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  1. No offence taken. Not guilty guv re helm obliged to get away. It is very rare for this type of incident but I suspect a very difficult one to achieve a satisfactory outcome.
  2. Alan you are an experienced skipper also you know your own boat, in particular you know your boats handling characteristics. I have seen hirers inadvertently leaving a boat in gear whilst mooring. I have even seen one of our members leaving his boat in gear whilst mooring at our Salhouse meet. I have seen people using the morse control not knowing where the neutral position is or not knowing how to disengage gears completely. I'm sure that I have seen a prop moving albeit very very slowly even in neutral enough to cause injury i suspect. But I may have imagined that bit. Put it
  3. I am not trying to be smart or clever and I do understand why the engine needs to be turned off when people are swimming very close to a maneuvering boat. What is the recommended action if you suddenly find yourself amongst children in the water, swimming as was the case at Ranworth and Womack two weeks ago. What would your state of mind be if heaven forbid you contributed to an accident and is it not appropriate to take action now rather than wait for the conclusion of a judicial judgement which could take months.
  4. I have given you a like. With all your Points, with the exception of point 4. It is point 4 that I have concern. How can anyone, any trial run driver, or indeed an on board traing skipper of undeniable forsight forsee all eventualities.
  5. Then simply abdicate your concern. Your contribution. Your involvement. No one will criticise you.
  6. The trial run driver is not a casual contribution to the holiday experience. It is integral to the customers safety and to the companies responsibility to provide value, concern, and a positive statement of commitment. Expenses plus a tip. It was never my objective.
  7. At least it will demonstrate that we have tried. We will not have neglected our responsibility.
  8. I was thinking of a somewhat more nefarious activity.
  9. A bit spartan old man. I would go for Hathor or White Moth at our age what! what! Even got a piano on board, for a jolly old sing song. No creeping down the corridor in the dead of night now! Night night. Sweet repose. Half the bed and all the clothes. Now, where did I put my snuff box? Old Wussername
  10. I am guilty as to having an attitude to some who hire and indeed some of those of the private sector. We should and must show tolerance and consideration. In turn this attitude must be reciprocated. As a forum we must demonstrate our acceptance of this ideal. Old Wussername
  11. It is interesting to read of the interaction between the master, helm, skipper, pilot. Communication on a boat is imperative to a safe voyage. On a racing sailing cruiser expect to be shouted at, sworn at, encouraged, humiliated if things go wrong. On a hire boat it is not so extreme. But you must pay attention to your designated helm. It is his responsibility to communicate. Prepare the mooring lines. Tell the crew why you are turning the boat into the flow of the river When you intend to mananouver the boat. Secure the bow rope first and then the stern
  12. I do feel that in some instances that there is an over reliance on the bow thruster. It does have limitations. Unfortunately some trial runs do not take this into account and without this understanding some struggle during the mooring process. Andrew
  13. I think that your guess may be wrong in the light of current events. Expect the unexpected.
  14. I wonder what happened to all those people who read and who made a comment. Where have they all gone or are they still amongst us. I like to think that they still follow our ramblings but choose not to get involved. Andrew
  15. A blast from the past! Old Wussername
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