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  1. Boulters have said they will do pump outs and diesel. They have that an appointment needs to be made in order for this to happen. This is the wording they have used. Essential (people who live onboard/people already isolating on their boats) pumps outs, diesel and gas bottles are still be available from boulter marine on an appointment only bases please contact us by fb,email or telephone to arrange this.
  2. Yes Evening Shadow has shares available as well.
  3. Yes the London one has been canceled as well I was informed the other day.
  4. Yes Evening Shadow was £585.40 that includes the dingy.
  5. Yes have all the details you need the couple that are selling is due to age now so have decided to sell. If you contact me direct I can answer anything else you want to know.
  6. Welcome to the forum. If you want to know about shared ownership just ask away. We have been in it for over 10 years. I am chairman of Evening Shadow so ready to answer anything you want to know. Others will aslo help you as well as there are many in shared ownership boats on here.
  7. I noticed the other week on one of the boat sales pages at Topsail that the Sadersons fleet is up for sale. Wonder what is going to happen then.
  8. Breakdown cover is included on Evening Shadow, cleaning is up to each owner as to what they require i.e. use cleaner or do it yourself most do it themselves.
  9. On Evening Shadow it is up to individual owners if they want the inside cleaning. So some do their own cleaning and others use the cleaner which is booked in advance so it works for all as they want.
  10. Richardsons at Horning had very little ice when I was there yesterday, it was nice in the sun but cold, was glad to back in car after doing some jobs on the boat.
  11. People forget about Evening Shadow as well moored at Richardsons Horning. We enjoy her and love the times we are on.
  12. Must be that time as Evening Shadow is also out now as well.
  13. Agree with what you say Mark just the same on ours no one else wanting to take on a responsibility.
  14. We had this boat some years ago now all fine with us then but not sure now as it is some years. We had no problems with it thou. Good space on board.
  15. I remember speaking with the builder of all the boats at Chumley and Hawke and I asked why the difference internal on each one. He said he built the first then when he did the second one made some changes and then made some more for no 3. He did the same for all the boats he built for them. When a new asked once if there were any drawing and he said yes in my head.
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