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  1. baz1033

    Speeding.... Not just a Broads Problem

    That looked so much fun
  2. baz1033

    Great Service by Broom's

    Hi. My brother has had a fair bit of work done by broom on his fairline mirage, new toilet and sea cocks fittted, new hot water system, diesel injector sleeves. They have done all the work when they said they would to a very high standard and to be honest at a pretty good rate.
  3. baz1033

    The old girl has gone.

    Hi Paul Congrats on the purchase of the Trader. I'm sure you will soon be very attached to the Trader and you will get to places a bit quicker Barry Ps Sharron will be seeing you sson for the the day skipper course
  4. baz1033

    3mph limit at BA moorings?

    There problem solved. Easy
  5. baz1033

    3mph limit at BA moorings?

    I find that when im on my Rib at 6mph it makes a big wash but at 30mph it makes none at all, so does that mean 30mph is better on some boats?
  6. baz1033

    2012 Autumn Meet

    Hi we will come over on the rib to save space on the moorings. That will be us 3 people and Wayne and Tracy . Barry
  7. baz1033

    Holiday Plans

    Should be Holland unless they get the torpedo boats out for us diesel boaters
  8. baz1033

    2012 summer trip

    Hi Ian It would be great if you guys could make the trip where ever it ends up being. Barry
  9. baz1033

    2012 summer trip

    Can you please take fuel issues to another thread please as this is a holiday thread, Maybe the moderators can move your issues to another place. KInd regards Barry
  10. baz1033

    2012 summer trip

    Hi Been thinking a bit more about this years summer trip What about going to Amsterdam from Lowestoft ? please feel free to put the mockers on this one as well ( is there a mine field on the way in or you get shot on entry etc) Barry
  11. baz1033

    Thinking ahead

    Hi Richard we could do with a quote for new canopy and screen covers if you get chance. Barry
  12. baz1033

    Oulton Broad Meet, Sat 21st April 2012

    Hi John, Thank you very much for considering us. Can you put us down for Friday and Saturday night please. We hope you are feeling much better now. Barry and Sharron
  13. baz1033

    2012 summer trip

    We are glad you are keeping your boat mate and will work on you for the trip
  14. baz1033

    2012 summer trip

    Ok if the trip accross to another country is rulled out due to red diesel I would like to see if people have any ideas as to where to go. I dont really want to turn left out of lowestoft though. Barry
  15. baz1033

    2012 summer trip

    Anyway about a nice holiday !!!!!! Thanks for all the nice holiday tips

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