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  1. Strow - For once I agree 100% with your understanding. Whatsmore - my housemate is part of a very large housing development family who may own a relatively local football stadium - I am often told that the profit on even medium scale housing developments is massive, I honestly believe you could easily replace the word 'investment' in this headline with the word 'profit'
  2. Maybe the owner knows himself and is more worried about the damage he or she could inflict on others after a few down the local - and being a boy scout (Scoutess) in a previous life, is well prepared!!!!!!!!
  3. I'm sorry to pass the news on that Coldham Hall has been very badly damaged in a serious fire this afternoon. Passing all my best wishes on to Nat and George who have always been terrific hosts to both members of this and other forums locally. Hoping they get back on their feet very soon
  4. Absolute tosh, it is public, however the only licensing restriction is that it is not viewable on either apple mobile devices or ipod - as with many music based videos due to Warner/Universal licensing arrangements. ...And it is playing perfectly normally on other sites where it is embedded such as sealineforum.co.uk and my own site It is either the link has been edited out of the posts or the plugin requires updating. Simples!
  5. I wasn't talking about your hirer, or his (or her) ability, and I am certainly sinful (Perry) I meant more 'that went well then' straight out of one boat into another! As I presumed they were just heading out then that was goodnight broadsman!! You mustn't read these things the wrong way, you'll end up with high blood pressure!!!
  6. Im not sure if they have been edited or there is a problem with the plug-in either way they arent displaying
  7. Where has the video gone!!! Nicely edited out I guess
  8. John I honestly think with the amount of motoring around you do you wont see a problem as you cycle your fuel pretty quickly! There is alot of speculation around as to what the long term effects are, but generally 'diesel bug' only seems to effect those who leave it in the tanks for long periods, especially those periods where condensation would aid the growth such as late autumn/early spring.
  9. Kgurbank - I bow to your greater knowledge and your source. After posting this I spoke with both GYPA, BA and wrote to John Packman and all denied this was the corrrect date and then low and behold http://www.eadt.co.uk/news/broad_author ... _1_1366980 Broad Authority takes control of Breydon Water
  10. I have today been speaking with various folks involved in the campaign to remove the fencing that has prevented boats from using the public quay at Mistley. In 2008 the quay operators constructed, without warning, a 2m high fence endinng 500 years of access to this popular overnight mooring. In 2009, emergency services had to enlist the help of locals to remove some of the fence sections so that an RNLI vessel could transfer four people into an ambulance. Locals have attempted to get the quay classified as a village green, but, the local and county councils have twice refused to hear the case being put under the threat of a legal battle that they cannot afford by the quay operators. Last week it emerged the company are now planning to replace this fencing with more permanent fencing. However, at the weekend Tendring District Council finally succombed to their legal obligations and an immediate Article 4 (1) direction for the land was imposed, which will include public consultation over what should be allowed at the site. The Direction came into force on April 27 and a notice was posted on the existing fence and will remain in force until October 27, 2012. This notice details that planning permission is needed for works including the erection, construction, maintenance, improvement or alteration of a gate, fence, wall or any other means of enclosing the land thereby ensuring that if the quay operators, TWL, do undertake any work – it will be unlawful. The Council said in a statement regarding this notice that; ‘the aim of the direction is to gain control over works which could have a negative effect on the character of the Conservation Area’. The public consultation will run from May 4th until May 25th during which time any written submissions will be accepted from any interested parties. Representations should be sent to: Temporary Head of Planning, Planning Services, Tendring District Council, Council Offices, Thorpe Road, Weeley, Clacton-on-Sea,CO16 9AJ. The people running the campaign in Mistley are asking that the word be passed around rapidly, given the small window for representation, and ask all boaters - especially those that have previously visited the quay or who MAY wish to visit the quay in future, write and detail their objection to this or any other major sort of fencing that would restrict them. Basically their message is 'Please Help'
  11. One of them with a big beard standing at the waters edge demading that the sea recede just the other day... or is that just hearsay?
  12. Well he is and is a well known garden maintenance company based in East Anglia - so we will see if he gets away with it. That aside, Anglian Water have now produced so many of these guides and changed the wording that I bet there will be a few more loopholes ie, They have categorically stated that washing aboat to remove salt is perfectly allowed under the Health and Safety banner (I and another forum have copies of this letter) If your boat is coded, you can wash it with hoses If not you can pay someone else to do it as like the gardening issue they have exempted eveything that is covered by 'commercial operation where the use of a hose is required' (In the act not the guide notes) and I guess that is what the gardening company are attempting to play on - either way I'm not gonna be worrying too much about my lawn, it is like a lake at the moment! I for one am not bothered as our boat is outside Anglian Waters area and whilst they are buying in water from Seven Trent on the one hand and selling it to another area on the other. I think that the reality of this hosepipe ban is that it will mean a huge cost increase for the consumer. How do I know that they are selling water to other areas? I was working for the company that has been sucking it up at Alton Water and driving it down to other areas for enough weeks earlier this year to know!
  13. I'm pretty sure I know where the 1 June date came from as this was the original date put forward to the Nav Committee as preferential by those at Dragonslayer House I believe. The cannot 'close' breydon' as there are boats which are capable of transiting in any weather conditions, and also the GYPA transits are outside the BA juridiction and will remain so. They have already covered this as 'toll paying and non-toll paying' - Goodchild marine for instance wil not have to put toll plaques on any craft they are testing or transiting - nor BA trade plates. They recently closed a stretch of the river using completely different legislation http://eastcoastboating.co.uk/wordpress/?p=1709 however this was done as a navigational stoppage and done so under the statute of notification laid down within the Bill, ie NtM produced http://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/boating/navigating/bulletin-board-for-mariners/notice-02-2012.htmland necessary period of consultation allowed as well as maintenance for emergency access. Interestingly it was discussed after the event and I believe that there were a number of hire craft who subsequently made transits during the exercise taking place! BA will however, once the final date is agreed, take Breydon under their navigational control, but will not have control over transiting traffic leaving or entering the system through GYPA, however, they may and would be within their right, as you say, introduce a mandatory speed limit and enforce it as they see fit once the navigational responsibility is handed over. Far more worrying. One thing that you may not be aware of is the fact that Breydon Water is specifically listed as an open water tidal estuary under the EU transit agreement - this is why COLREGS would have to be maintained over and above any existing bye laws of the 2009 act. A few descrepencies, and I don't think the introduction of a larger vessel is that daft at all, after all, it is the hirers who often end up in trouble on Breydon, either up on the mud or just way out of the channel. Personally, I feel the BA would be better off buying a hovercraft for that stretch!!
  14. Had a card through the door from the local gardner, he will come and water our garden for £5 using our hose and water - again working on the 'commercial operation' thing. I dont know too many people that do water their gardens these days but those that do will always find someone who can do it for them!
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