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  1. Hi Alan. Yes the guy is a marine electrician and also a qualified surveyor. He actually did the survey for me and suggested some work to be done so he’s pretty experienced. he said the wiring was good but e could install an automatic floating bilge switch and could do with more sockets etc
  2. Thank you for your advice. As I’m pretty clueless about all this I’m having an electrician review my wiring etc soon so I will ask him to install some decent circuits
  3. Thank you. Looks like there would still be some spare capacity after TV and aerial are plugged in using a splitter and I'm guessing phone charging on the other socket won't take up much more. I'm unlikely to plug anything else in at the same time but I was considering using a 12V extension cable on one of the sockets. Would this make the draw more?
  4. Hi I'm completely in the dark about electrics ( and most engineering stuff too ! ) and I'm wondering how much power I could draw from the 12V supply on my boat. I will have a 12V TV and probably another powered signal booster for the aerial plugged into this. I have two 12V cig lighter type sockets so should I use a splitter to give me two plugs from one socket or would it be better to use each one for a single item or does it make no difference? I'm guessing phone/tablet charging etc is nothing for the power draw but if I add in lighting, TV, aerial, to the phone am I getting near to the limit of how much power I can draw ? Thanks for your patience
  5. It is sitting in my garage now. I wish we could have people over for dinner so that when they ask to use the facilities ......
  6. Good advice all round. I will put the ad in and await results
  7. Thank you. This seems to be well-regarded and I will investigate. Does anyone know if running the (12V) TV with that aerial would be much of a drain on the domestic battery?
  8. Hmmm. Looking on ebay they seem to be going for around £45 or so used. Well in that case, ebay is getting it
  9. Freecycle is about to get it. I can't be bothered with the hassle of ebay these days and it's hardly worth a fortune.
  10. HI all, I am on the look out for one of these and found a thread from 2017 here which said there was one which worked well but unfortunately the links are now defunct. Anyone know which aerial @Deebee29 bought and found useful?
  11. Thank you again. The PP is now at home in the garage. It was empty and as our marina doesn't allow disposal down their toilets, we're unlikely to use it so I will see if our binmen will take it or else a trip to the dump is in order.
  12. Thank you ask for your ideas and advice. I'm pretty sure it's in clean condition a they say and I'm really not sure why they had it a on board as there is a pump out toilet. I was going to such it in the boot and take it home but was wary of spillage just in case. I had a look at the Green Book online but no sites near to me. I'm wondering if the public toilets nearby woukd allow me to empty there
  13. Hi all, I have recently bought a boat which came with one of the above as an added extra. I don't want it and am not sure how to dispose of it. I'm not even sure if it has chemicals in it and I don't know anything about these things. I just want to get it out of the way. I'm mooring in Brundall. Does anyone know where i can empty any fluid left in it and then perhaps dispose of the actual potti itself? Thanks
  14. Another vote for the Merchants of Spice in Thorpe. We go whenever we visit Norfolk and I honestly haven't found a better Indian restaurant in the UK. The food is amazing and the staff are very friendly. Can't recommend it enough.
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