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  1. NeilB

    New Crossing To Start In 2020

    Once built it may allow Haven Bridge to be closed for extended repairs to improve the reliability?
  2. NeilB

    Mooring On Southern Rivers Needed

    Hippersons had room in their wet shed a few months ago, not sure if it’s still available though. Fantastic boat by the way, any pics or info on the restoration?
  3. NeilB

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Bit closer to Gloucester now
  4. I’ll see you there. I’ll be around 13th to 16th and 20th to 24th.
  5. NeilB

    Waterside Properties To Rent ?

    Just found a couple of photos of LL Cruisers, 1st taken mid 80’s at the front and the 2nd round the back. Looks like tha Alpha is moored in the same location as CambridgeCabby’s boat. 2nd was taken summer of 1987 when we popped in to say hi and found the owners had disappeared and Summercraft had taken over. Never did find out what happened!
  6. NeilB

    Tudor Reformation

    That's a lot of putty !!
  7. NeilB

    When Did The First Grp Boats Arrive?.

    John Freeman started to build the Freeman 22 in 1957, he was also building caravans up to 1960 !
  8. NeilB

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Yours look like the"S" rating which equates to Light Duty Commercial. If Yanmar have different service items for leisure and commercial use no wonder they are so expensive ! Not sure about Yanmar but VP offer the choice of green or white on all engines from D3 to D16 regardless of use so colour is not always an indicator. Some areas like the USA prefer white engines while other countries are not bothered.
  9. NeilB

    Thames Hire Henley Area

    As others have stated the river around Henley week is heaving with long queues at locks. However, the majority of locks below Oxford now have power 24/7 so are fairly easy to operate. We always recommended people pass though Henley early morning to avoid the queues, once a couple of locks past it quietens down. Datchet to Henley is a fairly long day but not an unusual distance.
  10. NeilB

    Thames Hire Henley Area

    Definitely Kris Cruisers for both day and longer hires. I'm probably biased as I worked there for 10 years but as Vaughan says there's not much left on the Thames now. Hobbs have some day boats which are very basic but do have a couple of nice Linssens for hire.
  11. NeilB

    My Day

    Working for Volvo Penta can be tough at times!! At Seawork all week.
  12. NeilB

    Anyone For Hickling?

    Low tides last week and probably this week as well. Seawork was delayed a week due to low tides in Southampton and another week due to clashing with another show.
  13. NeilB

    Boat Being Untied.

    Remember being cast adrift at Thorpe many, many years ago as a teenager with my parents. Mum came into my cabin to wake me so I could help dad. Apparently I said ok, turned over and went straight back to sleep!! Must have been over 30 years ago now!
  14. This was a few years ago now in the US, pretty sure they all received injuries and some were quite severe. Doing those sorts of speeds you want to be strapped in with some safety gear. A bikini doesn't cut it - especially with my figure !!! :-)
  15. NeilB

    Electrifying News From Goodchild

    If everyone switched to electric cars by say 2030, or trucks, buses or boats etc. Where is all the energy going to come from to power the fast chargers required for commercial use? How “green” will they be? The National Grid would have a meltdown !! I believe coal power stations are being phased out or converted to gas and their input to the power grid is the lowest it’s ever been. There have also been some planning restrictions lifted which will enable more windfarms to be constructed but this will all take time and is not enough. Electromobility is the new buzz word, there’s a serious amount of development and big advances going on behind the scenes in all automotive areas but infrastructure development seems inadequate. I’ve no idea what the answer is and I hope someone in government is taking a long term view ! I

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