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  1. Calcutt boats at Southam in the Midlands rebuild BMC diesels. I have had one done by them. Quite satisfied with it, However, middle son has since turbocharged it as the 4-108 Perky was quicker than the 1.5 BMC in a similar Elysian hull! He still isn't quicker!
  2. I wonder if anything is coming from this mob parked up off Southwold!
  3. Waterside at Bramerton stopped being a pub when it changed from the Woods End. IMHO
  4. Different blocks I think. 1.5 drives the injection pump via the old petrol engine distributor drive. The1.8 injection pump is driven off the timing cover.
  5. Woke up early this morning, cr*p on tv so earwigged Lowestoft port vhf. 12 boats out to the wiindfarms. 80 personnel on the boats. a tidy sum in wages and diesel!
  6. When the Vegans can convince Lions, Tigers etc, to stop being nasty and eating other animals then I might start listening to them!
  7. I will read almost anything during my 12 week house arrest. This raised a hearty laugh. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/could-cromer-and-sheringham-crab-lobster-festival-go-vegan-1-6652724?fbclid=IwAR1A0teX6esShq-I14_A0e7AL3zlU4IhcwFkLKv_4lkRAbFYI0T0Nm4pAYU
  8. Learn how to cook on a boat. Easy Tin of Stew and tinned potatoes Fray Bentos Snake and Kidderly pie and tinned potatoes Pot Noodles. Tinned typhoid Sarnies Useful hint, when it is brown it is down, when black it is b*ggered
  9. A friend of mine had one, I had a ride and wasn't terribly impressed, sounded reasonable but didn't go too well. Dreams shattered. A little later he had a VF 400 FD for sale. Had a test ride and bought it. What a little cracker that was. Lots of fun especially over in the IoM with an RD 400 and a cb 750 called Dobbin to tussle against! We even bought Dobbin a carrot to hang from his headlight!
  10. I had my letters from the both the local GP surgery and The James Paget informing me of my inclusion on the 12 week shielding lis on 30/3/20. So 12 weeks takes the end to 23/6/20. Today I get a text from the NHS Coronavirus Service saying I should shield until 30/6/20. I wonder which date I should apply!
  11. Now 13 tankers parked up off Southwold.
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