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  1. Hi Tim Timbo is dead right for the fishing on the river all the way up to the bridge. The fishing in the yard is just as good. You will come across the odd decent Perch, beware you will come across fair sized Pike that will follow and take your catch. Bream I have had upto the 3 pound mark.
  2. timh I am hoping to moor at VBC also. DG was moored there when I first bought my boat. Alice is very nice along with Chris and Olly. You should be very happy there. Hope to meet you soon.
  3. Cheshire I have just been to look at DG and heard the news. I can only agree with all you have said. Very sad news indeed.
  4. Stumpy , Jim Yes I am really pleased with the outcome come, she is a real pleasure to take out and show off. I would be interested to see the photos when she was Ferry Privateer if it is possible.
  5. Yes the name Daylight Gate is connected to the Pendle Witches but not to the boat of that name. It is a Lancashire term I believe, supposedly it is the moment when when day turns to night and the witches come out to play. The reason that we settled on the name is my better half originates from the Red Rose county and had recently read the book of that name which has the subject of the witch trials of Pendleton.
  6. I knew that she was the boat that I wanted as soon as I saw her. I realised that she was sound and just needed some tlc. I tried to restore her but soon found out that I was doing more rest than Restoration! I also realised that my skills were not enough to get the job done as I wanted. So off to Stalham presented a concept and Phil and his team has put it into practise. The work that has been done is all worth it and hopefully will put many years of pleasure on it. I am really glad that you and Jimbo like what I am trying to achieve.
  7. Yes she is definitely M501. I have had the saloon rewired, LED lighting, 240v ringmain using an inverter, and all of the windows refurbished. The front cabins are to be done at the end of the season. I think Moonfleet are the best. They take their time but it is worth it. Oh by the way the showroom was done as well. I will try and bring her to the spring meet if it is on the north.
  8. Hi Jonzo and Cheshire. Sorry for the delay but I have litteraly just come back from DG after a fabulous week on her. Thanks for your interest. If I have done it right attached are a few pics. on launch day and during fit out. I will take some proper finished photos when I go back to DG in a couple of weeks.
  9. Hi we met when you picked your boat up up at Moonfleet. Yes Phil and his crew do a great job. At the end of last season they did a 6 month refit to DG and it is fantastic. A big well done. I wouldn't, go anywhere else.
  10. Spring Song You are most likely correct, I did get the info third hand.
  11. There was all sizes and entertainment too. A great way to spend a day watching the coming and going.
  12. Stanley cars brought over from America.
  13. It was surprising to see these and how big they are. still going strong circa 1932
  14. I am lucky to be moored at Stalham and had a grandstand seat
  15. Hi Alan I am really glad that you are pleased with the work of Moonfleet, ORCA must be back to her old self. The main reason to see that you are happy with the work is that DG is in with Phil for a complete fit out and repaint. At the moment she is completely stripped out and looking sorry for herself. but even at this early stage Phil and his teams eye for detail is becoming apparent. He showed me some work that was in progress on a "Picnic"boat and it is second to none, I am really looking forward to when DG is back in the water. Happy Sailing.
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