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  1. Just keeping an eye on things you understand! The miserable old sod in the companionway, can't think who he might be though although I could make a guess! It's well out of copyright, prints up nicely.
  2. Shoulders back, stomach in!
  3. RYA dayboat certificates then? Vaughan, I see where you are coming from. My suggestion was intended for those organizations that flourish on tick boxes rather than experience. .
  4. If I did that certainly wasn't my intention! I'll have to have a look.
  5. Like you, Fred, I don't know the detail. It is only right that the BA is to be reacting to this summer's accidents and the general need for safety awareness. Whether the industry will welcome their well intended interference is another issue! I think that we'll both agree that there are some privateers who would benefit from both boat handling and safety advice. Perhaps someone needs to take the lead, it might as well be the BA.
  6. Has anyone here suggested that boatyard staff do a PB2 course?
  7. For all that, Fred, there is a case to be made that it should be funded by the hireboat industry, if it is aimed solely at hirers. If the aim is to produce a general boat handling and information website available to all then the 20K would seem very reasonable as a cost sharing exercise.
  8. https://www.rya.org.uk/courses-training/courses/powerboat/Pages/level-2.aspx The above looks reasonable to me. I now have a picture of a weekly 'wherry' race, spoil lighters/mud barges, planing under Potter Bridge! Whatever, the syllabus appears to be relevant. Would you. could you pass, be honest now? Problem being that experience has no quantifiable qualification, unlike an RYA certificate.
  9. Must also have had a brown rinse back in those days!
  10. That's not the diminutive Vaughan Ashby as I remember him from our mutual schooldays!
  11. i might be wrong but I believe that all the Navigation Rangers have to achieve said RYA certificate, as has the CEO.
  12. Reckon forum members could moor four abreast across the mouth of your dyke. A full English would be appreciated before eight o'clock!
  13. When officialdom wades in then it all becomes a tick box exercise where experience counts for little.
  14. RYA dayboat certificates then?
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