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  1. Is it all a bit of a nonsense? The link I followed showed Dream Gem at the top cheap but fully booked (didnt they remove/sell all these after last year) and then Serene Gem (not run since 2019 I don't think) and Tropical Gem (same or year earlier) Dan
  2. Here you are.... http://www.richardsonsholidayparks.co.uk/concierge/?utm_source=archantnewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=conciergeexistingcustomers Dan
  3. It's hard to know exactly which have sold as the site doesn't seem to be updated but there are whole classes that have been dropped including all Silver Gem Amber Gem Dream Gem Fairway Tideway Opal Gem & Madeira San Fernando (seems younger than the others to drop) and as mentioned the odd other one from within a class such as a Monarch, some Magic's, Rio, a Jamaica (another suprising one). In recent times San Marino's, Serene Gem's, San Carlos' also have departed. I see they are now selling holiday homes at Hemsby so perhaps a few directi
  4. Nice to see the odd addition here and there.... a shame that as UK holidays go bananas Richardsons have sold a lot and Freedom have closed down so good to see the odd expansion Dan
  5. I saw the internal photos of this one on fb and whilst not wishing to be unkind it really was a what the flip moment Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess, but it was a rather strong statement and looked like stripey stair carpet on several walls.... whatever it was it was a bit too much in my mind, which is a shame, as keeping older designs tidy/good value has an appeal, and their simplified more subtle exterior branding is a nice improvement Dan
  6. If you are still looking for info.... I think she is 68ft, and was advertised as such at least and I think she was built a few years later, maybe 1984-ish She was built for Dartline's fleet at Bunbury and then around 1992 they advertised a handful as Dee Valley Narrowboats under Hoseason's (whereas the Dartline fleet was Blakes) and so the cabin sides were painted from Dartline's white into a red-ish colour (normally only seen on their Traditional style classes). Realistically this was just marketing and the fleet was ran with them all integrated with one another. When the Dee Vall
  7. I think they originally had free-standing furniture but the saloon was refitted to fixed furniture Dan
  8. I think this is the new mould that Vogue marine were building at Brundall It's hard to imagine that illustration is going to be an exact translation so a bit of a guess whether it will be a monster or half decent! Dan
  9. I never knew they'd tried a hinged top with them.... I remember them with the red stripe but always had the pram top type hood when I'd seen them in this incarnation Dan
  10. Cheers Simon Really enjoyed it... as soon as the Thames Logo & Fanfare appeared I knew it was going to be good! :) Some great shots of some of the yards at Wroxham and of the hireboats of their time Dan
  11. As an add on, and for the boat geeks... The others from Scotland were Bounty 27 Aft Cockpits "Lomond Crusader" class became Water Gem's Seamaster 30 "Lomond Panache" became Swiftway Ideal 40 "Lomond Fern" became Premier Gem Ideal 40 "Lomond Heather" became Modern Gem Aquafibre 42 Centre Cockpit "Lomond Jupiter" became Voyager There was a lot of fleets closing or swapping boats boats about and it used to be exciting to see the changes for next year Dan
  12. Here are the two former classes that were called Swiftway The first from the 1981 and second from the 2000 brochure The Seamaster 30' style Swiftway's which came to the Broads in 1990 were originally from Scotland, as mentioned... here is a photo of two of them at their base at Inverbeg, on Loch Lomond. I think there was about 6 of them. The fixed hardtop was removed when they hit the Broads Dan
  13. I see Tideway is also on Hoseasons now... looks decent value and a bow thruster too! https://www.hoseasons.co.uk/boat-holidays/horning-pleasurecraft-ltd-rhmb/tideway-bh2685
  14. Or have a few people left or not been replaced, as there is a bit of a leaning to run things a bit tight at the moment across many businesses On the Richardsons craft for example a high number of boats no longer available still appear on Hoseasons such as Sapphire (last year 2019), Amber Gem, Fairway, Serene Gem etc etc still appear, though if you go into availability they are all blanked out/not available. It makes the website less useful/credible for finding a holiday without potentially wasting a lot of time and with missing layout plans etc in recent times it all makes me not t
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