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  1. Some memories their, my family hired Phoenix from potter. Seem to remember she had a green painted hull back then ? And I'm sure it's around the time of the massive investment in the richardsons fleet.
  2. Cant see that needing to much TLC before it go off to work. Booking it for sept
  3. Thanks for the info guys, good to see the yard will keep going big fan of ferry marina.
  4. Just received an email from ferry marina anouncing new ownership. Any idea who now owns the business ?
  5. Hi captain, i should of worded that better. I looked at there web site and noticed that for 2019 ( sorry don't know boats names ) they have withdrawn the calypso design and the alpha single level boat. So i guess the fleet is one down unless there is another boat in the pipeline. But agree a much improved and more modern fleet.
  6. Nice addition to there fleet, have they retired two boats this season ?
  7. Hired Gainsborough girl about 12 years ago, really couldn't fault the presentation of the boat. Only niggle we bad was the saloon upholstery need an updating, from the recent photos I've seen it's still the same. Summer craft stand out for me in terms of boat presentation along with silverline at Brundal. If a yard puts that much effort on prepping a boat on turn around then I'm pretty sure everything else has had just as much attention.
  8. Hi Clive, how weird I asked about the progress of this boat the other day on your fb page. Looks really smart I'm a fan of sedan type boat. Look forward to seeing her afloat.
  9. After a recent visit to the broads, I noticed a few hire boats with quite smokey engines, one that was partially bad, was chucking out quite a lot of blue smoke at ranworth. From a very well respected yard, I just got to wondering, how long does a hire boats engine last..
  10. andyg

    H Wood

    Just had a reply via fb from Amy, they are sending someone out to close it..
  11. andyg

    H Wood

    Hi guys, does anyone know anybody who works or can contact some one from herbert woods, just looking at there web cam and one of there new day boats has half its roof wide open...just seems a bit odd this time of the day..might be nothing
  12. Far horizon will operate from richo horning marina from 2017, confirmed by richo, no mention of prisma.
  13. andyg

    Alpha Craft

    Sad news indeed, such a shame when you think they mold some of the most popular boats ever on the broads. Guess with the likes of Richos and co going back to moulding there own craft, demands has fallen off, designs getting a bit long in the tooth and all that. Do we know if someone will buy the moulds ?? Good luck to all the staff.
  14. Hi guys, check out barnes new live HD webcam..bloody brill imho, come Clive time for you guys to catch up..
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