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  1. Deputy Assistant Director, third level in the food chain. 200k, the NHS certainly know how to pay themselves and then they tell us the current government (of whatever hue) keep them short of money!
  2. I am pretty certain that he went to Woodbridge School, so he has a Suffolk connection!!!
  3. Indeed HEM it was a Grunau baby. At the time, the most exotic glider we had was a Ka6 and as Dad was paying for my brother and I to fly, we never progressed that far!
  4. For HEM, The last one I flew solo. This is not the actual glider but I flew it in Germany (RAF Laarbruch) a bit more than a fortnight ago!
  5. I would imagine that you would be able to transit Reedham bridge if clearance is there for you. See http://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/boating/navigating-the-broads/bridge-heights-and-opening-times BA say 10ft clearance at HW in Summer. All the buggeration factor over the railway will be finished at the end of March!
  6. Crumbs, that is a bit more than a fortnight ago!
  7. Just had a weekend staying at Whitley Bay. Lovely little place and some cracking proper old drinkers pubs. reasonably priced too. Trip back was a bit of a pain with cancelled and delayed trains. but the upside is that whilst 90 mins late I get my ticket money back. Will help to pay towards my return visit!
  8. It was a shame that they had to describe the vessels carrying the spoil away as wherries.
  9. keifsmate

    High Tides

    Ooops https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/waveney-district-council-pakefield-beach-hut-damage-1-5845550 Damn, it hurts when you shoot yourself in the foot!
  10. Went through Brundall this morning on a friends DC30 and watched ourselves on the webcam. The ultimate selfie! Great thanks.
  11. Riverman, your last paragraph has more than a ring of truth to it. They would have listened to you had you had a degree in "Fog Knitting". The degree may have no relevance to the subject or problem , you just need one. Golf course design may be another useful one to have!
  12. Kegworth is a large village and civil parish in Leicestershire, England. The population at the 2011 census was measured at 3,601. Lying on the River Soar, it is situated on the A6 near junction 24 of the M1 motorway and is also close to East Midlands Airport and East Midlands Parkway railway station.
  13. Cooking is easy, when it is brown, it is done, when it is black, it is buggered.
  14. Fray bentos pie and mash. proper boat food. Cannot whack it with a big stick. Bangers are great but tend to spit everywhere. If you cannot be bothered to cook, a burger from the layby just south of the Ship at Brandon Creek on the A10!!
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