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  1. JWB, maybe it's time to go the whole hog. One time Royal Knocking Ship 'Doris', Brooke built, is languishing away up on the North Rivers, a failed dream. Maybe she can be had for a song! https://www.lowestoftjournal.co.uk/news/look-at-doris-now-1-848774 http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki2018/index.php?title=Photograph_Gallery&classname=Brooke_65_motor_cruiser&returnpath=Boat_Details&returnpage=&style=Brk65
  2. For the work that has been done she's probably very fairly priced so go for her! She just needs a bow thruster and radar arch.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/951141628610885/
  4. Steve, have p.m.'d you Ian's e-mail address in Austrailia & he is waiting to hear from you.
  5. Any problems then just pm me your f/b details and I'll forward them to Ian. I'm sure that he'll respond, he's not proud, he'll talk to anybody about Oulton Broad and boats, even us Poms and even about motor boats! Incidentally Ian did work at Brookes, albeit in their tin and ally days. The first picture is of Stella, may or may not have been built by Brookes, but typically when the Nobs & Toffs grew tired of their boats, or something better came along, they would end up as trip boats of one sort or another. The second picture is Oulton Broad Yacht Station mid 1960's, a time when Ian worked for his uncle. There might be a Brooke built boat in that gaggle.
  6. I believe that the white launch in this picture is a Brooke boat.
  7. Alf's nephew, Ian Ganaria, now lives in Sydney, Australia. Ian worked for his uncle back in the 1960/70s. Despite being ancient and doddery Ian has an excellent memory, he's findable on FaceBook. Ian is a regular visitor to Oulton Broad.
  8. Very tiddly, Andrew through and through!
  9. Yes, Matron. Pass the lubricant and the Marigolds!
  10. Problem is that Brooke Marine is not what it was in relation to small boats! Re Brooke Boats as hire boats on Oulton Broad, I have corresponded with the offspring of owners but whether they know any history of those boats is unlikely, at that time in history they were just hire boats, boats that were cheap and that nobody else wanted. Anyway, I can only ask but don't hold too much hope.
  11. The shriek of a dry stern gland is the one to avoid!
  12. Mention has been made of fender socks, arghh! Grit and sand can and does lodge in the weave of the cloth. I've seen boats with well abraded hulls where socked fenders have been hanging. In my opinion best avoided. As for lubricants, washing up liquid has long been used, both on fenders and on warps where they pass through fairleads. Well placed and adjusted springs and breast ropes can hold a boat away from the shore thus reducing fender squeak.
  13. They will of course have made their minds as to the best way to get there but nevertheless will hold a public consultation just so they can say that they have done so.
  14. Coincidentally since both he and Trudi Wakelin, the other voice of reason, have left we have seen a few indefensibles, one such being the CEO's response to the Glover Review.
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