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  1. Stay in bed. Snug as a bug in a bed.
  2. It is known to some "as consideration" little known but needs to be recognised by many.
  3. Could always dig a bit out of the drain I suppose to accommodate the NWT boat. Then allow all boats to use the new space between say 4.30pm and 9.30 am if they so wish.
  4. Chris. To my knowledge it is a bit more than a ferry from A to B. There is a conducted tour of Ranworth Broad included in a visit to the visitor centre and return to Malthouse. The implication, please correct me if I am wrong, that there is a profit stream going into the ferrymans pocket which has no foundation whatsoever. Andrew
  5. That is interesting Chris. Who does run the boat trips? I have been on the boat trip with the grandchildren. Booked and paid for at the NWT information centre. Andrew
  6. I have often wondered who was in my spot. So it was you all those years. More years than you I have to say. Is the NWT a commercial enterprise as such. I thought it as a charity. I do agree however that the NWT centre on Ranworth Broad is an ideal place for its permanent residence. I have no issue with regard to the NWT advertising the centre and its boat trips on the Malthouse staithe. Andrew
  7. Eeek! That outboard looks a bit vulnerable to those who like the challenge of reversing into tight spots.
  8. Hi John Is it a day boat or a picnic boat. A day boat is a basic type of craft. The picnic boat will have a toilet and a sink on board. There are no firm rules, you can moor anywhere on the BA moorings, however the day boat is well suited to the dinghy dyke. I prefer the stern mooring for the picnic boat on the main Quay. Andrew.
  9. I cannot remember having read so much gobbledygook in all my life. It is in a river, on the broads. A hazard. A danger. It is not high season. Is it not beyond the wit of man to move it. Surely the BA have the resources to deal with this matter without all this silly malarkey. Why are we even discussing the matter. Just move it. Old Wussername
  10. When the wind is in the East it is neither fit for man nor beast When the wind is in the North a prudent man does not go forth. Old Wussername.
  11. AEJB. What has been done.? .Why? Where ?
  12. It is my understanding that the Liana will be moored at the top of the dinghy dyke opposite to where the NWT boat used to be moored. If the Liana was to be moored towards the end of the dyke it would inevitably be hemmed in by day boats and assorted dinghy's and tenders. Liana would not block the corner but I would question why it is needed at Malthouse at all. After all the majority of visitors come by boat. In my opinion it wold be best suited at its original mooring at Hoveton and taking people from Hoveton up to Coltishall. A most delightful trip. As for the NWT boat if moored at the
  13. Paddle boards and the new on the block, the bycycle boat is completely incompatible on our rivers. Is there know one who recognises the issues, the safety problem.
  14. I remember it well. Bungalow Lane if I remember correctly. The cottage or rather his bungalow still stands. Together with a shed which used to seve as a mortuary for those unfortunates who decided to end their lives from the misery of the Asylum. Nobby's knowledge of the tides was valued by the authorities with regard to the recovery of these poor unfortunates. But that is another story. Andrew .
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