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  1. Pinebanks is yet another example Vaughan. The arsonist of our heritage, the very heart of Thorpe St Andrew seems to have been ripped away by so many. Without a care or consideration. I once read that the people from Norwich would travel to the River Green. By boat, a steamer type boat. Or a tram, to the pub called the Redan. (sounds poetic, and it was) I can remember that immaculate line of moored Hearts cruisers, the pride of the village green with its hanging baskets. Indeed the festival days, the slippery pole across rhe River. Nobby Clark, Nutty Slack, The people, oh! the peop
  2. Thanks. Who needs an app when Grendel is about. Apt or what!
  3. Eek! I didn't mean to say bested but bestest.. need an app for that!
  4. I hate to "miss out" What is your best, your best app ever, your besty app?
  5. Surely this is an early painting of the church at the river green, Thorpe St Andrew, showing the original course of the river Yare before the New cut. Andrew
  6. My grandfather told me that people skated from Beccles to Oulton Broad. Or was that one of his fisherman tales? Andrew
  7. I have an old ships bell, a brass bell, which is somewhat tarnished. Should I leave it as is, or clean it. Shiny bright as I used to remember. If I decide to go the clean route how do go about it, wire wool grade 0000 I believe although that does seem a bit drastic to me. I really do not want to mess up. What other process should I consider. Andrew
  8. The winter of '63. A very good friend of mine used to sail and moor his boat the sailing cruiser Goldfish on Wroxham broad. The boat had been winterised at Coldham Hall for Harry Last to dance attendance on annual maintenance. My friend had purchased a brand new mini from Mann Egerton. This gave him the ideal opportunity to photograph his car on the bouy and he duly parked his car where the boat would have normally been moored, on the broad. I and my friends all drove old bangers, worth a fortune today, old MG sports cars, a Morgan, Austin 7 convertible, but we never risked them eve
  9. Blast me bor that came round quick. Do you hev a grand old do! Old Wussername.
  10. There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza, There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, a hole.
  11. Pleased that you enjoyed your day. The breakfast, the lunch, the after dinner shoot is an integral part of the day. With country folk. Every day is very special. Hopefully you will be able to revisit this particular day at a future shoot amongst friends.
  12. How is the new pup coming on ? Not much happening I suspect. Surely you have not been able to resist a practice hold or a retreive of a Teddy or a similar soft toy from across the lounge floor, or is it a bit early? Andrew
  13. Cover your soft furnishing with loose sheets as seen in stately homes Leave curtains open for ventilation and a visual means of showing that there is little of value to to steal. If items of value on view. For example expensive navigation equipment, install a confirmed intruder alarm, the emphasis on confirmed. Andrew.
  14. Yes. Either in Red or Black. The Red being very rare. Andrew
  15. Er! I've got an old pair of overalls with Blakes and Hoseasons on them. Looked very cool in the day On a more serious note has anybody got an enamelled badge with the single letter J? Andrew
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