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  1. We moored just before lunch on Saturday and we had a space next to us empty unti we left Sunday morning. I was surprised no one tried to moor as although the space looked small the boat the other side was sitting at an angle so would easily squeezed some one in. What did surprise us the sheer amount of boats that appeared Sunday mooring about 09-00 wanting a space. One took station just off my bow preventing me from leaving and ignored my calls to move in case another boat took the space before them.
  2. I believe that Nipper has now been sold again. I don’t know the new owner but will be passing on the details for Beccles to encourage them to come.
  3. Ranworth was absolutely manic yesterday with at least 10 sharks sorry boats circling waiting for a space.
  4. No that’s Janet Anne’s new tender
  5. You can’t leave it like that we need piccies.
  6. The same one who did Nipper, Mikeamiss. http://www.mikeamiss.co.uk/
  7. Read today Yarmouth rail bridge is 4ft 6inch. Not much getting under there.
  8. I have just been informed that Nipper has come back to the market, if anybody knows someone who is looking for a boat let me know and I can put them in touch with the owner.
  9. There is some info on Glistening Light over on the dark side.
  10. With two bottles on board one should always be full, the flo gas ones I get have a plastic seal so instantly recognisable as being full.
  11. One of your crew will be relieved as I think last time he stayed in Norwich it turned out quite expensive. 😀
  12. You might want to bring so bigger fenders the back corner of your boat was very close to the key heading.
  13. I think you can double moor here but maybe ask first.
  14. No it’s not the American style picnic boat it looks like a private craft similar to the one at the Norfolk Mead.
  15. You could always put on an extra jumper if your worried about the fuel, personally I would rather be warm and comfortable regardless of cost.
  16. And also to Chris Tucker of Belaugh boats for providing assistance during the rescue and in getting the boat refloated.
  17. According to the BBC this morning it was a day boat.
  18. There is probably sludge in the bottom of the tank which is being stirred up when liquid is added. The tank needs a good clean out.
  19. I managed to get petrol yesterday, only one car at the pump who was in the shop paying so a quick fill up ( I was on quarter full ) now at 3/4 so should last until this madness is over. They only had unleaded and Diesel was only for commercial vehicles.
  20. Strangely the Silver Lights seem to all but disappeared.
  21. I know of at least 4 of the six built this makes 5 which is not bad for a 60’s wooden boat.
  22. You will have to put a tin of Brasso onboard with all this bling.
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