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  1. We use to see groups of sea cadets every Easter, 5 or 6 brooms boats in a row. I love them old wooden brooms craft. Come to think of it back in the late 70s early 80s there were always big groups of kids afloat.
  2. Thanks for the recommendation guys, I wasn't a fan of spicy foods myself untill I met my wife. Her mother was originally from Sri Lanka, the year after our wedding we visited her family in Sri Lanka and done a fair bit of travelling. My love of spicy food began. Indian food is by far my favourite..
  3. We will be staying in Norwich next week for a few days, could any of you lovely local members recommend a nice Indian restaurant in Norwich please. Many thanks in advance.
  4. Do Richardsons still keep a tug boat at Acle, or do bridgecraft cover that area now.
  5. I'm a fan of this design, suncharm from Richardsons was a cracking boat when it was new. They had problems with the heating system and it was taken out after a couple of years of service. The saloon never really got warm enough for some reason. I know the ex Swan boats are also good boats but my personal favourite was Royall Swan, loverly boat.
  6. If it was humber Bridge you were aboard then indeed the video is on there fb page. I'm sorry I don't know how to link the video. Never a grandchild around when you need one. Lol
  7. I follow bridgecraft on FB I'm really enjoying the drone footage they post to there page. Not sure who pilot's the drone but there flying skills improve all the time. Do they own the old anchor craft yard ? the old boat shed looks like it needs pulling down, is the old shed used or home to local wildlife. They seem to be a very busy yard with a popular fleet. Acle has never appealed to me as a start point, but I guess if you were planning on heading south it is ideal. They also hire day boats,I never knew that,not sure how popular day boats are from acle though. good to see them thriving
  8. I had the same as your daughter, mine was brought forward by 20 odd days.
  9. Everyone is given a card, which records vaccine type,batch number and date. It should also give you the date of your 2nd jab. That is certainly the case at my wife's hub and the hub I used for mine. I assume its the same at local surgeries. Sadly with such a huge undertaking as a national vacation programme there will always be a few that slip threw the net.
  10. The vaccination hub my wife is working at in basildon, are ahead of schedule. They have now be told the hub will remain open until late autumn, instead of the original July date they were first given.This is to cover the expected booster jabs that are now being announced by the NHS. But so far so good things have been going really well. They have had no supply issues to worry about. The hub team and local GP staff are really working well together and manage to fill gaps that appear from no shows etc. We seem to forget the huge roll local GP surgeries are playing in getting everyone to the hubs
  11. That's huge, theirs a few quids worth of glass going into that. I still think it's a re work of the early big ferry dual steers len built. Are the moulds still being made up at Brundall? Personally I'm not a fan, but bet that's going to make one very nice hire boat, Mr funnel doesn't normally turn out cheap looking boats and although I don't like the look of them, all the others of this design have been fitted out to a very high standard. Can see this being very popular.
  12. The six of hearts location, is a ten minute drive from my home. I'd be more then happy to pop down and take a few photos if anyone would like me to. Be warned tho I'm no david Bailey 😉 but I'm sure I could capture the bad bits.
  13. Thaks, I like what richardson's have done with the hemsby site. My grandchildren really enjoy staying here. If fact we will be visiting in two weeks time. I do like the look of what's on offer I migh look into it a bit deeper.
  14. Now I would definitely be interested in finding out more about hemsby. Would you have anymore information please Dan or point me in the right direction.
  15. I didn't know NYA hired cruisers, you learn something new everyday I guess. I like the look of money penny. But wow at 3.5k for a week in high season il give that a miss, Nice looking boats though.
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