11. I’ll see you there. I’ll be around 13th to 16th and 20th to 24th.
  12. NeilB

    Waterside Properties To Rent ?

    Just found a couple of photos of LL Cruisers, 1st taken mid 80’s at the front and the 2nd round the back. Looks like tha Alpha is moored in the same location as CambridgeCabby’s boat. 2nd was taken summer of 1987 when we popped in to say hi and found the owners had disappeared and Summercraft had taken over. Never did find out what happened!
  13. NeilB

    Tudor Reformation

    That's a lot of putty !!
  14. NeilB

    When Did The First Grp Boats Arrive?.

    John Freeman started to build the Freeman 22 in 1957, he was also building caravans up to 1960 !
  15. NeilB

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Yours look like the"S" rating which equates to Light Duty Commercial. If Yanmar have different service items for leisure and commercial use no wonder they are so expensive ! Not sure about Yanmar but VP offer the choice of green or white on all engines from D3 to D16 regardless of use so colour is not always an indicator. Some areas like the USA prefer white engines while other countries are not bothered.

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