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  1. It is truly obscene that in this day and age individuals should be led to believe that they are able to behave in a manner abhorrent to us all. The fine for dog owners in Broadland who fail to clear up their pet's mess straight away has doubled, following new powers adopted by Broadland District Council as a way of combating dog fouling. A Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) is now in force across Broadland, which increases the fixed penalty fine for the offence from £50 to £100 and extends the scope to include all public areas and areas the public have access. Unlike previous legislation, this covers footpaths through woodland and marshland near to rivers and broads. A maximum fine of £1,000 if the case goes to magistrates' court remains in place. Does it not beg the question as to why the dog or more importantly the dogs owner is treated in such a draconian manner compared with other miscreants. Indeed does it not encourage the owner to swear the oath in court and say "It was me your honour, guilty as charged, it was I that did the dirty deed not the dog The judge accepts the plea and delivers the sentence of ten days community service. "Thank you Guv" The dog wagged its tale.
  2. This time of the year I am often to be found at Reedham, Ranworth or Womack. Usually around 11am to 2pm,for lunch. Prior to picking up grandchildren from school, going to Stressco's, the gym and all those jobs us busy pensioner's get up too. Do you know what, and this is for several years now, I have never seen a ranger, out of his boat. Just generally talking to holiday makers, private owners and visitors. Ever! Would it not be beneficial for the authority's representative on the river to be seen advising, helping, instructing, simply being approachable. If nothing else but to discuss those issues of speeding, inappropriate behaviour and general safety concerns. Andew
  3. And yet the approach to Norwich from Postwick was considered at one time, through the village of Thorpe St Andrew, was considered a delight. The garden of the east. Visited by the people of Norwich. Visited by tourists who visited our wonderful city. Where did it all go wrong?l Why did it all go wrong? And why have our generation allowed it to happen? Is this the legacy we will leave behind us, a disgrace that which we will be remembered. Andrew.
  4. Pointing out. Up the river and down the river. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  5. On the BA quay attendents hut at Reedham. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  6. Gulp! They will now. I used to take cruisers up to Coltishall Lock , must be twenty years ago, and it was truly a magical place. Last time I visited the Lock was last year and do you know, like before I was the only one their. And the place like before......nothing had changed.
  7. Um! Er! Yep they might be the new boys on the block. Correct me if I am wrong but they may be farmers, land owners. A bit of diversification...as you do. Farmers are renowned for dealing. Asking an unrealistic price to be negotiated for the benefit of the seller and the buyer. An unknown business practice for the likes of Blake's and Hoseasons who to some extent, some would say to a great extent controlled the price structure of the hiring industry. The likes of Laker airways, Ryanair and Easy Jet had no such restrictions. To the disadvantage of the smaller boat yards. Was this a contributory factor to their demise. Perhaps they were unable to compete against the discount holiday industry. The fear of loss, greed for gain syndrome. With boats sitting on their moorings for weeks on end , unable to be hired because of a draconian contractual agreement with an agent the smaller boat yards, the family boat yards, were between a rock and a hard place. I believe, please correct me if I am wrong, that this has been a contributory factor, to the loss of the family boatyard. However the web has provided a life line for the smaller boat yard. I just hope that it is not too late. Wussername.
  8. Corydon. Regretfully you will be ill prepared in meeting up with the sailing fraternity. You will not be alone. Especially during their mass migration up a river or down a river. Some like yourself will be well-advised to seek refuge in a reed bed. Or scurry up some ones private dyke. Ignore the owners protestations. Just be nice to each other. It will work itself out. As for the sailing folk, they are as nervous of you as you are of them. They speak a different language as to you and I. Water, Starboard, and their Chinese friend Lee Ho come to mind. Certain expletives are well used. Frowned upon by the Ladies Who Lunch in the local parishes surrounding Broadband but nevertheless a passport to exceptance amongst the good and just of the sail and rivers and those who frequent such delights and habitat's.
  9. Went two years ago. A brilliant day. I have to say that the Ludham people are very friendly, hospitable and rightly proud of their village. The gardens are magnificent. It is an experience to visit Hunters yard and the wherries and of course the boat yard with the pedal boats. Not forgetting that this year I understand that there will be a craft exhibition on Womack staithe run by the shop. There are some magnificent houses in Ludham, one frequented by the Queen Mother during her visits to Seago the famous artist. Without doubt, one of the most delightful villages in Broadland. Sadly no wall. But that is of little consequence.
  10. How about a go in a flappy jobby? There would be much for the private owner and holiday maker to learn and understand about the unique challengers and enjoyment of sailing on the Norfolk Broads. For the benefit and understanding of all perhaps. Old Wussername Andrew.
  11. Thank you Gendel. Great pictures. Delighted that the weather improved for you guys. Vaughan and I really tried hard to be with you all. But sadly not to be. Do you know what. All the booze had been purchased. BBQ purchased. BBQ food purchased, sausages, chicken, burgers ........everything. Bread rolls to be purchased, fresh, on Saturday morning. And then, well, I have got certain health issues and all had to be aborted. And all this happened hours before departure. So, not to be. Perhaps next year.
  12. My experience tells me to keep arms, legs and feet inside the boat especially when mooring and when other boats are mooring alongside. It is a simple request for the helm to request and for the crew to acknowledge.
  13. There are many I am sorry to say that just don't care. There are many that just don't know.
  14. Fear ye not. The forecast for Easter is good. Warm. Temperature in the high teens. Trust me.
  15. By the way have not seen a Black swan for ages. Always used to be a pair on the Broads somewhere. Andrew
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