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  1. A wonderful few halcyon days in the sun with family, king fisher included! A special treat to greet an old friend on the river at the helm of BA.
  2. I don't think I could have one favourite. To offer to guests I avoid the peaty ones unless I know that they are into whiskey. So Glenmorangie Glenlivet typically. Left to my own vices I am content with the ones above but tend towards the peaty ones like Lagavulin, Ardbeg and Laphroaig. Blends I don't know very well so tend to go for Jamersons.
  3. The lack of mobile data coverage in an area famous for being very very flat for mile after mile is basically an obscenity to anyone living in the 21st century who is not actively engaged in avoiding the 21st century... It is no secret that some people are more keen on boating than their loved ones. Being able to tell said loved ones that they will not need to abandon a significant part of their lives (like access to music etc) is guaranteed to tip the balance of a few more of those arguments.
  4. Teresa May is: Elected Held accountable in the public eye (media) Held accountable in cabinet by other elected individuals Will face a general election in future While that is not as democratic as most of us would prefer it does still put her in a position where she does or will account for her actions to the public. She knows this to be the case and acts accordingly. Quangos obviously have no such concerns either now or in the future of being held accountable for their activities. There is now the clear stench of corruption around the BA where they regularly silence or eject members who have exercised any form of 'off message' free speech no matter how fair minded or sensible. The BA is not a company it is a body charged with acting in the public interest. Yet it is not interested in engaging with public opinions or interests. Instead it clearly acts against their open discussion. Taxation without representation always leads to tyranny, some small, some large but always corrupt.
  5. I have to say that horning sailing club have always proved friendly to me even when I absent mindedly moored next to their windward mark on a Sunday they simply moved it while jovially chivying me to move up a bit. Posting here to give people fair warning of an imminent forest of masts and spars on the navigation should be applauded. Just like warning about heavy weather or other hazards.
  6. Now I have read th OP properly blow the sides up to a higher pressure or; 1. Make sure HWMBO is videoing this with the camera I bought him for the purpose this should also minimise any 'helpful' interventions 2. Put the presumably splinter free plank of whatever you used for the floorboard idea on the deck with about 1/3 overhanging 3. Place the cannoe directly on top of the plank so that the bow points out over the water and the seat is on top of the plank 4. Sit in it, holding the paddle 5. Lean forwards...
  7. General advice as it's not clear what's going on (pictures or better videos would help as well as amuse): 1. Inflate to a high enough pressure that the boat moves as one rather than several bits wobbling in several directions - especially the main side tubes 2. Sit upright or leaning slightly forwards so that your hips can let the boat roll while your torso remains upright 3. If you feel a roll starting; slap the water surface in that direction with the paddle
  8. Not a problem you may be able to see if Royalls have this available to hire
  9. You are clearly forgetting the obvious Norfolk heritage option of the good old punt gun.
  10. As said above it's the Bure downstream, I think it's approaching St. Benedict's church.
  11. I saw a nature (bird) watch special the other day based in Norfolk where they went on at length about how kids can get involved with counting grass snakes and how you can pick them up (without controlling their heads) and that’s ok… Then they added on a bit about how you can attract adders by leaving something out that warms up in the sun and said how you can clearly see the difference between adders and grass snakes and you’d never mistake one for the other. They then completely failed to mention that it might not be such a good idea to pick adders up…
  12. I don't live in a tourist attraction, I do live in a 'nice' village. They don't provide many bins for the passing public. A certain section of the passing public use my hedges as the bin. This section of the passing public are not the type that are particularly good at problem solving so they are well used to others solving their problems. If they are in a situation where nobody has had the foresight to make it really easy for them to solve their problem, then it is not their problem, it is one of those problems other people solve. This is the only deal on offer, so any small minded bureaucratic numpties trying to make things more complicated, difficult or divisive should be seen as responsible for the inevitable mess.
  13. I think the only thing that actually causes me to do a mental rewind is the use of "do you" where meant as an instruction or direction not a question.
  14. I suspect you may have a point as my first suspicion was (or is) keel stalling.
  15. We could look at them as a bargain if we honestly think that were going to be voted out...
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