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  1. Beam of Light is, I believe, one of the Commodore class from the old Broom's hire fleet (Thunder and Lightning are too, I think). We hired Commodores a few times and they are fantastic cruisers for the Broads, my favourite tupperware boats for a variety of reasons. We never got above Potter in one, but navigated the rest of the system with ease. Beccles old bridge, Wayford, Wroxham are all passable with care. Whether HW will allow you to do so is of course another question, but unless they have added airdraft with silly modifications the boat itself is perfectly capable of making these trips in the right conditions. Hire boats' advertised airdrafts are, in my experience, rarely accurate and understandably tend to err on the cautious side.
  2. Only a gentle ribbing intended. Martham quote Janet at 32'6". I own a Janet and she's registered at less than 31'. The Janets and Judiths shown on Craig's database show a lot of variation in length. One of these days I'll measure ours properly! Impressed nevertheless. I've tried and failed to turn a Judith in Horsey Dyke - no clear water at the bend and we tried higher up with notable lack of success. The Martham boats do reverse out very handily, though.
  3. Does that mean that after your turn the 34ft Judith had become a 32ft Judith? Impressive!
  4. Now that is a proper patch. Those tiddly things aren't fit for diddly squat.
  5. And also one of these, but auto so a bit boring.
  6. Many years ago my folks had a little lime green Mazda pick-up with a column shift. It did 0-60 in about 60, but what fun!
  7. Yes, YEs, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  8. Even better, give up the cars and get back to the boats where you belong!!
  9. You provide the vehicle, I'll change the gears.
  10. Spider

    Boat Jumble

    Beware some of the customers at Beccles
  11. Did well over 30 miles yesterday and the only boats we saw moving were a couple of BA workboats and, believe it or not, a BA ranger!
  12. We travelled from southern broads to northern on Saturday 19th and back to the south yesterday. It was very cold at times but stunningly beautiful. Down the Waveney and across Breydon with the canopy down in brilliant sunshine on Saturday, ditto up the Bure on Sunday. Malthouse Broad was very icy - we saw a boat picking its way through the ice but decided against trying our wooden hull against it. Salhouse mostly frozen. Most but not all dykes had ice, floating ice in Woxham. Monday was the worst day for ice, by the time we made our way south on Tuesday a lot, but by no means all, had cleared. Overall a magical few days.
  13. Seconded. Lovely article about a special event. The image of Dave blowing a trumpet will stay with me for a while....
  14. Me too. I'd suggest that if you may be affected you cancel any cards you have used at ASAP and get new ones issued.
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