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  1. Sadly this is my experience as well. My son is mildly autistic which became more apparent towards the end of junior school. His secondary school were and are fantastic but the waiting time for an official diagnosis from the local CAMHS was nearly 3 years. Luckily we have health insurance via my work so could go private but even this was not straightforward as CAMHS changed the diagnosis process and guidelines so we had to have additional reports and tests. The general consensus was the change was made to try and slow down the amount of people going private as once the diagnosis is confirmed you can apply for extra help with schooling etc. This obviously costs money that councils don't have !! As it happens my son is quite mild and while he has issues we can manage them and he's actually doing fairly well at school. Sadly that's not the case for everyone. On the plus side he's had zero issues with bullying as at 14 he's 6ft 3 and built like the proverbial outhouse, for those that know him he's a gentle giant !
  2. NeilB

    My Day

    Couple for Griff, live from Lymington ! Storm Dennis is starting to brew so no sea trials today!
  3. Bit windy in Warwick with strong gusts. Our dog walked across the drive and after experiencing a couple of gusts promptly turned around and went back indoors!!
  4. Always dreamed of doing this job but I’ve heard it’s quite hard to get. Plus the salary is a tad low!
  5. NeilB

    My Day

    Sorry to hear this Griff, been through the same only a few weeks ago with one of our cats.
  6. NeilB


    The upstairs helm on the lowliner is also uncomfortable and blocks access to the side decks. The stying was quite striking when it was launched but it’s not very practical or easy to live with.
  7. Yes, pictures please. Except of sircumsicion, we don’t need to see that one!! 🤣
  8. NeilB

    My Day

    Enjoying a drink in The Dancing Man brewery in Southampton. Only a couple though as I have to be on the boat show stand at 6am for the crane to lift the engines onto the stand. It’s the start of a long 2 weeks !
  9. 3 x AD41’s at 200hp each, not sure why they did it to be honest as it wasn’t particularly fast.
  10. That’s a Sealine, they didn’t make many.
  11. Oil analysis can help with a diagnosis although it’s better used as part of routine maintenance. The sample needs to be taken once the oil is up to working temperature, this would mean running the engine under load and could take up to 30mins. If your engine is that poorly it may not last long enough to heat up! There are members all over the UK so if we knew where the boat was based someone may be able to recommend a mechanic.
  12. The Alpha 31 and AF32 are different hulls, the 31 could plane with enough HP and had a bolt on keel for inland use but the 32 is full displacement. Jay was either Lady Pauline or Lady Carina when I worked at Kris Cruisers, they were originally built mid 80’s for Eurocruisers in Staines. Both were sold to Bill Maxted in Loddon.
  13. NeilB

    Kill Cord

    We have them available for petrol and D3, D4 & D6 diesel engines. You could fit an energised to run electric stop solenoid to most diesel engines and rig a kill switch to cut the power and stop the engine.
  14. The Aquafibre 32 has quite a tall hull and is very boxy, think it would struggle at Potter. Unless they have been modified the screens were a pain to lower single handed as they are very large. Not many about either, 3 or 4 maybe?
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