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  1. Ok dear Ian or should I say Chelsea14Ian, who is the boss in our house ? Your wife . Marina
  2. Every year we have a real Christmas Tree, but this year I am talking about getting an artificial tree . Ian isn't happy about it, but as we have brought a smaller car, with less space and a 5ft tree will not fit . So where or who is the best place or company to buy an artificial Christmas Tree? Can anyone help us with this? Kind Regards Marina
  3. Ian and I are at the Horning Boat Show and it is buzzing. Weather could not be better. Lunch at The New Inn, very busy. We bumped into Lulu plus hubby. Thanks to Stuart, nice to meet you and for our table top you have made for us and of course we had to say Hi to our dear son Alan.???
  4. Thanks Paul not to worry I always get my own back on Ian .
  5. Well I have always class myself as: Short, Fat and Dunky. I was at one point 5ft, but I seem to have gone down to just under 5ft . Will what's the old saying: Great things come in small parcels . That's me, not . Regards Marina
  6. Hi, can't wait to see it. We will be up 2 weeks time and we will leave our piece of wood on the boat and then we can go from there. All the best. Marina
  7. Yesterday I was walking behind someone smoking a vapes and I got their full vaper, not nice and I think it was worse than a smoker . Regards Marina
  8. Dog friendly pubs, Yes, but please no to vaper friendly pubs. All pubs have a smoking area in a covered area on the outside. Regards Marina
  9. I enquired at Barnes Brinkcraft and I was told mooring a private craft at their yard, was only possible on Wednesday night to Thursday morning. We only moor at Wroxham on a Friday night and then we moor at the cafe mooring, ok it cost us £20 (£10 day time and then £20 over night). Regards Marina
  10. Hi Paul, thanks for the info. Regards Marina
  11. SweetKingfisher1


    After seeing that Swancraft does fuel, so today I gave them a call. Nice guy answered the phone. So Swancraft does fuel and pump out, but it is best to give them a call 01603 712326 to check if the guy is there. He said he is open Monday - Friday, but may be in on some Saturdays. Regards Marina
  12. Hi Jean, I haven't been on Facebook for some time and I must say I don't look as to what is going on on here, as Ian (Chelsea14Ian) tell's me what is being said. Regards Marina
  13. Well we are back home after our first trip of the season. Ok it was wet and cold and for those who know us we drive the boat up on the fly bridge, because we need to be able to see where we are going, which we don't get from inside. To all still out on the Broads, have fun, enjoy and relax. Regards Marina
  14. Ian is back home with me as his nurse or that is what he might think . He is in pain, but not as bad as he thought. Heres to you Ian dear . Well the photos show how comfortable his bed and Hospital Food are . Regards Marina
  15. Stuart this is the bracket to fix to the underneath a table top. Hi Stuart, this is the bracket to fix to the underneath of the table for the leg. Regards Marina
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