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  1. The 'snowflake generation', offended by everything and anything, where has all this nonsense come from?
  2. What actually surprised me was the lack of Broads Attractions in the Awards let alone as finalists. That's despite there being some superb attractions in the Broads area.
  3. https://www.edp24.co.uk/business/norfolk-and-suffolk-tourism-awards-2020-launch-1-6014529 No mention of the BNP!
  4. When she's a boat in Scotland! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-48037933
  5. Perhaps both owners and hirers need it to be drummed into them that is an offence to walk away from an accident that is of their own making.
  6. I note that 'dog treats' are on offer. Presumably Grain are hoping for a better class of dog, at least not ones that cock their legs against the legs of restaurant tables! Fully agree with Nog's assessment.
  7. Oh well, an honest English pint of Adnams Broadside will just have to do instead, what a shame! https://www.adnams.co.uk/beer/shop-by-country_1/great-britain_1/adnams-broadside.htm
  8. Yer average hen pecked husband who can't 'B' well win no matter what he does to please his woman!!
  9. Likewise to you John. Best go fly my In-ger-land flag, once I've rinsed the lager stains out and ironed it!
  10. Anodes long ago wasted away in the salt water, wonder what sort of state the stern gear is in now! Like Vaughan I wouldn't touch it, I dread to think what it will cost to bring back into commision.
  11. Back then a black and white portable television cost over forty quid which, in today's money, is over five hundred & sixty pounds. It was luxury back then! Getting a good picture was worse than getting a mobile signal at Horning. Aerials balanced on stools balanced on cabin roofs or mop and boathook lashed together to form masts. You could always tell the Yorkshire boats, the wife would be standing on the roof, even on the stool, clutching the aerial so the husband could watch the darts or snooker! Those men of Yorkshire trained their women well!
  12. More likely he's into Last of the Summer Wine!
  13. No getting away from it, those good folk from South of the River Colne do tend to 'talk all funny'!
  14. Loads of info via Google! http://www.norfolkpubs.co.uk/norfolkr/reedham/reedhbm.htm
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