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  1. mudweighting on malthouse broad first night with a asda curry and afew beers heaven .
  2. great blog robin you passed us on sunday near st bennets we was on sovereign , god did we get a great week from wednesday it was scorchio, we went up to coltishall lock and the pub was great.
  3. good choice i have got the madison been on the broads twice this year and used it nearly every day, love using it gives a differant pespective to being on the broads.
  4. andyhesford

    Thurne Lion

    thanks we sure will
  5. andyhesford

    Thurne Lion

    we are coming up on friday picking monte carlo up saturday and we will be staying at thurn dyke on tueday looking forward to seeing the new look lion the food drink and atmosphere in the white horse are brill hope its as good.
  6. just booked it for next april has anybody hired it before looks good with the new floor plenty of space for us three, also booked swan renown for september looks awsome, any info would be good thanks.
  7. does anybody know if herbert woods picnic boats can be taken under potters bridge, there is nothing on their web site about any limits.
  8. a good tip maybe while crossing barton put some tape on the steering wheel top center while in a straight line then you will know where the center is at all times , it did help on antigua, got the idea from watching world rally championship. also i should mention when the roof is shut your vision from the helm seat to your left is restricted because of the shape of the roof, then again it does not rain in norfolk anyway does it, one of the best features on these boats is the stern big outdoor area with sliding glass doors loved it for that alone.
  9. just come back of major gem 2 good boat for the money best handling boat had so far but that dame roof, i took padding and i still ending up banging my head about 4 or 5 times, monte carlo cant be as bad as antigua did get use to it after a couple of days did have trouble judging distance to the bank when coming in to moor.
  10. that was unlucky, not your fault, that was a good response from rickos , what did you think of the boat,we have also booked broadland neptune for september cant wait.
  11. we have just hired monte carlo for june next year what did you do to the windscreen jonzo.
  12. Good six part series about dutch yacht buiders on disc.sciece this week.
  13. does anybody know when it might be opening, looked on web site not being updated yet.
  14. last couple of times we have being did notice one or two herbert woods emperor class smoking a bit .
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