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  1. David, I am SO sorry to hear of your disgraceful treatment, horrendous experience, and fully appreciate your rawness. Thank God you are all physically OK, though fears take their own time to heal. It has to be said, and no doubt I will stir up a hornets nest, but hey ho. We have met many a hirer who sadly report inadequate hand over. I think it is totally disgraceful that you 1 had to ask, and 2 were left feeling, by the sound of things, short changed, in terms of training. At very least, feeling apprehensive breeds fear, tension and then worry. How dare they leave a customer in that si
  2. No he didn't miss!! It's about 6 feet south for you men isn't it? Now was it Phalangus major or Phalangus minor??? Thats the question!!
  3. I imagine we will be looking at staying around the East coast, though that depends on several variables. Im happy with sunshine, kind seas, good company and just chilling.
  4. Im planning where I can hide extra shoes, clothes etc........Gav groans every time he sees me carrying bags aboard-so I figure keep extra on board, no need to fetch it all!! Oh-bicycle clips.........lots of uses for those!
  5. Happy with 21st thanks John, Dan's 14th Birthday the following weekend so hadnt got round to telling Gav he may well be the "bunny" if paint balling is the chosen option!! Poss mankini over the bunny suit and prize for the.........
  6. For those who have fallen, For those who have returned, And for those who are waiting, a poppy says it all.
  7. .............I thought the word was realistic!! I think the question is, one of safety and obligation. Im sure some would happily give instruction for the sheer pleasure of it and love of the Broads. If it is indeed low wages that are affecting standards then surely that has to be addressed. As for the "five" minutes, that was on the water time David, there was a few of us watching, jaws dropped. Its easy enough to say "don't sign the acceptance ticket" but if its been five minutes for a first time hirer in a relatively quiet area, they may well be experiencing a false sense of secur
  8. Hmmmm.........nah, I wont delete the video.........videos!! They do make me chuckle!! ........But i will keep them on my phone & out of someones use!!
  9. Blimey! Well i guess if you have been good enough for Father Christmas they're an easy enough shape to wrap!! And thats some weight of ink at full size. Its a real beast!!
  10. Crikey!! Does the ink come in buckets?
  11. Thank-you everyone for your good wishes............its a time of real progress, its going to be hard work, but well worth it.
  12. Hi all, As some of you know I took part, along with two special friends, in the Race for Life in May this year. Gav was chasing goats and I had big decisions to make career wise..........That day planted a seed, the friends, people, inspirational stories.......I am now lucky enough to be studying for an Honours degree in Radiotherapy and Oncology. We have only 10 places in the country offering such a course each with very limited places, but what has really warms me is the passion and support of the academic and clinical staff. They are passionate about what they do, and see huge progressio
  13. Hi John, Ive sent an email for our order too, Looking forward to what looks like being an amazing weekend!! Annie
  14. G&A

    Dog life jackets

    Having seen a dog in distress and being involved in the subsequent rescue along with other familiar posters on here, a dog without a life jacket gives me goose bumps. The owner was a non swimmer, no life jacket himself who was helplessly watching his beloved dog getting into ever increasing difficulty and which would without doubt ended up drowning. The chap was completely beside himself when Claire,(who had jumped in with her wetsuit and buoyancy aid on) handed him his dog back.......and was off to get both himself and his beloved dog one immediately.
  15. Forgive my ignorance, but do caravans not come with any electrical installation at all? Someone should have sent him in the direction of a well discussed travellers site......
  16. Hi! Dare I admit it but a few years ago I got rather upset with my pc not doing what i wanted-needless to say it ended up a different shape from how it started, and was unsalvageable!! Technophobes unite!!
  17. Are they growlers too? I keep mine in a cabinet cos they're not quite hard enough to fend off 3 Cocker Spaniels, growlers or not!! Ive got a few, along with a mean looking rare Deans and a very limited golden nosed Gund, that ones very firm. Neither growl. Im assuming the refuse lads may be a little wise, and guess it was a rather unruly lesser felt Paddington variety, though, IMHO, I'd have thought a Womble would be quite appropriate?
  18. Forgive me, I dont know about anyone else, but i did have a rather disturbing image of Gav squatting in front of the bin waggon, bewildered driver yelling "what you doin mate?" and a reply of "just poking it to see if its soft or hard" potentially resulting in........ Gav squashed, Gav beaten up, Gav pounced upon by men in white coats.....or Gav arrested!! .......or i guess any combination!! I think we will have to assume it was just well weathered!!
  19. Well, I guess there won't be any sign of Nemo or Dory, and hopefully no Bruce types!! Sorry, couldnt resist nibbling on that one!!
  20. I would say get a dog.......or as in our case, 3!! Do you have a garden fence?........smear the top with very hot mustard!! There are some green jelly crystals you can get from pet stores, puncture the top of the plastic lid and sprinkle-supposed to be a deterrent, they certainly deterred the dogs from "unloading" where it wasn't wanted! Think they cost about £4 so not a huge amount lost if they don't put the critter off. Good luck with the mission!
  21. It does rather look to me like something thats been discarded, taken root and been painted.......in this day and age rather a poor excuse for a marker of any kind ........put an unmistakable cardinal marker there, fix a camera and fine anyone who doesnt have the thought to stick to the correct channel. No excuse either way.
  22. ..........depends which outfit ive got on!! .......wearing a pyjama like outfit and wielding a mallet-assisting an anaesthetist get you off to sleep ........have been known to give a good pummeling on the couch.......all in the name of therapy of course!! ......pinny-cook ......hat-taxi ......bullseye........target for teenage angst!! ......a few others but not for on here!!
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