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  1. Love it Helen There's nothing wrong in a bit of fun and a laugh now and again, he's an absolute legend and the nicest man, if not a bit of a fruit cake. I love fruit cake Grace
  2. He doesn't wear any Grace
  3. No worries Mr Medic, Jay's the last person to moan about his thread going off topic, my goodness have you read the whole blog? You'd be hard pressed to find a more easy going guy Grace
  4. A very happy anniversary to you both I'd go with JM's suggestion, what better way to celebrate than being moored up on a Broad, just the two of you, cuddled under the duvet with some good wine Have a lovely time whatever you decide to do Grace
  5. I knitted a scarf once, it was a very long scarf and took me ages, I didn't know how to finish it off so just kept going, it was the length of a mini bus before I gave up Gorgeous stuff Helen, well done Grace
  6. It was very romantic but ten minutes instead of ten miles would have been so much nicer Grace
  7. Romance will be dead if he keeps insisting on walking for miles in the freezing cold Grace
  8. Oh lordy they are so sexy, well done Mrs N Hey who's birthday is this anyway???? Grace
  9. You go girl Grace
  10. I wish you'd stop giving away what we get up to at the weekend Grace
  11. They are the best aren't they Helen? Don't worry there's more to come, if he can tear himself away from his new telly and watching the Simpsons Sorry babe Grace
  12. Brilliant stuff and the photos stunning as usual. New Years Eve was amazing, thank you babe Grace
  13. Thank you Simon. I have a feeling it may well get maxed out a tad Grace
  14. Oh wow, thank you Grendel, that was quick For a man anyway Grace
  15. I've just taken a look again, what an absolute delight. I was wondering if it were possible and with Simon's permission of course, could it not be put in the web cam section of the Handy Information at the top of the front page? Grace
  16. Oh Helen you have no idea how much of a rascal Jay can be But an absolute loveable one. He doesn't take things too seriously but by god if you need him he's there. He'll be along soon to update you all, hold onto your hats Grace
  17. Sorry Helen I've only just seen this, excellent and so clever, I can't even sew a ruddy sock Seriously good stuff, well done Grace
  18. Love it Simon, thanks for sharing it with us. Lovely clear picture too Grace
  19. I've just re-read this and realised what you said, you cheeky beggar Grace
  20. You believe that you'll believe anything You know him too well Mr N Grace
  21. Oh Jean you don't know what you've done to my head today I'll sing it for my Jay though Five little ducks went swimming one day over the hill and far away Mother duck said quack quack quack but only four little ducks came back...…………….oh jeez Grace
  22. Oh Jean nooooooo, you don't know how many times I've sang that song to my kids, every time I hear the ruddy thing it's in my head for days, thanks for that Grace
  23. Oi I don't ruddy snore, now Jay you don't want me to tell everyone about your Christmas socks do you? You know the really cute ones with little Santa's on them Grace
  24. I'm going to be the first to make a post in the new year Happy New Year everyone Grace
  25. Oh cc Jay really doesn't need any encouragement Grace
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