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  1. Thanks all for your help. I reckon we've enough to be going on with. If I find anything missing from the above and the links, I will post an update on our return. Might it be good to have a sticky on this subject somewhere?
  2. Hi dnks34. Thanks for posting. That's the one I had found but didn't seem to be up to date with some I know of being missing. Thanks Alan that seems to be a more up - to - date edition. I'm assuming it is the most recent. It seems to lump the card outlets together with the electric points. Am I reading it wrong? Do you know if every location listed is an electric point? EDIT having re-read it seems not. For example it lists Acle Bridge but AFAIK there's not electric point there Does anyone know of a list which is specific to electricity points and also includes private provides ?
  3. Hi All I'm pretty sure there must be information on here but I can't seem to find it. We're planning a trip up north this week and given the time of year, we're hoping to keep warm. I know most of the spots with shorepower in the south but Is there an up to date list of shorepower equiepped moorings ( both BA and others ) which includes the northern rivers?
  4. Good to meet you and Karen too, Neil. Hope you both have a great week
  5. I always carry forceps, disgorgers both "traditional" in a variety of sizes and a slammo. The best thing to do is keep a good rig sensitive to bites and keep an eye on it so you can strike before the bait is taken down. Not always easy. If in doubt I was always taught to cut the line as near to the mouth as possible and the hook would eventually either come out or rust. Not sure if this is wishful thinking mind you! I do it because I feel the chances of damaging the fish by trying to force a deep hook out that you can't really get to grips with are high.
  6. Sounds like you guys are in the spirit of it all Enjoy
  7. Hi Wilfuzz. Thanks for the thought but it's not really just the reeling that does it. Holding the rod is a pain and although I could just leave it in rests it's pretty hard not to strain a bit handling equipment. I'm hoping it will get better enough to let me out this season. I'm not despairing about it. Just having to be cautious at the moment
  8. Well good luck to you both. My tendonits is in my hands and it's pretty inconvenient for a lot of things. I'm getting a bit twitchy not being able to pursue that most relaxing of pastimes. I've never been any "good" at it but few things in life have given me so much pleasure over the years. I'm hoping I will get enough respite to give it a go a few times later this season.
  9. I'm guessing all you active anglers will be getting ready for tomorrow. I'm quite envious. My tendonitis is playing up these days and fishing is another pleasure to bite the dust. The Norfolk rivers are surely the best in the country for coarse. I envy you residents having access to that fishing on your doorstep. Tight lines to everyone!
  10. wooster

    Up North

    First time we were on Lightning we met up with Thunder. Our paths crossed quite a lot that week. It was quite helpful as we got lots of tips on our first week. Its always nice to see her. As Alan knows, we're also members of Ranworth Breeze syndicate and we're always hoping to see the other boat whichever one we're on. Apart from the AGM we don't get the chance to speak with other members so it's nice if it happens. Mind you its rare. Last year, we met up with some people from Southern Crusade at Rockland and it was good to exchange info about respective boats
  11. wooster

    Up North

    Thanks. I will set my alarm if we go. I'm Scottish you know
  12. wooster

    Up North

    Thank you all most kindly. Are they strict about the "leave by 10am" rule, do you know?
  13. wooster

    Up North

    I do like Norwich as a city. I've heard lots of bad stuff about the moorings but am tempted to give them a go. I believe they now have security gates. Is that right?
  14. wooster

    Up North

    It is a shame, but putting that aside, we're still not sure whether to venture up north or not. I'm quite keen but there again don't want the hassle of all the bustle, shortage of moorings, etc We might give Norwich a go. I can only recall staying there once and that was about 27 years ago on my Norman 20 so I imagine it has changed a fair bit
  15. wooster

    Up North

    True dat! I read a fairly damning review of holidaying on the Broads on Tripadvisor including an unfavourable comparison with boating holidays elsewhere. Although I love the Broads very much, the shortcomings he described were pretty familiar and mainly concerned the pursuit of getting every possible penny from the boater. Moorings were pretty high on his list I was pretty amazed on my return a few years back by the extent to which moorings once freely available had disappeared and where fees were now applicable. Seems shortsighted to me.
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