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  1. Different blocks I think. 1.5 drives the injection pump via the old petrol engine distributor drive. The1.8 injection pump is driven off the timing cover.
  2. Woke up early this morning, cr*p on tv so earwigged Lowestoft port vhf. 12 boats out to the wiindfarms. 80 personnel on the boats. a tidy sum in wages and diesel!
  3. When the Vegans can convince Lions, Tigers etc, to stop being nasty and eating other animals then I might start listening to them!
  4. I will read almost anything during my 12 week house arrest. This raised a hearty laugh. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/could-cromer-and-sheringham-crab-lobster-festival-go-vegan-1-6652724?fbclid=IwAR1A0teX6esShq-I14_A0e7AL3zlU4IhcwFkLKv_4lkRAbFYI0T0Nm4pAYU
  5. Learn how to cook on a boat. Easy Tin of Stew and tinned potatoes Fray Bentos Snake and Kidderly pie and tinned potatoes Pot Noodles. Tinned typhoid Sarnies Useful hint, when it is brown it is down, when black it is b*ggered
  6. A friend of mine had one, I had a ride and wasn't terribly impressed, sounded reasonable but didn't go too well. Dreams shattered. A little later he had a VF 400 FD for sale. Had a test ride and bought it. What a little cracker that was. Lots of fun especially over in the IoM with an RD 400 and a cb 750 called Dobbin to tussle against! We even bought Dobbin a carrot to hang from his headlight!
  7. I had my letters from the both the local GP surgery and The James Paget informing me of my inclusion on the 12 week shielding lis on 30/3/20. So 12 weeks takes the end to 23/6/20. Today I get a text from the NHS Coronavirus Service saying I should shield until 30/6/20. I wonder which date I should apply!
  8. Now 13 tankers parked up off Southwold.
  9. Sandstar on the New Cut 2000 ish after being sold on by Colin Mast too tall for Haddiscoe bridge
  10. I thought that only applied to Britain!
  11. Paul said: It does make me wonder why a couple of lads with a soldering iron and a multimeter on a sheep farm in the Brecons can repair this thing when one of the worlds largest, and arguably most technologically advanced motor manufacturers can't. The manufacturer no doubt can, but is happier to rip you off for a further £160. Early '90s I had a 316 Auto BMW Local BMW agent wanted £63 for a set of 5 ignition leads for it. Dealer wasn't impressed when I told him I had recently paid £17 for 5 leads for an Ambassador especially when I told him his leads were not 3 times better! Chatted with a friend about the problem, he said leave it with me, I know a Bosch dealer (OEM for BMW leads). A week later I had 5 leads and 4 plugs for the Beemer for £25!!
  12. The town of Skegess is fine, especially out of season, but forget all the outlying places especially Chapel St Leonards!
  13. My old man was a Squabbling Bleeder in Germany 62 - 65. We went to Belsen, eerie was what sprung to mind, A beautiful summers day but no birdsong. Absolute silence. Later I spent a week on a farm. The buggers would only speak German! Brought my schoolboy German on no end. German master didn't think so! Plattdeutsch rather than Hochdeutsch! Or hayseed rather than BBC! The farmers son took me to a Commonwealth war graves cemetery. We walked around in silence, as we left all he said was Why?
  14. I saw it too. Interesting lift bridge. I wonder when Lewstuff will get its 3rd crossing!
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