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  1. NeilB

    My Day

    Sorry to hear this Helen, social services were very good when my mum was in a similar situation. Eventually she had to move into a care home but we found a small one which was like a home from home, she steadily improved and was fairly happy for the 1 1/2 years she was there.
  2. I purchased the below a couple of months ago and they get used every day for walking the dog, they were comfortable from day one on tarmac, grass, canal towpaths and the odd farmers field. walking shoes
  3. I think this would call for another weekend on board ASAP.....
  4. Send your wife outside to to remove mooring lines while you remain nice and warm at the helm sipping a hot coffee. You can show how much you care by offering her a lifejacket
  5. I think you’d be lucky to see 7ft 3” at average low water at Wroxham bridge let alone high water!
  6. You were hard at it when I went past, scrubbing that is.😉
  7. The inside was immaculate and I think someone had given the outside a quick wash but they missed a few areas. it had also been dive bombed a few times, at least a squadron of geese from what I could tell !!
  8. I’m sat outside Stalham Tesco with my dog right now Vaughan. With the amount of time my wife is taking I could have polished the hull and topsides for you by now!
  9. It’s not as busy as I expected, only 3 hire boats at Stokesby and the Pedro moorings at Acle only had 1 boat. If people were not leaving git gaps there would have been room for 1 or 2 more on the free moorings as well.
  10. They also had huge buckets of Nachos that luckily my kids didn’t notice!!
  11. I’ve just pinged them on their Facebook page as I need to know as well, it’s still showing winter hours.
  12. That's a shame, I liked the Duke. Used to see him driving a carriage around the grounds of Windsor Castle when I worked in Datchet.
  13. NeilB

    High Water

    There are far worse emissions from bots than diesel.....
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