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  1. Yes I might go with the idea of having s inferring simple made up and fitted. The othere idea was one of these fabric type things. I guess my point about the closing pontoons was that the height of the boat compared to the ground starting point would always be the same so it wouldn't matter about the tide and if not mane things more difficult however they'd be the same for any boat because you'd mainly board by stepping onto the side anyway. It's just the same for all boats using these pontoons.
  2. I realise I'm talking mince because the walkways at the sides of the boat would be where you would stand wherever wouldn't they? Too dopey today. So the Centre Cockpit would make no difference. Still wondering about the ladders though
  3. Thank you all for your advice. Truly, I'm seriously considering a little light aluminium or similar ladder that hooks or attaches over the side in case one of us goes for a swim and can't get in otherwise. It would also solve some of the more extreme situations noted above. What say you wise men and women of the forum? Something like this https://www.gaelforcemarine.co.uk/en/GB/Trem-Delta-Boat-Boarding-Ladder---18cm-Top-Bend---4-Step/s-3566-8671.aspx?PartnerID=618&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=UnitedKingdom&gclid=Cj0KCQjwsLWDBhCmARI
  4. Fair enough. Seems I was off beam. I might consider getting a small safety ladder though as I 'm no spring chicken and the missus isn't very niimble either
  5. I thought that as you were standing level with the water on a floating pontoon rather than higher ( as on a bank ) it might make the height into the boat pretty high compared with an aft cockpit, the height of which is a few feet lower.
  6. Hi all Not sure how technical this is ( probably not at all - sorry ) but i didn't know where else to put it. Anyway, I'm just in the process of buying a centre cockpit Elysian and talking to someone, a thought occurred to me. On a floating pontoon is it going to be tricky to get inside? Do I need to buy a ladder to stick on the side. Should I be looking for a side mooring or even a finger ? Am I making up something to worry about? Thank you for answering such simple and ignorant questions. All good wishes wooster
  7. Thank you for the clarification and the advice. Yes it was Horning Pleasurecraft I meant. Anyway, it seems both Richardson's in Stalham and Horning Pleasurecraft are full so not options for me.
  8. Question deleted. Google was my friend I will give Richardsons a bell after the BH. Do the facilities ( showers etc ) get pretty busy when the hire boats are in full swing?
  9. Ah. My mistake. I hadn't realised. Thanks for the heads up :-)
  10. Hi thanks but I should have made it clearer I was looking for permanent moorings. I know that Stalham is a nice part of the Broads though
  11. How are you guys finding your boatyard in Horning? I've currently a share in Lightning but I'm in the process of buying a small ( 27ft ) boat and in some ways., I wouldn't mind a change of scene. I'm considering a move up north and your yard interests me. I'm looking for something relatively quiet and with showers etc. Good idea for me or would you recommend other northern moorings? Thanks all
  12. Hmm. it seems to be fraught with difficulties as I remember. I had hoped things might be better by now but I'm assuming with all the regulations coming on more and more each year, it's likely to get worse not better. I had my eye on a petrol but then remembered my struggles 30 years ago and re-considered. I recall struggling with a 5 gallon tank from Acle Bridge to Acle in blazing hot sun one morning with a monstrous hangover and not loving the experience. I loved the experience of lugging the full tank back still with hangover and this time in more heat, even less! Mind you I was young then a
  13. Hi guys How practical is a petrol outboard on a broads cruiser? I see a lot of Shetland 4+2 etc with them although petrol pumps are like hens teeth. Are these able to cruise as far as diesels if you put an extra tank or two aboard. Is it legal to do so? Are there other complications to this situation. Someone recently tole me there was hardly any difference between the economy of modern 4 stroke OB and internal diesels. Is this true? Thanks all you knowledgeable guys.
  14. Thanks all for your help. I reckon we've enough to be going on with. If I find anything missing from the above and the links, I will post an update on our return. Might it be good to have a sticky on this subject somewhere?
  15. Hi dnks34. Thanks for posting. That's the one I had found but didn't seem to be up to date with some I know of being missing. Thanks Alan that seems to be a more up - to - date edition. I'm assuming it is the most recent. It seems to lump the card outlets together with the electric points. Am I reading it wrong? Do you know if every location listed is an electric point? EDIT having re-read it seems not. For example it lists Acle Bridge but AFAIK there's not electric point there Does anyone know of a list which is specific to electricity points and also includes private provides
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