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  1. Timbo/Vaughan - thank you both for the Chris de Burgh earworm.
  2. I'm sure someone somewhere (maybe Rob at Sutton) said it was on a Windboat ferrocrete hull, maybe some bits got left behind.
  3. We'll not be up for a few weeks- Kathy had her first knee replacement on Maundy Thursday so boating is off until she's a bit more mobile. Please keep the trip tales coming!
  4. We use them all the time for to-ing and fro-ing boat stuff and for storage at home (Kathy is a crafter and wool-hoarder)🙄. We got a cheap 12v inflatable canoe pump that sucks as well as blows for use on board.
  5. Ours came from a caravan shop - half the price of Nearest and Dearest.
  6. Just saying (and I've not done any sums) but I reckon in the last 12 months our boating has cost a lot more than £25 an hour!
  7. Many years ago Adnams did something similar on T and sweatshirts featuring obscure destinations like Swilland and Grundisburgh that featured a tied house - of course it became a route map for the local Triumph owners club on ride outs.
  8. stumpy


    We were once invited to a VFW post in Upper Michigan (next stop Canada) for an 'English fish n chips night'. The fish was delicious little fillets of Lake Perch with french fries (can't have everything) and they were wrapped in newspaper! Don't think it'll catch on over here though.
  9. The second weight is also dead handy if you're ledgering in the middle of a broad to stop the boat swinging.
  10. Hireboat lines are usually hairy blue polypropylene which is a b*gger to undo tight knots from without a fid or spike so they just get left.
  11. I've always found Salhouse to be poor holding as it's a sand bottom rather than bottomless black mud - tucked up in the corner Wroxham end seems the most sheltered.
  12. For folk who use the A140, the new roundabouts at Humprey's (Eye airfield that was) are now up and running - without road markings yesterday but everyone managed to get through. Still a 30 mph limit though.
  13. I'll be trundling up the 140 laden with cleaning products, mooring lines and everything crossed the mighty throbbing BMC lurches into life.
  14. Can I have one with Raquel Welch, pretty please?
  15. I still remember my very first mooring on the Broads, it was Commissioners Cut in '69. Two couples in Miss Mystic from Maidencraft. The laydeez were unamused to wake up surrounded by Richards,Andrex and London Rubber Company products. Happy days! ETA: there is still at least one boat TV hasn't come along to - ours!
  16. The ranger boats usually have a stash of cards they're happy to sell you, we've also bought them from Sutton Staithe (hotel and Rob), Horning Post Office and the little shop at Coltishall.
  17. I've always used Ramonol on our old school cutlass bearing.
  18. I may be a bit biased but our Bounty 27 AC has done us well for 10 years and will continue to do so. You can see all round from the helm, although the bow does disappear under the fore cabin when mooring bows in. Dead easy to single hand with the canopy sides up and bow lines led back along the side decks.
  19. Cat litter takes the red out nicely (I was told)
  20. Casting my mind back I think 'Larousse.fr' is worth a look - they don't just do cookbooks.
  21. Sometimes you just have to see the name on a boat to know the owner is a cockwomble.
  22. I confess, part of the reasoning behind the cleaning is so folk don't chug by shouting "Ahoy, Nyx!" - both Bounties y'see 😊
  23. We'll be up as soon as we're allowed, the first couple of days will be spent cleaning and praying the mighty throbbing BMC will lurch into life, then away but probably victualling on board.
  24. Both the Dirty Duck and Stracey Arms were destination pubs for the Ipswich and area Triumph Owners club. The Acle straight was soo tempting 😉
  25. I (almost) gave up smoking when 20 No.6 went up from 3/9 to 20p.!
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