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  1. Hi Clive She looks beautiful mate.So when will she being launched then as I'm looking forward to see her in the yard. The name would suit her is "Swiftway"
  2. Hi Jenny I've messaged Clive just waiting for his response
  3. Jeffbroadslover ive been told it could be more moorings as there's lack of spaces in wroxham Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  4. boatmadmike


    Has anyone been on the concerto and any pictures of the boat Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  5. Hi Robin thanks for the lovley reply.with all the comments that posted on here as it looks like they are blaming me for the damage.It was not my first solo voyage on the broads as i have been doing it for years and its the first time that the boat was damaged.I wont be using southgates ever again as he did not helped me to moor or helped me to cast off,like i said in the main report he was rude and stood in his door way like a lemon.The bloke at his age should retire from his job.
  6. they was not happy what happened that day shes all fixed now
  8. I went to southgates on Monday 13th March for a pump out and i asked the old guy who did the pump out to push my hired boat out as it was a bit breezy that day.He totally blanked me.He saw i was in trouble trying to get out from the mooring spot and he just stood in his doorway and watch me.Heres the damage caused by a bloke at Southgates totally ignoring a holiday maker trying to get out.my advice please don't go there as he wont do anything to help
  9. Didn't go south as boatyard advised me not to go through great Yarmouth due to tides and currents. I had beautiful weather and warm .I hoping to book the Amber gem for September 18th to 29th
  10. i had a wicked time on this boat,very comfortable and warm
  11. hi adam the crystal horizon is the same features as the broadway
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