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  1. sailor

    Dash Cam

    For me, this is not an issues of law, but more one of courtesy and respect for other users of the Broads.
  2. sailor

    Dash Cam

    Again, you confirm my suspicion, clearly these cameras pick up a lot of continouous image data from a broad field of view, and with increasing definition, this has to be a concern. With facial recognition software and even emerging lip reading software, nobody can expect privacy whist moored up on the Broads. This is surveillance technology. Everyone deserves the right to privacy whilst on holiday. I would not stand my ground unless I really thought this was a really big issues. I now certainly look for cameras when I moor up, and I'm sure that I am not the only one. Who wants to be captured on video when on holiday ? or have their conversations recorded ? When I was moored up at Horsey the camera was no more than 8 - 10ft away and it took me a few hours before I actually clocked it. I would ask, would you want someone continuously filming you without your consent ?
  3. sailor

    Dash Cam

    OK, I can see that some people might think privacy is a joke, but when you have granchildren on your boat enjoying the sun, you simply don't want them to have a camera bearing down on them and then someone you don't know having access to the footage. As for bump mode, with wash and wind, I simply can't imagine how that works on a boat.
  4. sailor

    Dash Cam

    Well, in some ways, this brings me to my point. I think a dash cam in car does not invade privacy, as you can rarely see the driver or what they are doing. A dash cam in a boat can and will record the people moored around them, as they are not protected by a tinted windscreen. I do not think that dash cams where ever intended to be used on the Broads. I have nothing more to say on this topic. I'm sure you all get my drift, and I do hope it makes people a little more sensitive as to where they aim the camera.
  5. sailor

    Dash Cam

    What I read above tends to confirm my concerns. Clearly the dash cams are left running when moored up, and clearly this will record people without their permission, which I do see as an invasion of privacy. Furthermore, I see no difference in drone or dash cam. We've had a drone hover and record us on our boat at the Horning Church moorings one evening this season. It was noisy, uncomfortable and a little upsetting. Again, an invasion of privacy. Between the dash cams, drones and the considerable increase in dog mess (Potter, Ludham, Acle....), I can see people being put off the idea of a being on the Broads. It's really is not what it was. My wife and I are increasingly staying at our mooring and having days out cycling.
  6. sailor

    Dash Cam

    I once realised that I'd been sitting in the cockpit of my sailboat eating and chatting with my wife, to find such a camera trained on us. I strongly felt that it was an invasion of our privacy, a bit like the drone issue, and that maybe these things should be regulated. I spoke to the owner, who assured me it wasn't recording and he intended to leave it pointing at us for the evening. I mention this, as I suspect we have not been the only people only people on the Broads that have found dash cams intrusive and uncomfortable. I'm sure most people use them with respect, but in my mind, it is a very sad day when the Broads has become a part of the surveillance society.
  7. Hi there, there will be a kind of mini music festival at the Maltsters, Ranworth on Saturday, the proceeds will go to Paws4Thought, and it's aim is to raise money to pay for the well-being of DOGS cared for by those living on the streets or those who are living with people in difficulty. I'll admit that I'm really not a 'dog' person, but I can see the important role dogs play where lonely and vulnerable people are concerned, hence my support for this event and posting. It's looking like an eclectic mix of bands/performers - something for everyone. Please see listing attached. Thanks, Kind regards Richard (An Evening With Bob)
  8. Thanks David. Much appreciated. R
  9. Invitation attached...
  10. excellent - thanks for your help. Much appreciated. Kind regards Richard
  11. Hi, please can anyone recommend a boatyard and outboard engineer based on the Southern rivers ? Thanks, kind regards Richard
  12. Roy will be celebrating 10 years of running the Maltsters next Friday (May 3rd - 8.30pm) and we (the band) are chuffed to have been invited to help him celebrate this anniversary. Everyone is welcome of course... it's sure to be a fun evening in a lovely setting. The band has actually played 250 gigs over the past 5 years (mostly on the Broads, entertaining the holiday makers) - and this means that we'll be back where we started, at the Maltsters.
  13. . - here's a taste of the Vagaband... they're impressive!!
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