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  1. diesel falcon

    Naughty-cal Heads To The Broads Again

    do you mean the caravan park??
  2. diesel falcon

    A Summer's Tale

    spot on !! lol, and it,s no suprise it,s out of focus!!
  3. diesel falcon

    Naughty-cal Heads To The Broads Again

    Thanks for taking the time to do this blog , seems an age since was last at Lincoln(now live in Norfolk), nearly bought a house on that mariner instead of norfolk!,work dictated where we ended up, all the best to you and yours.
  4. diesel falcon

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

  5. diesel falcon

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

  6. diesel falcon

    Windscreen Frame

    Silly question but have you tried the yard it was built buy,if they still exist ?? hi, and welcome to the forum
  7. Only places i can think can take a lorry , would be wrc fuel quay heading, they may charge around 150 thou, goodchilds wouldbe about the same i ve had one lifted off a hiab lorry there to use there dock crane, using a slip would be tricky as the lorry would be at a too steep of an angle ,best justbite the billet and pay a yard to do it. don,t know about the Brundle area thou, best ring round the yards. shame this a hiab plonking us in wells harbour at low tide!
  8. diesel falcon

    Heatwave, I Wish It Would Cool Down And Rain Soon.

    IT just rained in Fritton............5 drops that was it, it must be dry even our rhodadendorn,s are wilting,and thev,e been about since about 1920!!
  9. diesel falcon

    Naughty-cal Heads To The Broads Again

    Funny thing these days......an i phone works at work!! unlike you!!
  10. diesel falcon

    Naughty-cal Heads To The Broads Again

    Hi hope you will keep us upto date, enjoyed the last holiday tale you did, lots of pics ,will you be stopping at wells for a tide?
  11. diesel falcon


    Avoid Yarmouth Haven bridge is stuck open!!!,grid lock.
  12. diesel falcon

    Opening Day Reports

    But...the most memorable thing about the weekend, and not in a good way, was that I was bitten to pieces by some critters, don't know what they were, never felt a thing at the time, but crikey did they itch during the night. At least a dozen bites on both arms, both legs and my head, they still itch like crazy. Never had anything like that before." We have got the same problem in our garden at the moment ,there not mozys , they are knat,s, have a stripped body when looked at close, waiting for the bats to get in gear, also last year dragon flies the size of spitfires patrolled the garden,it,s a real pain for a couple of weeks or so(we are surrounded by dykes where they breed
  13. diesel falcon

    Save Our Broads (bins)

    so true, but it,s at the smaller level in the eco system you need to worry about, ie bugs, has a knock on effect, when did your windscreen get covered in bugs on a night run lately, i cover 45 thou a year...hardly any bugs on the motor, bugs feed birds, birds feed anything that can catchem ect, ect, the land is going the same way as the sea,s ,the north sea is dead through overfishing and polution, answer you cry? cul the human race! ie stop any more breeding china has to , what,s wrong with one child instead of two?.....the answer is the world runs on money which requires growth.....you need more workers for more growth......then death, for all, sorry the next generations are doooooooooooooooooommed!!
  14. diesel falcon

    The Dutch Are Coming

    these beautiful boats being rowed up The Yare today. stunning!!
  15. diesel falcon

    Why Does Reedham Have A Quay Ranger?

    The wife allways complains that the ranger at Reedham never helps us......reason? we should know what we are doing! Must admit there is one guy there who is bad tempered and grumpy, but that dosn,t stop him doing a good job.

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