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  1. The boats at loddon belong to bill maxted or did and apart from the old Sanderson's boat formed part of his hire fleet. I spoke to him quite a few years back now about buying sandling. I think he suffered some serious health issues so unsure his still around. I really nice chap I seem to remember.
  2. It's one of the old alpha moulds that barnes now own and are producing again. I believe silver line and barnes are also building the 35ft flybridge version with the first one already launched by barnes. Called tempo I think, they have a short video on the web site and very smart looking it is.
  3. I received a 25% last minute discount four years ago,so I guess they have always had a discount policy. But I dont remember it ever being anythink like it is now. No idea who the new owners are, are they new to the boat hiring business??
  4. Been keeping an eye on herbert woods fleet movements since there new webcam went live. They seem to be doing ok, no idea if they offer the same level of discounts. Most weeks they have had over 60% of the fleet out with loads of space in the yard.
  5. Just had a look at the new web cam, fantastic picture quality. Personally I cant see anything that could be called intrusive. Zoom in on a public area, find that a bit of a bizarre comment it's a public area. I could quite happily walk around the seating area by the bridge filming on my phone as do many thousands of day trippers each month. Just dont get that point what so ever, I'm sure that herbert woods thought about all the privacy and data protection issues before this web cam went live, just enjoy the views.
  6. I have to say I've been surprised by the level of discounts being offered by ferry, I understand the yard is under new ownership. The new owners have obviously made a huge investment buying the ferry operation I've no idea who the new owners are or their background in the holiday, boat hire industry is. Could this be a case of just trying to get the cash coming in after such a huge initial outlay on the back of slow early bookings. You can also see cost cuttings in their new build graceful emblem, no bonded windows is the one that sticks out for me. Shame really as the metal framed windows just dont look right.
  7. I see barnes have posted some details of their new boat of Facebook. It's a remodel alpha craft designed mold andthey are promising some new build, tech and design features. I knew that had been working on the mold tool for some time. Great to see further investment in hire craft. Any news from richardsons on the new sedan boat that's in development.
  8. I would normally drive, but am unable to at the moment due to a health issue. Thanks for the info.
  9. I also saw this yesterday and called them, yep it's True I enquired about a boat and couldn't believe the size of the discount. Think we will take advantage of the offer.
  10. Hi guys, looking for some info on cabs from Norwich stn to ferry marina, are cab firms in Norwich happy to go out that far ? Cost isn't a problem. Does Keith still run his cab in horning, thinking of the return journey. Thanks in advance
  11. Some memories their, my family hired Phoenix from potter. Seem to remember she had a green painted hull back then ? And I'm sure it's around the time of the massive investment in the richardsons fleet.
  12. Cant see that needing to much TLC before it go off to work. Booking it for sept
  13. Thanks for the info guys, good to see the yard will keep going big fan of ferry marina.
  14. Just received an email from ferry marina anouncing new ownership. Any idea who now owns the business ?
  15. Hi captain, i should of worded that better. I looked at there web site and noticed that for 2019 ( sorry don't know boats names ) they have withdrawn the calypso design and the alpha single level boat. So i guess the fleet is one down unless there is another boat in the pipeline. But agree a much improved and more modern fleet.
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