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  1. That is a very good idea and for any one out there that wishes to follow my vlogs and just to put one thing to bed cooking on the Corsican is not going anywhere I may not upload one a week but when I have the time I will be making and uploading my cooking videos as it is something I really enjoy and love to share with people , so I hope people continue to watch and enjoy them and please comment how will I know what you guys think if know one tells me all the very best … cheers ...
  2. You don't need to use corn flour any old flour will do it also help to thicken the sauce , you would not do it for chicken supreme as you want the to stay very light in colour .
  3. This time its one of my favourites chicken supreme easy to make but very delicious please give it a try you wont be disappointed if you do please let me know what you think enjoy …
  4. this week a traditional Scottish soup Cullen Skink delicious give it a go you will love it .
  5. Thanks Vaughan , hope you are keeping well long time no see , we are always about on the river just keep a low profile keep our own council don't come on here much its not what it once was IMHO , however really nice to hear from you would be great to have a pint some time . cheers .
  6. So this is a short Vlog of Thurn Open Mouth Regatta it was supposed to be a lot longer , with a look at what go's on over the hole weekend event but sadly I was asked not to film only by one person so rather than a hole lot of problems I did reluctantly the world has gone made . However I was very annoyed later on to find other people filming and posting it on the internet but there you go that's my little moan over it just left a bad taste in my mouth . I do hope you all enjoy what there is thanks ,,,
  7. So here we go with the Tomato Sauce it really is so good if you make it once you will make it again and again plus its so easy to make enjoy.
  8. So Finally a fish dish , Spanish Cod it is so delicious you must give it a go but if I was you weight for the next Vlog so you can make the tomato sauce it will go up next week Thanks ….
  9. Yes give it a go Ted You wont look back mate and a very happy new year to you and yours ...
  10. Don't worry to much on the boat I understand but try it at home and a very happy new year lets hope its a good one ….
  11. Thanks and to you and yours have a great year we hope all the very best
  12. Happy New Year To All and some tips on cooking veg …
  13. Just had lots to do I swim every day some days twice with everything ells keeping the boat nice that's a job on its own but I am about hope your both well ...
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