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  1. Broadsword

    Potter Heigham Staithe

    It's a shame if true, we often load/unload there and it is very handy to be able to pull up close to the boat. We'd manage, but some of the 'shed' users would find it a blessed nuisance... One question 'WHY?' Is there some change in use, some ongoing problem that requires this action?
  2. Broadsword

    Which Boat Is This Please?

    Is it a boat? Looks more like a flooded bungalow...
  3. Broadsword

    Dog On Board

    It's lovely having your dog with you. Key bits of advice: Doggy lifejacket, always on - unless you are hunkered down. Even on walks near the river, it's not a bad idea; When you stop, your four legged friend will definitely want to get off; Poo bags for cleaning up - and somewhere to store them until you can dump them, securely; Always secure the pooch when getting underway/mooring, ideally below decks. Lovely looking pup there! Here's ours, enjoying the view!
  4. Broadsword

    Do You Still Wave?

    If we don't, please don't take offence, it simply means that, as we are doing real boating, we may be preoccupied on occasion...
  5. Broadsword

    Peace At Last

    Fine. But why do it stationary, with your exhaust belching over a small sailing boat? Turn round, motor up the river, anything really!!
  6. Broadsword

    Peace At Last

    Have spent several hours now in Fleet Dyke, where no-one has felt it necessary to shatter our peace :)
  7. Broadsword

    Peace At Last

    As you say, it has been done many times... But, I do frap my halyards, just saying... We sit in a small fairly open yacht and then chummy (who one might suppose has already been running his engine much of the day) moors up and belches fumes over us for 90 minutes. If a Broads boat needs that, then it is a cr*p boat imho.
  8. Broadsword

    Peace At Last

    Or usual 'first night' stop at Womack spoiled by neighbour running engine for no less than 90 minutes... Noise and diesel fumes during dinner... Finally stopped and we now remember why we like it here. Up the sailies!
  9. Broadsword

    Gays Staithe -the White Horse

    Much rather stop at Gays Staithe than N'head, although last time we did that N'head was half empty! (Or is that half full??) It's a nice stroll into the village - shorter than from Barton Turf!
  10. Broadsword

    What Boat Would You Choose?

    Plenty of single handed flappies about - I could sail mine alone, but SWMBO won't let me... Our last boat, the Prelude, was a dream to handle one up... like a dinghy.
  11. Broadsword

    Danger Concern Over Weed On Hickling

    Yes, thankfully. We ventured outside a few months ago - which used to be no problem... won't be doing that now! If a Pippin 20 lift keel got fouled up, our Pegasus would get in a mess... It's a shame not to be able to venture further out, but if the navigation channel remains clear I'll appreciate that... Hunter yachts draw less than we do...
  12. Broadsword

    What Boat Would You Choose?

    Oh well... if you must...
  13. Broadsword

    Done To A Crisp

    Out and about today and very lovely it was too. There was an inordinate amount of naked flesh on display; some of it quite nice to look at, some enough to put me off my lunch... however, on the good ship OBY, arms, legs midriffs et al, were safely covered up. Any bits missed by clothing or woad, were doused in factor 30. To see some, you would think they had never heard of the risk of excessive exposure to the sun. On what was probably the day with the highest UV levels of the year so far, it was quite concerning to see how red some bodies were!
  14. Broadsword

    Irstead Staithe

    You may, but not knowing whether you had any support for your views, I thought I'd check
  15. Broadsword

    Irstead Staithe

    And here is the answer: From the email... 'To clarify, the 24 hour free moorings at Irstead (as also at Barton Turf Staithe, Barton Turf ‘Paddy’s Lane’ and Barton Turf Gays Staithe) fall under the responsibility of the Broads Authority. The Broads Authority’s rangers oversee and ‘police’ them under their bylaws and mooring regulations. Barton Turf and Irstead Parish Council have not appointed anybody to act on its behalf in relation to these public moorings. The Parish Council is responsible for maintaining (grass cutting etc.) Irstead Staithe. I note your comments about views being expressed online about an ‘incident’ at Irstead Staithe. This is not a matter the Parish Council seeks to become involved in – online or otherwise.' So, there you go...

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