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  1. That's a sad sight, the BMC2.5 was as sweet as a nut as well. I can remember painting that hull, seemed to go on for ever !
  2. Bill purchased 4 of these boats from Kris Cruisers when I worked there, 2 x AF32 aft cockpits, 1 x Alpha 31 aft cockpit and the AF42. The AF42 was originally from NBYC and was a really nice handling boat - if only I had some spare cash !
  3. Nope, please see my earlier post. I just try and keep my plastic use to an absolute minumum.
  4. Biodegradable plastic bags are just as bad, if not worse than normal plastic bags. There are plenty of articles about it but here’s one - https://eradicateplastic.com/what-are-the-problems-with-biodegradable-plastic/
  5. They do look quite poor on the inside though.
  6. If you are in a suitable area like the middle of knowhere stick and flick is the best method, I would'nt do it in a park or popular dog walking area so use plastic bags. Sadly plastic is casuing far more problems than dog poop, the so called bio degradable bags are even worse as most just degrade to smaller pieces of plastic ! Most of the smelly poo in our area comes from foxes, sadly our dog has a liking for rolling in it !!
  7. FIAT - Fix It Again Tomorrow FORD - Fix Or Repair Daily LOTUS - Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious
  8. I was 9 years old when that photo was taken, I can remember sitting on that white ramp a few times !
  9. NeilB

    Subsiding House

    This is the view from the rear, I thought the sign was mildly amusing !
  10. I reckon £40K is a tad expensive, there's an old Herbert Woods woody next to it as well !
  11. NeilB

    On The Broads

    Thank you, hope you have a great week !
  12. NeilB


    If that's the case I would be looking at the installation and how the boat is operated rather than the engine itself. The majority of modern engines are reliable, but not all are installed correctly or matched to the job they are being asked to do.
  13. NeilB

    On The Broads

    Nice ! If you get a chance some internal pics would be nice please as the website does not have many? I quite fancy a solo hire in an old woody one day.
  14. NeilB


    The small ones are Kubota but the larger ones are Toyota or John Deere based. If it's something broken on the marinised side they could have availability problems.
  15. Saw you go past on the Thursday morning heading out of Wroxham.
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