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  1. Why is it that when there is somebody who's main aim is to help the community they always get kick backs. By the replies to this post it seems that people have only read part of the proposal. Here we have a generous developer offering to help build Broadland into the countries top tourist area, with great public transport access. Let me "BUILD 10 AND GET A BUS STOP FREE!!!!!" Allow him to carry on and Broadland could have a Bus Stop on every corner. "Badger Builders also have the old Pegasus Boatyard site at Oulton Broad. It is an outright eyesore at present, with ambitious plans passed for saturation apartments." Oulton Broad must be crying out for more Bus Stops, DON"T LOOSE THE OPPORTUNITY. If Broadland does not like this offer I bet Boris Johnson would love it in London.
  2. Does anybody know anybody who may have lost this bird? Has leather strap around leg that it may have broken free from. Seen today 16.00 @ WRC, flew off into trees.
  3. Years ago we stayed at Pontins, Hemsby. On one side of the road was self catering and on the other full board. Are they still there? Is this the site mentioned in this thread?
  4. 10B

    Oulton Moorings

    The National Parks Staff annual conference was held there last weekend. Maybe Tingdene were listening through the keyhole. If they liked what they saw it could now be signed sealed and delivered.
  5. As my first guess was wrong I would say that they are not Wherries racing.
  6. 10B

    Hit and Run

    Please help me understand. I hire a boat for a week, I pay my hire charge for a boat that must have insurance cover. During my holiday I have an accident with another boat, which is my fault Details are swapped. On return to the boatyard I fill in an insurance form and the boatyard claims off their insurance company. What is a waiver charge for?
  7. Somebody's day in a cruiser is being spoilt.
  8. If you want to have a fish you can moor on The Waveney at Aldeby, last BA mooring before Beccles. About 100yds back from moorings is Aldeby Lakes. Day tickets on bank.
  9. Would it be such an issue if it was you or Your family in danger?
  10. 10B


    I posted 37 minutes ago! He must be on holiday.
  11. They did, but it was a bit cloudy up there. Get well
  12. 10B


    Met office have a section specific for "The Broads". metoffice.gov.uk Go into section "Specialist Forecast". Then "National Parks Forecast" (Shows map of all UK National Parks) Tap on "The Broads". And Hey! Ho! Weather Forecast for area.
  13. In reply to kfurbanks post I believe that to have City status the Town must have a Cathedral. Chelmsford does, Colchester does not.
  14. Alan,wait the time may come!
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