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  1. WE had a lady at work a few years ago who suggested when anyone felt ill they could work from home, her exact words were we had to use our judgement and "probe ourselves"..... As you can imagine whenever some said they were not feeling very well or had a cold coming they were instructed to go and probe themselves! She regretted that until the day she left to have a family. I've learned that I'd like to go back to work in the office or visiting customers as there's no kitchen with lots of easily available snacks! I've also learned that it's not easy to home school a 6 year old, and my wife is a teaching assistant !
  2. NeilB

    My Day

    My day has involved my wife and myself painting 16 new fence panels. The kids did help for a while but were a tad messy, still, at least the patio and dog won’t rot!!!
  3. NeilB

    My Day

    We have the same version, every time we use it and see the colour of the water we start thinking about laminate flooring all over the house!
  4. There are a few of us out here, I don't like football either!
  5. Here you go ! D1 / D2 = Perkins D3 = Volvo Car engine but assembled by VP. D4 / D6 = Volvo Penta. D5 / D7 = Deutz D8 / D11 / D13 / D16 = Volvo Group V6/V8 = GM Seven Outboards = GM
  6. WE live about 10 yards from the Grand Union in Warwick, the magnet fishers leave old bikes and other metal rubbish on the edge of the towpath. Over the next few days the local kids return these to the canal so the magnet fishers can pull them out again !!
  7. Only just noticed this so I’ve just made a donation. You’re doing a fantastic job, than you.
  8. My dad was out there in 1946/7. Despite going through Normandy, Holland and Germany in 1944/5 he said it was worse as they were being shot at by both sides !!! Ok, his unit was bombed by the yanks but that was a one off, and they missed !
  9. I do vaguely remember the name, John and myself picked up lots of tips and started practicing so eventually could handle most issues, even damage as bad as the above.
  10. My dad was at Oldham's for 26 years before being given the offer of redundancy or moving to Sun Printers. As he was nearly 59 he took redundancy and luckily his pension shortly before it all crashed. Maxwell was not a popular man in the Watford area !!
  11. NeilB

    My Day

    Looks nice and calm in those photos, whoever I go out of there it’s blowing a bit ! Here’s a view from the river.
  12. Sorry Paul, couldn't find any sea trial reports on a Sessa 42 so the above is the best I can find. One of the databases was closed a while ago so we lost some of the older reports.
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