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  1. For some reason the website is unnecessarily complicated but there is a FAQ section which gives some answers as to who is involved - https://broadlandfuturesinitiative.virtualeventspace.io/files/Broadland Futures Initiative FAQ.pdf
  2. I tried the search but could not find any reference to the above which is regarding flood risk management ? I've not had a good look yet as I'm at work but I will later and thought some of you would be interested. https://broadlandfuturesinitiative.virtualeventspace.io/ There's also a survey, again I've not looked yet - https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/BFISurvey2021
  3. I know about the Kris Cruiser ones, I worked on them! Bill Maxted was involved with them for a while although the two at KC now have normal hulls and Nannis as opposed to the pontoon and outboard versions which were sold off.
  4. It's a pontoon boat, although it looks like the side railings have been removed. There are quite a few on various lakes in the USA and they can get a move on with a big enough outboard. There was one pottering about Wroxham a few years ago but no idea who owned it.
  5. I agree with every word and I'm going to show this to my wife !! It's been nice knowing you all....
  6. Of course this is completely unrelated to the above but a pub quite close to me had been closed for a few years awaiting planning permission..... Some locals may have been a tad suspicious and the below appeared on the hoardings.
  7. I thought I was seeing double, I've not even had a drink... yet !
  8. My wife is a teaching assistant at a special needs school which is fully open, they are short staffed so my wife is floating between several classes. PPE is virtually impossible as some of these kids go into meltdown if they see someone in a mask and their idea of bubbles is to blow them, not stay in them. They have no idea what social distancing is and some are in nappies, some spit, some kick etc, etc. I would class this as high risk but she's gets no priority whatsoever.
  9. I noticed the Police used the registered keepers address from the car registration. Lets hope Warwick Police don't check my car as it's registered with the lease company in Swindon !!! Although the longest round trip it's done since October is 20 miles and that was for a Covid test.
  10. NeilB

    Boat Show

    Earls Court had a good atmosphere, but it was a pain during build up and breakdowns especially upstairs having to share the lifts to move equipment around. Excel was good in the early days and access was fantastic, no where to eat in the evenings without a cab journey though.
  11. NeilB

    My Day

    Our 2 cats used to wash each other on a regular basis, also sometimes ending up in a fight! Sadly we lost one about a year ago so she now picks fights with the dog instead, he stays well away from her !
  12. NeilB

    Boat Show

    London Boatshow is long gone now, the last couple of years we’re not very good. Both Seawork and Southampton are still going ahead, we’ll start planning and organising in January. Just have to wait and see if they go ahead...
  13. All I can say is I’m so glad we invested in a smart tv as the vast majority of normal tv has been dire for several years now.
  14. NeilB

    My Day

    Yes it is, are you in Warwick as well?
  15. NeilB

    My Day

    Pretty high near me as well, the below is one of my local pubs which is an old mill on the river Avon.
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