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  1. Slightly off topic but still relevant I feel. When you are mooring up, could you all move up a post! I know it's nice to have your personal space and not be nose to tail with the boat in front, but with moorings at a premium and with the volume of traffic it would be good if everyone did there bit to make as much space available for other boats to moor. When we moor up we always pull the boat back so that the free mooring space in front/behind us allows for other boats to moor. Not everyone does this and it is very frustrating to arrive at a mooring spot to see moored boats with gaps between them that had they moved up would have allowed for another boat. Happy boating everyone
  2. thereevos

    needing advice

    Would it not be better to moor at Brundall and catch a train into Norwich? You wouldn't have to worry about bridges or tides then and it's not very far to walk to the train station
  3. We have never seen one, but have heard one whilst sitting at our moorings in Brundall
  4. Hi John & Mary-Jane, hope you have had an enjoyable week Can you add Sunday night to Jasperoo please, will hopefully be there on Friday too but I will have to let you know a little later down the line. Have a lovely weekend
  5. Having been a victim of these numpties ourselves, all I will say is if the security fencing at Norwich had gone all the way along the path and down to the end of the yacht station then it is less likely that this would have happened. We have never stopped at Great Yarmouth and having heard this story we won't be doing so either. Is there any security fencing at Great Yarmouth?
  6. Hi all, a big thank you to you all for making our weekend so enjoyable. It was really lovely to meet you all
  7. Hi Please can we add friday night to our booking Richard, Amanda, Zoe & Laura, Jasperoo, Fri/Sat, Stern (with electric hook up if possible) Can't wait
  8. is it me or are the printed tide tables from the broads authority wrong? I have been down the the boat a number of times recently expecting the the tide to be on it's way in and vice versa but only to find the opposite. I went on saturday for a spot of fishing and the low tide was not due until about 4.30pm, however by about 1.30pm we were almost bottomed out at the moorings (Brundall). Has anyone else noticed this?
  9. I should have also added Sat night only for now and if possible on the floating pontoon with electric please. Thanks Jill. We wanted to come to the meet up in Beccles last year, but we had mechanical issues Lets hope that the mechanical gremlins stay away this year!
  10. Can anyone come along to your get together? If so Yes please Amanda & Richard, Jasperoo, Stern on
  11. We had a trip up river yesterday. Was a lovely day and we only passed a few boats (mainly fishing boats). We went to Rockland St Mary to sample the food and we were not disappointed! The pub has a great atmosphere and the landlord and landlady are very nice. They were only serving a small menu, I went for the Cod & Chips and the other half had the Steak & Chips. The best meal we have had out for a long time, really tasty, excellent portion size, great value for money and the Guinness was good too I have a feeling we will be making frequent visits next season! Well worth a visit
  12. Well I have not really looked at them in depth before as we have our own boat, hence have not needed to hire. I was interested in seeing what was on offer from them in way of hiring abroad. It's disgraceful...
  13. I have today received a boating holiday brochure from a well known holiday company. Very nice, but just one thing I have picked up on and am quite horrified to see. Lots of photographs of people on their lovely boats and NOT wearing life jackets, even children. What kind of message does this send to people thinking of hiring boats with there families on what we all know are tidal, unpredictable and dangerous stretches of waterway.
  14. We passed you guys as you were leaving Breydon Water on Saturday... Guess what? We were entering Breydon to do exactly the same thing, give "Jasperoo" a good blast and clear out those smokey engines. We are not set up for a trip out to sea as yet, but it's great having Breydon water to practise on. Our handheld GPS registered a top speed of 30.5mph so were very pleased with our girl (Targa 27) We ventured out to sea earlier this year on our friends rib... what can I say.... great fun
  15. Hi all Looks like you had a fabulous time, very sad we couldn't make it. It was our youngest daughter's birthday and we currently have a poorly boat We will definately try to make the next meet especially if you can guarantee the lovely weather The Reevos
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