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  1. So here we go with the Tomato Sauce it really is so good if you make it once you will make it again and again plus its so easy to make enjoy.
  2. So Finally a fish dish , Spanish Cod it is so delicious you must give it a go but if I was you weight for the next Vlog so you can make the tomato sauce it will go up next week Thanks ….
  3. Yes give it a go Ted You wont look back mate and a very happy new year to you and yours ...
  4. Don't worry to much on the boat I understand but try it at home and a very happy new year lets hope its a good one ….
  5. Thanks and to you and yours have a great year we hope all the very best
  6. Happy New Year To All and some tips on cooking veg …
  7. Just had lots to do I swim every day some days twice with everything ells keeping the boat nice that's a job on its own but I am about hope your both well ...
  8. Don't do what we done eat all the crackling in one go very bad cheers ...
  9. Thanks Hylander , I will try to put something up as often as I can , hope your keeping well ...
  10. So first sorry its been so long since my last video , just been a busy boy but I am still about don't panic . So this one is a quick one I have been asked how do you get the best crackling so here you go . I hope you enjoy it and there will be more cheers …
  11. Thanks Hylander not a fan of coos coos my self to be honest we had some new potato's and cauliflower fantastic ...
  12. Hi there week I am making a delicious dish its a must for you to try its so easy to do and very how in calories suitable diabetics ...
  13. Thanks so much for all the nice feedback it is greatly appreciated , it is so nice to know that people out there are enjoying them I will keep them coming , remember anything you would like me to do cooking wise only just cover my back there I would be happy to give it a go all the very best to one and all … cheers ...
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