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  1. if I made a 2'5 foot wash nicked your beer off the table once would you be pissed off try 20 mirterbikes an hour . .
  2. we live on a main road so used ti normal road noise but ob a sunny Sunday morning bikes with no baffles drives us mad 😠 no consideration for people who live in the village speed well most do 60 in a forty so they can hear there ehausts go do it on the m25. Better still fall off !!
  3. nice to have you back, all people go through a lull. just too our boat out after an all winter plus break
  4. Just got back to our berth at burgh, there were two boats on the old 24 hour moorings pub very busy.
  5. Your all wrong....................it,s Daffy!!
  6. met the crab boat on the way to Norwich this dinner time about 12, 4 police motor cyles a police car and an escort vechicle!, heading west on a 47,thought it was overkill!!
  7. not work but shopping......................
  8. i had a mirage when coming over st olaves bridge to night...i saw propellers.....no surly not , yes i was wrong they were on the boat next door!!
  9. Yrs i agree, nice to see Robin has backup from a fellow owner. Wha diverse forum this is!!
  10. Good luck. did it 2 years ago, still on holiday!!
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