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  1. On Evening Shadow it is up to individual owners if they want the inside cleaning. So some do their own cleaning and others use the cleaner which is booked in advance so it works for all as they want.
  2. Richardsons at Horning had very little ice when I was there yesterday, it was nice in the sun but cold, was glad to back in car after doing some jobs on the boat.
  3. People forget about Evening Shadow as well moored at Richardsons Horning. We enjoy her and love the times we are on.
  4. Must be that time as Evening Shadow is also out now as well.
  5. Agree with what you say Mark just the same on ours no one else wanting to take on a responsibility.
  6. We had this boat some years ago now all fine with us then but not sure now as it is some years. We had no problems with it thou. Good space on board.
  7. I remember speaking with the builder of all the boats at Chumley and Hawke and I asked why the difference internal on each one. He said he built the first then when he did the second one made some changes and then made some more for no 3. He did the same for all the boats he built for them. When a new asked once if there were any drawing and he said yes in my head.
  8. Thought I had a better picture but here was No3 in 1976
  9. Make sure you have a thermostat as well that helps keep cost down.
  10. Agree with all that Sue has said, also you have a say in what will done on the boat so that things run smoothly.
  11. Just read that the ferry is back in action. Apparently the took the chains off then took the boat and chains to be lifted then took the chains back. No report as yet to the damage to the boat.
  12. Hi Bill Clive replied on the thread last Wednesday to say they do not now cover boats and he gave the reason as well.
  13. we have two lots of frog spawn in our pond now.
  14. Hello Shaun Evening Shadow is based in Horning at the Richardson's boats yard which was FB Wilds then Le Boat, then it went completely private. I am the chairman of Evening Shadow so if you have any questions just ask. There is a similar boat in Blue Mist which is based in Wroxham, not sure if they have any shares at the moment thou. There has been lost of good information for you, hope you find what you are looking for.
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