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  1. NeilB

    On The Broads

    Thank you, hope you have a great week !
  2. NeilB


    If that's the case I would be looking at the installation and how the boat is operated rather than the engine itself. The majority of modern engines are reliable, but not all are installed correctly or matched to the job they are being asked to do.
  3. NeilB

    On The Broads

    Nice ! If you get a chance some internal pics would be nice please as the website does not have many? I quite fancy a solo hire in an old woody one day.
  4. NeilB


    The small ones are Kubota but the larger ones are Toyota or John Deere based. If it's something broken on the marinised side they could have availability problems.
  5. Saw you go past on the Thursday morning heading out of Wroxham.
  6. Great views of the river although we do feel like goldfish at times !! Off to Roys by boat and then the New Inn for lunch !
  7. We are staying in Drakes Dyke which is the 3rd house on the left as you enter Wroxham. We have a day boat as well and cannot believe our luck with the weather! Quite entertaining watching the day boat rush hours! Including the Richos day boat at 9pm last night navigating by a mobile phone torch and sounding well lubricated. Feel sorry for any Richos staff having to stay behind to deal with them!
  8. In Warwickshire they break up the 12th and go back the 29th, we often seem to be out of sync with large parts of the UK. As I've 3 children it saved me a fortune on flights a couple of years ago, sadly the holiday companies seem to have woken up to our different dates !
  9. Crossing Breydon is part of the fun !
  10. They could turn it into a smart waterway like the M25 and have different limits depending on how bad the traffic is. The gantries would need to be quite high though to allow for sailing vessels.....
  11. NeilB

    Subsiding House

    This used to be a holiday let, about 40 years ago though as I was about 6 or 7 !!
  12. Just had a closer look and some of the boats listed are hire boats anyway !!!
  13. There's already a website in place for this - https://borrowaboat.com/how-it-works/ I've not owned a boat for about 15 years but did work for a hire fleet for 10 years so I've a pretty good idea of what hire boats go through. I wouldn't have hired my boat out either !
  14. I know he was was a pilot and ended up a bigwig but had to Google the rest ! He graduated in 1958 and served in 83, 44 & IX Sqn and became an instructor in 1964 . Finished flying with 27 Sqn as commanding officer in the mid 70's. Just wondering as he was my sisters father in law ! Found the info here - http://www.rafweb.org/index.html
  15. Does either 1sostatic or John remember a John Willis flying Vulcans?
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