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  1. The California Tavern gig has been changed to the 12th April - sorry for any inconvenience.
  2. Hi, for those of you interested in live music... An Evening With Bob will be back at the Dog Inn, Ludham on Friday 29th March. 8.30pm Also - we are back again at the California Tavern, Scratby on the Friday 22nd March. 8.30pm. Friday is their steak night - lots of good feedback on the food. They serve veggie food also. Kind regards Richard
  3. Hi, our next gig following the Ludham one is at the California Tavern on Friday 22nd February - 8.30pm . I think they have started having a steak night on Friday's. The California Tavern is at Scratby, so, not too far from the Broads. Thanks for asking. Kind regards Richard An Evening With Bob Website
  4. Hi, Happy New Year!!! just to let you know that we are kicking off the year with a gig at the Dog, 8.30pm , Friday Feb 1st Thanks, kind regards Richard
  5. I'm so sorry to hear this news. Having recently lost a family member in a similar circumstance, we know how hard it can be to cope with. We'll be thinking of you and your family. Richard & Sally.
  6. Just a quick thanks to those that came along to the Ludham Dog on Friday. The evening raised £630. Special thanks to the Ludham Dog team for helping us organise the evening and for being such good hosts. R (pic attached - Albert Cooper (85)
  7. Hi, a quick update on this Friday's event at Ludham - There will indeed be a raffle, and there's quite a few cool prizes, ranging from Dancing Lessons to a Beauty Salon Voucher, and the usual box chocolates, hampers, wine etc. We will also have some very talented guest performers coming along to do a turn, including Johnnie Walker (sings James Taylor / Neil Diamond), John Dangerfield (performs Dire Straits / Pink Floyd), Sean Chambers (sings the Pogues / Irish tunes) and a few more. There will be lots of foot stamping singalong tunes, it's shaping up to be a really enjoyable, fun and productive evening. Everyone is welcome. It's free entry. Kind regards Richard
  8. Hi there, On Friday 7th December "An Evening With Bob" will be teaming up with The Dog at Ludham Bridge, to raise funds for Priscilla Bacon Lodge. PBL is a hospice facility in Norwich that provides amazing palliative and end of life care and support to patients and their families from across Norfolk. However it's straining at the seams and looking to build a new building with more beds - a big project but every little helps! Entry to the gig is free as usual. Lorraine and Geoff who keep The Dog will be donating 20% of all food sales on the night, to the cause. We will also be passing round a bucket for your loose change, and hopefully may run a raffle, if we can rustle up some prizes. It goes without saying there will be some of your favourite songs and the usual Bob style music. All we need is lots of our Broadland friends and music lovers to come along and help us make a great night out for a good cause. Booking is essential if you'd like to eat... more news to follow as we get the details sorted. Thanks, Richard
  9. Just to let forum members know that we will have the Norwich blues legend Albert Cooper guesting with the band at the Rushcutters, Thorpe St Andrew next Friday, 2nd Nov (8.30pm) Should be a good one! Cheers Richard
  10. https://www.change.org/p/the-prime-minister-rt-hon-theresa-may-mp-ban-all-crop-spraying-of-poisonous-pesticides-near-our-homes-schools-and-playgrounds Hi, this is a topic that may be of interest to many of the forum members that have a home or mooring in rural Norfolk Please see link - Georgina Downs has been campaigning to stop the spraying of pesticides close to homes and schools. She has now started a petition to have the topic put before Parliament. Kind regards Richard
  11. Hi, just a quick update - for anyone looking for live music whilst on holiday on the Broads - 'An Evening With Bob' band The Red Lion Coltishall - 23rd September - 5.00pm The Ferry, Surlingham - Sunday 7th October - 4.00pm The Rushcutters Arms, Norwich - Friday 2nd Nov - 8.30pm The Ferry House, Surlingham - Sunday 18th November - 4.00pm The Red Lion Coltishall - Sunday 16th December - 4.00pm The Ferry House, Surlingham - Christmas Eve - 6.00pm The Dog Inn, Ludham - Boxing Day - 3.00pm - 6.00pm The Rushcutters, Thorpe St Andrew - New Year's Eve (bookings for sit down meal are being taken at the moment, or £5 on the door after 9pm) Thanks to everyone that has been coming along to the gigs. It's been great to see so much support for live music on the Broads, and it's been a really fun summer. Kind regards Richard, Sally, Gill, Steve and Dave (A Evening With Bob
  12. We had a new sail from Jeckells, and it's been excellent. Very well made, a reasonable price, its kept well and performs amazingly. Richard
  13. I absolutely agree with this post, and we have had similar experiences e.g you are in the middle lane to go straight over, someone joins from the left and accelerates on your inside, and you cannot safely leave the roundabout. The person on the left sees no reason to give way, as he/she is in their lane, and there is no give way line. I've tried to stay positive about the NDR layout, but on leaving Wroxham to go to Norwich on Tuesday, I was super careful, and found myself again in this situation. On reflection, 3 lanes on a roundabout now seems crazy. I also agree with the Postwick layout also. Very confusing for people. We saw a bit of road rage over this, this morning :-)
  14. My concern would be the exposure of Propylene Glycol to unsuspecting people in the pub. At low levels, I understand it's supposed to be safe, but as PG is also in blood pressure medication, some beers, shampoo, hair dye etc - there is a risk that it can reach toxic levels, causing acidosis and other complications (stomach pain, muscle cramps, stroke etc). We had a few friends become very ill recently, and our research of their condition has led me down this path. I thought that it might be worth sharing.
  15. Thanks Howard ! Yes, the Red Lion beer festival are always well organised, great food, wonderful beers and good music... we are very honoured to be included once again, as the other bands really are some of the best around. Richard
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