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    Welcome [emoji3] Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  2. TostockTimonier

    Fair Marquess - Under Starters Orders For 2019

    I do hope that they have drawn it in the wrong place, if not you are right, poor design. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  3. TostockTimonier

    Fair Marquess - Under Starters Orders For 2019

    Different on Silent Emblem, the doors in the corridor between front and back, maybe it will be different when it's built. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  4. TostockTimonier

    Fair Marquess - Under Starters Orders For 2019

    Hows that, the bathroom is between the two Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  5. TostockTimonier

    Fair Marquess - Under Starters Orders For 2019

    We hired Silent Emblem from Ferry Marine for ten nights this summer and whilst it doesn't look "Miami Vice" it ticked almost all the other boxes. We have been hiring boats on the Norfolk Broads since the mid 80's and have tried many different styles of boat and a great many new builds. It' is true what they say, don't judge a book by it's cover.
  6. Beccles at 5:30am
  7. TostockTimonier

    The Sound Of Silence

    Thank you, we are checking out all the boats that fit the criteria and hope to find one soon.
  8. TostockTimonier

    The Sound Of Silence

    Thank you, glad you enjoyed it, we always enjoy reading other peoples holiday tales, they gave us a broads fix when we were unable to hire over the last four years due to family commitments. This year we managed to get back to the broads, so we thought we would share ours, we have never used the same yard twice in a row yet, so it depends on what boat layout we require, but we would definitely use Ferry Marine again.
  9. TostockTimonier

    The Sound Of Silence

    Monday 6th Woke to another lovely day, I mopped the decks, then made the tea and Jenny cleaned below decks. I untied and slowly cruised the short journey back, whilst Jenny packed up the last few items. We arrived at Ferry Marina (01692 631111) and stern moored, I fetched the car, whilst Jenny made sure everything was clean and tidy, it was really strange reversing the car after ten days on the boat. We handed the life-jackets back, thanked them after having informed their engineer of Silents recent issues. We left Horning and stopped and parked at Faircraft Loynes car park and had breakfast at the cafe just across the river, a nice way to finish our holiday. The walk through From stern to bow and back across the sundeck, a nice large non slip bathing platform and rear deck with non slip steps both sides leading to the freeboard decks, french style opening doors to the aft cabin. Down a step into a roomy bedroom with a very large bed with bedside cabinets and flexible reading lights on both sides, plenty of room to walk around both sides, a very large wardrobe, a vanity unit and chair, tv/dvd with freesat via the tracivision, radio/ipod centre and two small opening windows, all tinted for privacy, with pull down easy to use blackout blinds with built in LED's above and ceiling down-lighters on separate switches, the generator and parts to convert the lounge settee into a bed were under the bed, easy to lift as it was on gas rams so held itself up, also there was storage space under as well as above the bed. Next was the heads, a large shower tray with a glass sliding door over a fixed glass panel, could be slippery when wet, with a thermostatic mixer with both a deluge head and a hand shower head on the riser rail. There was a button flush household porcelain toilet and a porcelain vanity basin with a waterfall tap and a towel radiator which if turned on heated with the hot water. Then the lounge with a very comfortable corner sofa with a mirror and two flexi reading lights and a table that was height adjustable and swivelled for ease of access, a good size tv/dvd on an adjustable arm with freesat via the tracivision, radio/ipod centre and the fridge/freezer, the fridge was reasonable but the freezer was very small. Then there was the lower helm with a very comfortable seat, digital gauges including rudder position, battery status, two wipers and a rear view camera. The galley was next with plenty of work surface and storage space, an electric two ring induction hob, large electric oven and grill. A microwave, toaster, steamer, electric kettle and a sink with drainer, finally there were steps up to a sliding door. There is one opening window by the helm, one sliding window to the upper decks which doubled as a serving hatch and the sliding door, all with tinted privacy glass except for the four windscreens. The galley had press stud covers, the rest had roller blackout blinds with built in LED strips above, two LED ceiling strips on a dimmer switch as well as ceiling down-lighters on a separate switch. Outside, Silent had a relatively high freehold but the steps down to the stern deck made it easy to get on and off, good rails all round for safety, no electric windlass just a mud weight, I think that they missed a trick there, it was was very awkward to get the mud weight over the rubbing strip, all the ropes were nice and long and of good quality. There was side access to the upper helm which had two padded seats, there were digital gauges, rudder position, horn and bow thrusters, then there were padded bench seats along both sides with a very wide padded sun-lounger with angled back and a table, then non slip steps with lighting down to the bathing platform which also had lighting. There is another radiator which works off of the hot water system and Silent also has hot air heating throughout, untested by us, except the towel radiator which we used to dry the towels on occasion, a very large water tank and as Silent puts no waste water into the river she has an even larger grey tank, there are ample 240v and USB sockets throughout. On conclusion, Silent Emblem was a fantastic boat, very luxurious, very eco friendly, lots of mod cons and very quiet which was a whole new experience for us. Apart from the mechanical glitches, which all boats have from time to time, we loved it, great boat, great yard, great staff, thank you Ferry Marina. We hope you have enjoyed our holiday blog, now to choose a boat for next year…
  10. TostockTimonier

    The Sound Of Silence

    Thought had crossed my mind
  11. TostockTimonier

    First Ever Time

    Take your time and have a great holiday.
  12. TostockTimonier

    The Sound Of Silence

    Day 10 Sunday 5th Woke up to yet another lovely day, showered and made the tea, disconnected the shore power (the battery charge gauge still only said 78% and I had put three £1 cards in on top of the 56p already in there, then I readied the upper helm. I didn’t leave the staithe until 8am as slack water at Yarmouth wasn’t until 11am and I didn’t want to be early. We had a lovely cruise down the Chet then past the chain ferry, which was busy as usual, then under the swing bridge and round towards Yarmouth. Breydon Waters was quite calm and with the tide out you could see the mud flats and how easily you could get stuck were you to wander beyond the marker posts. We turned round the yellow marker, under the bridges and then up the Bure, perfect timing. As we left Gt Yarmouth and reached the 6mph marker, Silent lost her speed and a warning triangle lit up on the dash with an error code, Jenny manually switched the generator on, this did the job and we were out of limp mode, then reported it to the hire yard. We moored up at The Stracey Windpump and asked about Wednesday’s fracas, they said that the Broads Authority had met the culprits at the boatyard and that they were in trouble over it. We were glad to hear that some retribution was had, we didn’t stop for food as only breakfast was available, so we cast off and thought we might stop for lunch at Stokesby. Alas, when we reached Stokesby it was full and as we don’t do double mooring, even though it is permitted there, we continued on to Acle. The first mooring as you arrive was free, so we tied up there using the rings, so now we would eat at The Bridge Inn (01493 750288) They were really busy but they managed to find us a table inside and we ordered. Our waitress was very pleasant and helpful, she brought us a menu each and told us there was a short wait, due to volume, menu read and food ordered, we only had to wait about twenty minutes or so. Jenny chose golden fried haddock and mozzarella fish cake served with citrus mayonnaise to start, followed by smoked haddock , cod and salmon topped with cheesy mash served with peas and baby carrots and I picked the breaded mushrooms with garlic mayonnaise to start, followed by the slow cooked minted lamb shank on buttered mash with seasonal vegetables, the meal was nice, the service good. When we left some numpty had moored in front of us, in the reeds with their stern on our bow, Jenny took a picture and the guy on the boat apologised, he explained he was just a passenger, I asked him to push their boat away from ours enough for me to get the bow out and leave. We headed to the St Benedicts moorings we pulled in and decided it wasn’t long enough for us to step off and didn’t want to moor stern to stern, so I thrusted the front out and the thrusters died, I only had 60% revs and it made exiting rather difficult with the wind pushing us on to the bank, I finally managed to leave and a couple minutes further down the river everything was back to normal again, really strange. We cruised past Ferry Marina as all was well now, it was still worrying me though, so as we passed Griff on Broad Ambition closely followed by Robin and the lads, I didn’t recognise him at first, but I waved when the penny had dropped. There was a space on Horning staithe spare so I turned in and Jenny said she didn’t want to moor there for the last night, so I backed out and the gremlins struck again, we limped round the corner and half way down the straight it all came back again, it seemed to happen once the bow thrusters were used. With that in mind we headed up to the Salhouse Island moorings and moored without thrusters on the outside opposite the nature trail, right at the end. Jenny was happy with these moorings, so we settled in for the night. Jenny had almost packed everything ready for our departure tomorrow. We watched a dvd, had a drink and pondered over what the issue with Silent might be.
  13. TostockTimonier

    The Sound Of Silence

    Day 9 Saturday 4th I woke to another fine day, had a shower and mopped the decks, I altered the fenders back to where they were originally and made the tea before setting off before the wasps started again. I cast off and headed towards Loddon. By the time we had reached Long Dyke Jenny had showered and joined me up top so we turned in and met three boats before I’d reached the bottom, right again to Rockland staithe. We hadn’t moored here for a long time, as luck would have it there were spaces so I stern moored and tied up the ropes. I made some bacon, eggs and toast, with some tea to wash it down with. Breakfast over and washed up, I untied the ropes and we were off again. We had a nice slow cruise down the river and turned up the Chet to Loddon, we passed a few boats and there’s not much room on some parts, but it was very handy being high up so as to know they’re coming. When we got to Loddon staithe there was plenty of room, I stern moored third slot in and deployed the mud weight, tied of the back ropes and connected the shore power. We went to Bridge Store to get milk, bread, snacks and some antihistamine cream for Jenny’s sting as her arm had swollen. I forgot the electric cards so had to go back for them. About an hour later Jenny’s sister Marina surprised her by arriving at the staithe with the dogs, I might have sneakily let Marina know where we were going to be. They took the dogs for a walk and came back with cakes from Rosy’s, they sat on the staithe and aft deck as the dogs are not permitted on Silent and they had a lovely afternoon together, whilst I watched dvd’s as there was no satellite signal on the staithe. For tea we ordered an Indian takeaway from The Raj, delivered to the boat and it was delicious. ( 01508 522041) Marina and the dogs left and we watched another dvd and then turned in for the night.
  14. TostockTimonier

    The Sound Of Silence

    Apparently the wasps nest is under the those black sand bags, very nice, 18 plate sports car in the background.
  15. TostockTimonier

    The Sound Of Silence

    Day 8 Friday 3rd Up early this morning, showered and made the tea, although I doubt Jenny will drink hers. I switched everything on to upper helm and disconnected the shore power lead and stored it away. The mud weight took a bit of pulling to free it from the mud and a lot of dips to clear as much off as possible, I undid the stern ropes and left the Yacht Station just before 6am, the mist was rolling off the meadows and across the water, it was so beautiful. I came out and turned under the road bridge in virtual silence, just the sound of the rippling water, that’s the bonus of an electric boat. The mist continued to drift across the winding river almost to Burgh St Peter until the morning sun dispelled the mist as we continued on to Somerleyton Bridge. Jenny showered and joined me up top with a cuppa. there was plenty of height under the bridge and the last of the ebbing tide gently pulled us along until we were a good way down the New Cut, when we joined the Yare we had to push the last of the ebbing tide. We carried on under Reedham Bridge and up past the chain ferry, once we passed the Chet the pull of the tide had all but ended. We continued up to Bramerton Common and moored at the very end mooring. I mopped down the decks and washed off all the mud from the mud weight, Jenny tidied below decks and we were ready to receive our lunchtime visitors. Pat and Mac finished their drinks at the pub and walked down to meet us. We took them for a cruise to Rockland Broad, down Short Dyke and back up Long Dyke, Mac helmed on some of the River Yare as he wanted to see if he could helm a boat as they may hire in the future. We continued back towards Norwich and only turned back when we reached the Whitlingham moorings and then we headed back to The Waters Edge where we had reserved a mooring space and booked to eat at 6.30pm (01508 538005) We moored under the tree at our reserved spot and adjusted the fenders to avoid rubbing, Mac and I went to the bar to get the drinks, Jenny and Pat followed. When they came in Jenny had been stung by a wasp twice, the staff said there was a nest under the tree that they had covered with sandbags where we had moored, it had been there all week. They couldn’t tell us why they hadn’t got someone out to deal with it and to make things worse people were leaving their drinks to get away, so the wasps were getting drunk and very aggressive (don’t drink if you can’t handle it) They gave Jenny some vinegar sachets to draw the sting out, she wasn’t having much luck (they say things happen in threes so maybe this was the last of her holiday ouches) Pat & Mac both had whitebait for starters followed by the flat iron steak for Pat and the pork chops for Mac, Jenny chose the grilled mini goats cheese and red chard salad for starters followed by the salmon with new potatoes and I picked the garlic mushrooms for starters followed by the pan fried duck with crushed baby potatoes , green beans and a whisky sauce. Food was good but not as good as good as their usual a la carte menu, I’ll be glad when that’s back on. Pat had an early start in the morning so they had to go at about 8:30 so we said our goodbyes and they thanked us for a lovely afternoon. By now the wasps had gone to bed or fell in drunken stupor and we put some music on and had a few drinks, then turned in for the night.

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