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  1. We looked at Lightning as well, I believe there were 4 people after that share.
  2. It’s a hard life! Which syndicate boat have you bought into? We’ve just purchased a share in Moonlight Shadow.
  3. What boat is it? A lot of Bounty’s and some Alphacraft had weed hatches, don’t think I’ve seen one on an Aquafibre. it would be in front of the rudder stock and hopefully the top will be a couple of inches above the waterline!
  4. We came through Wroxham bridge around 9 on Friday morning, that was entertaining! At least they should all be heading back now.
  5. Pretty sure it’s a small Nanni, the original pontoon boats had 15hp Honda outboards
  6. Thanks Helen. This is why we now have a share in MS, to enjoy more family time in an area we love.
  7. Yes, just a dayboat and I think it has a proper hull. They also have a pontoon boat that was around when I worked there, it’s been refurbished since though. They are quite popular in the USA and can be pretty fast with the right engine. Interestingly the very first one was supplied by Bill Maxted in Loddon, he also bought some of the older hire boats back to the Broads.
  8. Sorry to hear of your loss. This year has not been a good one as I also lost my mother who caught Covid 19 whilst in hospital. It was mum & dad who introduced me to the Broads.
  9. When in flood the Thames can make the tides at Great Yarmouth look pretty tame. In those conditions I suspect these would be tied up and unable to move. Normal hire craft can be moved in some flood conditions with an experienced helm, usually from the hire yard, local knowledge and a few extra revs. I’ve done it several times and It’s not for the faint hearted, especially shooting some of the bridges.
  10. Turned a Connoisseur 45 outside the lock this morning, reckon you could turn one of Brinks 48 footers now with care.
  11. Just pulled onto Irstead staithe ourselves, couldn’t believe it was empty! Although busy there were at least 3 wild moorings free so we we’re spoilt for choice.
  12. His mum was on one of the Facebook groups a week or so ago saying he still owned it. He often lets family and friends take it out.
  13. Oh no, now my wife is here, I'll have to be careful now! Yes, we have just bought Jays share in Moonlight Shadow. Our first week is not until October half term but we are on Emerald Light 2 from tomorrow.
  14. Deer's are pretty good swimmers and don't seem fazed by the water. Did it have both eyes.....?
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