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  1. I've been in the industry for over 35 years, a shortage of hgv drivers has been an issue for decade's.Some of the contributing factor in our domestic market not mentioned here is the huge increase in online shopping IE amazon etc etc. The boom in convenience food shopping, IE one stop co op countless costa coffee shops etc and everyone else you can mention. All requiring hgv vech to move goods. My company are about to open a huge new RDC in Biggleswade, there are serious conversation going on about mothballing the facility. As I've said before it's far too simplistic to blame brexit or the pandemic, it's a storm that's been brewing for years. A perfect storm if you like. As an ex driver I'm glad wages will increase ( its long overdue) the EU enforced CPC scheme needs to be scrapped it's done nothing to prevent accidents improve driving standards. Nobody has ever learnt to driver a lorry sitting in a classroom,utter nonsense. The whole industry need a massive overhaul. Eddie stobbartt has a lot to answer for here in the UK for more reason then you'd imagine.
  2. In my industry brexit has had a huge impact, its been a bit of a perfect storm in reality. But yes more then one factor has contributed to our current supply chain issues. We forget sometimes we are an island, and over many decades our own manufacturing base has been closed down in favour of cheaper imported goods and profit. I guess you could say we've made our bed so now we've gotta lie in it. I've worked in a just in time logistics business, sadly with the congested motorway network here in the UK it can be a very stressful job at times, with clients demanding huge penalties for missing deadlines.
  3. It goes to show just how fragile lots of our supply chains actually are and just how deep this pandemic and brexit has affected our life's.Today at work we were 56 hgv drivers short out of a total of a 184 rostered on duty. Just another day of routes being rolled into the next day. We have now started to cancel store ambient goods orders because the reality is we just can't catch up. My wife went to order her new car at the weekend. Five month lead time from the factory, a shortage of micro chips is the reason being given by the dealership. It just seems to be affecting all aspects of daily life.
  4. The real funny thing is my deposit paid against the bottle depreciates the longer I keep it. How's that work ?? We really do get screwed over in this country.
  5. Recently brought a fire pit patio table, went to b and q to get the gas bottle. Came out feeling like I'd been mugged and I'd been signed upto to contract. God knows how that happened lol..
  6. Just out of interest, which boat came first. The bounty 27 sedan or the Hampton sedan.
  7. Herbert woods ruby light, adventuring light, Princess of light classes are a very good attempt at a modern small compact cruiser in my opinion. I was in the yard last Wednesday and their latest one isn't far off from being launched. They seem to be very popular with approx 8 in the fleet now and more to come I'm told. The Hamptons biggest draw back for me is the engine positioning. In such a small boat it needs to be in the stern, but that's just my personal preference. I've been onboard ruby light and adventuring light I would not hesitate to hire one. Len funnels attempt and I can't remember it's name now, is an odd looking thing, but again a very nice compact boat. So there clearly is a market for this type of hire boat. I guess woods off set a lot of the costs of desin by building quite a few picnic boats from basically the same mould. Killing two birds with one stone and replacing there very tired looking picnic boats. With 20 odd moulded now I'm sure the moulds well on the way to paying for its self.
  8. I knew Jim prior owned the Aston fleet towards the end but as captain mentioned not sure how long he'd owned it. I'm sure I've heard the Trafford name mentioned before re ownership of the Aston fleet . But even more confused now lol. As far as Wroxham and its yards go, back then it always seemed to me all the yard owners were related in one way or another. I've do some research into Leslie Trafford and he definitely was a very driven man who had great vision for Wroxham and the water front. Thanks for the information guys.
  9. My memory is probably playing tricks here. But I'm sure back in the 70s on salhouse you had a guy going round in a dinghy with an outboard on it,collecting mooring fees. I'm sure thats correct.
  10. Vaughan, did Trafford own Aston boats at one time ?? Moores were a cracking yard. Always like these boats I particularly like the front cockpit.
  11. We accessed Reedham via branch Road from the A47 opposite the Stacey Arms. That has to be the most uneven road in the whole of the UK lol. My wife thought we were back in Cuba 😁
  12. Another 1st for us last week, we visited Reedham by road. Its such a lovely spot to just sit and watch the world drift by. We had lunch at the Post office tea room as we didn't fancy a pub lunch and very nice it was. The river was very busy with lots of both hire and private boats out and about. For no particular reason I wanted to see sandersons one last time before it closes for good. I'm amazed the building/ shed is still standing it looks ready to collapse with its roof all sagging in the middle. Quite a sorry sight to be honest the whole yard looks a bit of an eye sore. The guys were busy getting a couple of boats ready to go out on hire, the AF 42 and Hampton and I have to say both boats looked very smart and well presented on the outside unlike most of the boats passing through Reedham. I guess the next time I get to Reedham the site will be a block of apartments. Another bit of my childhood broads memories gone for good. Wishing all the staff the best of luck and hope they find new jobs ASAP.
  13. Enjoy your new car and if your happy with your purchase that's all that matters. Honk honk....
  14. Why did the cam belt need doing ?? This is something a dealer wouldn't normally get involved in with a car they are selling on. Quick turnaround etc etc, using the correct diagnostic system would of told them it was a turbo issue rather then a injector problem. To many red flags there for me, sorry I would walk away from the car. You believe a car dealer at your own peril. Been there done that...
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