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    The Broads is NOT a national park, FACT!

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  1. JennyMorgan

    A Yorkshireman On A Broads Holiday

    All with sheepish grins on their faces?
  2. JennyMorgan

    A Yorkshireman On A Broads Holiday

    I'm sure that I heard a well known gentleman of Yorkshire admit that he liked mountain sheep!
  3. JennyMorgan


    I don't normally leave fishing groundbait in a shed during the winter but I did forget one tub which I found today. Incredible, the little bar steward hadn't actually got into the container but it had nibbled about half way round the edge of the lid! I was amazed! The grounbait is pretty pungent and it must have been a very determined and hungry mouse.
  4. JennyMorgan

    Countryfile 10/02/2019

    They obviously verified the BNP status! Can't knock them for that. Sorry, couldn't resist!
  5. JennyMorgan

    Hoveton Great Broad, Bushcraft And A Canoe.

    I should have watched it first!
  6. JennyMorgan

    Countryfile 10/02/2019

    It's the same on Oulton Broad and I suspect other Broads too.
  7. JennyMorgan

    Hoveton Great Broad, Bushcraft And A Canoe.

    I can wholly recommend a paddle up the Muckfleet to the Trinity Broads!!
  8. JennyMorgan

    Hoveton Great Broad, Bushcraft And A Canoe.

    Perhaps he had a pair of wheels near and handy, many of us paddlers do. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/80KG-Adjustable-Kayak-Trolley-Heavy-Duty-Sit-On-Top-Canoe-Sup-Cart/292874512737?hash=item4430ae6961:g:n2gAAOSwwJ5bf6wY:rk:7:pf:0
  9. JennyMorgan

    Countryfile 10/02/2019

    In the case of Hickling when the wind 'hully hosses acroorse t' Broad' in trues Norfolk style, whipping up the waves, mud banks can and are washed away only to be recreated elsewhere on the Broads. Nature itself can lift and stir up the silt on a far greater scale than ever do boats. Ask any angler, the water is far more likely to be coloured with silt after a gale than it ever it is by boats.
  10. JennyMorgan

    Countryfile 10/02/2019

    Perhaps I am stating the obvious but I do know that Countryfile was in contact with the Authority regarding the BNP tag, subsequently Countryfile chose to delete any mention of the BNP. I can only guess that the information hastily supplied by a number of the so called 'awkward squad' outweighed the spin originating from on high. Yes, you could perhaps accuse Countryfile of being judge and jury but on this occasion reality and honesty came to the fore. From when JP announced that the Broads was to be featured on Countryfile to the actual broadcast date was not long. BBC researchers were therefore quick off the mark! My hat is well and truly off to the BBC, obviously we can trust their information. Countryfile has acknowledged the legal position, as I've posted before the Campaign for National Parks has also acknowledged that same legal position and even JP has grudgingly acknowledged it when challenged, it must be true then!
  11. JennyMorgan


    We do get the odd house martin though.
  12. JennyMorgan


    Pine Martins see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_pine_marten Thankfully not aware of pine martens in Norfolk.
  13. JennyMorgan


    Living near the water we take rats for granted, just a fact of life. I'm aware of them, see the evidence but apart from nibbled fences have never been inconvenienced by them, yet. However, don't get me started on otters and mice, arghhhhhh!
  14. JennyMorgan


    It is not unknown for rats to desert a sinking ship! Quaint Broads custom is for friends to sprinkle small bits of meat onto the roof of their mate's boat in the early hours. This should ensure that the patter of rats feet crossing the cabin roof will wake them up! A few bits of fish guts or heads is even more effective as hoards of seagulls settle on the cabin roof as the sun comes up, indeed that can be quite dramatic! Perhaps more subtle is bits of bread in order to attract ducks. The sound of rats on the roof is perhaps the most unnerving but does tend to stretch a friendship to its limit!

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