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  1. Very much doubt that, 2022 prices are ridiculous. As in the past some will shoot themselves in the foot and boats will be laid up on their yards. But hey ho it's their money they are throwing away...
  2. £992 or £99 each for a weeks holiday is as cheap as chips. That said I was looking at their Hemsby site today for a trip in Sept with our grandchildren. Had to take a step back, yep definitely a hike in prices...
  3. Absolutely 100%. For us the pubs account for 25% of our holiday enjoyment. The older we get we find mud weighting in the likes of Ranworth Broad, cold glass of wine in hand watching the word go by to be pretty much perfect. Even better if it's a nice sunny warm evening 👌
  4. If the houses offer an upstairs balcony overlooking the river and marshes, I could see them fetch a fair price. The whole site is a mess and needs cleaning up and development can only be far more attractive option to what is already there.
  5. A five minute walk from my house, I miss having a coffee in the front bar. Great veiws of the Thames..
  6. Been on the cards for a while, the fleet wasn't the best. But a shame to see another yard go. Went past about 18 months ago and the yard looked a bit of a tip to be fair, not very inviting for arriving customers.
  7. We watched it the other week, our thoughts exactly...
  8. I was moored in HW yard one Monday evening, when they towed in a king of light that had been sunk at the entrance to the chet. It had been under water for a couple of days. Returning my boat on the Friday morning I was really surprised to see the same boat outside the shed all repaired, just awaiting the soft furnishings and new curtains. So I'm assuming very little of the water damaged wood was replaced, galley cabinets, bunk bases etc. Just couldn't believe they turned that around so quickly.
  9. andyg


    Worrying times indeed for all in the leisure and hospitality industry. I've personally got two holidays rolled over from last year. One in the UK and one abroad. We are quite confident our UK holiday to norfolk in Sept will go ahead but we are also due to travel in May to the Portuguese Island of porto santo. This I very much doubt will go ahead, Portugal are suffering another wave of covid infections and are way behind the uk in terms of vaccine roll out. Sadly we have decided to refund this holiday and will put on hold any further plans of overseas travel for at least a further 12 months. In
  10. The only sailing trip I have ever been on was with sunsail. Our base was the harbour at Nydri on the island of Lefkada, stunning location. An Old WW2 Uboat pen you could swim into and the Onassis family tomb all located in the bay.
  11. Vaughan, I believe tui no longer own le boat, I'm sure they sold their travelopia business which included le boat back in 2017.
  12. One of the engineers from Stalham came out to us once, we were on a finesse that developed a gear box problem. He explain how you changed engines through the saloon roof. Seemed like hard work to me...lucky for him it was a simple gear linkage problem.
  13. Wonder if two brothers from Wroxham will buy it 😏
  14. Am I the only one who misses the detailed boat descriptions, engine type etc etc they use to print in the brochures.The first thing we done every year was to check out that seasons new boats, if we couldn't afford that years new offerings, it was plan b and look for boats that had been refitted. They use to make a big deal about boats that had under gone major refurbs back then not so much nowadays though.
  15. I remember these Simon, one in particular I remember had a torques superstructure with a white coach roof. I think it was called Triton, but that's not 100%.They seemed like a tubby version of clive dad's design. I'm sure Clive will know more!
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