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  1. wombat nee blownup

    Sailing On The Up?

    What sort of meals do you cook Que?
  2. wombat nee blownup

    Trev and Bob,s boating blog in pictures

    What's up old cock? Do you mean you're poorly or the tub?
  3. wombat nee blownup

    Man Kills Heron To Save Duckling

    I think the chap was right. I can see a tall scrawny bird that also eats fish that otherwise we could have eaten. I can also see a lovely cute fluffy little thing that will make many go aaaah! Then it will grow older giving us plenty more little fluffy things for us to go aaaah! at. Its obviously female because its beak is open. Think of all the pillows they could stuff between them, then later on, gas mark 5 with an orange in its mouth? Its a no brainer. The old boy done good. Theres pretty look you.
  4. wombat nee blownup

    Trev and Bob,s boating blog in pictures

    I recognise that stomach.
  5. wombat nee blownup

    Marina Destroyed

    There's a couple of short vids there taken from the skippers phone. wasn't sure how to upload them but they work if you click on the mp4 jobby
  6. wombat nee blownup

    Marina Destroyed

    few more? MWOW6821.MP4
  7. wombat nee blownup

    Marina Destroyed

    My son is "OP'S Manager for an offshore workboat group which supports windfarms as well. They have vessels in Mostyn just along from there but had a couple in Holyhead as well even tied to the same pontoon as the stricken vessels. I have footage taken from his skippers phone which ill try to upload. (if some photos of ladies in various forms of undress appear instead, I've been hacked). DTGF9495.MP4
  8. wombat nee blownup

    Awfull Weather

    Pub roof leaking Quo?
  9. wombat nee blownup

    Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    I prefer the mans game, where they play with their odd shaped balls
  10. wombat nee blownup

    Police Connect Message - Stalham Robbery

    Unfortunately I cant help but I do hope someone can
  11. wombat nee blownup

    I've Seen Albino Polar Bears And Swans But.....

    Well I googled it and there was no mention of white ones being bred for hunting just the rarity of albino pheasants and some thing else called Leucism so i'm claiming it as albino. so there
  12. Now, spotted in a field outside Beccles An albino pheasant. How chuffed was I?
  13. wombat nee blownup

    Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    The wine boxes that says "once opened lasts up to six weeks". TOSH, we've never had one last more than an evening.
  14. wombat nee blownup

    Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    CHUFFIN SHOPS AND GARDEN CENTRES THAT HAVE HAD CHRISTMAS STUFF ON THE SHELVES FOR WEEKS ALREADY !!! I've looked in a handbook of a 4x4 and the highway code but cant find the piece where it says "allowed to park on double yellow lines and pavements" Audi drivers that straddle two spaces in the supermarket car park Those blo**y so called electric invalid chairs normally driven by lazy fat people stinking of fag smoke who think they have the right of way
  15. wombat nee blownup

    Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    And that's another thing, b****y moderators that don't know their weathermen

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