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  1. Should it be mandatory for life jackets/vests/whatever, be enforced on certain parts of the Broads. If you disagree, why?
  2. To my mind there are two very important factors that come into play for both parties, both buyer and seller. Fear of loss and greed for gain. Old Wussername.
  3. Any way, enough of that. Do you get your UK winter heating allowance in sunny France. If so have you thought of sending it to Help the Aged. You could of course send it to me. Direct. Thus cutting out the middle man. Tootle pip me old mucker Old Wussername.
  4. Depends on the breed of dog. A yellow lab can fill a Dyson in one hit. Some breeds shed very few hairs. Fleas are very rare, but has been known and can be very difficult to clean. Carpets on the floor and walls can present problems. Many modern hire boats do not adorn the inside with carpets to any great extent. So for the boatyard a bit of a lottery. Some people are more careful than others.
  5. The wireless door bell is an option you might wish to consider. It was used successfully by our family, in a large house when my father was terminally ill. Several sounders were used in different parts of the house and provided that degree of protection and above all else the comfort in knowing that we were providing support over and beyond that which couldn't have been achieved by any other means. Andrew
  6. My wife and I have gone the picnic boat route. We pick the day, not wanting a rainy one. We pick our journey, South or North. Hickling and Horsey, or perhaps Coltishall, or if it takes our fancy Beccles and Geldeston Lock. Or a morning on Bargate followed by a trip up the Yare. With family, with friends. Each day is golden. It is not a substitute but it certainly helps to draw the sting. Andrew
  7. Together with the approval and the involvement of the Broads Authority. Part of a marsh conservation program. I am not a horse person, other than our daughter had one which I disliked and it disliked me. Intently. It was mutual. I hated it with a passion. However. The thing looked the part. Well fed, well groomed and loved the vet. As did the vet love it. As for the horses on the marsh one has to say they all seem to look magnificent. Long may they stay there. But not in my paddock! Old Wussername
  8. I think that you will find it relates to conservation management of the marsh land. Some horses like a good old munch. Keeps loads of nasties at bay. Excuse the pun.
  9. Interesting Timbo and thank you for your contribution. It would be comforting for the BA to acknowledge their responsibility with regard to this serious matter and I feel that the Authority would gain much sympathy and support if they were to recognise and admit to the financial constraints in which they have to operate and seek the help and cooperation of the many boat owners and hirers who are concerned about this issue which blights the Broads to the detriment of that which we hold dear. Perhaps, just perhaps, together and I mean together, we could seek and find a financial solution to this issue with the help of other organisations of a like mind. Andrew
  10. A 28 days notice? Does that not suggest that the BA does indeed have the authority as well as a responsibility with regard to such matters. If that is the case why is the BA seen to be so reluctant in dealing with this problem. Legal, financial implications perhaps. Andrew
  11. If you are correct MM and I believe that that you are, does that mean if you wish to get rid of your boat simply remove all obvious identification, moor it up against a tree, any old tree and walk away? What a dreadful state of affairs. Andrew
  12. It is my belief that if the Morning Flight, an iconic boat of historical significance and local affection and importance had it been allowed to remain at Thorpe St Andrew it would have served as a standard for others to follow. A standard for others to emulate, to complement the beautiful background to one of the most attractive village greens to be found in Norfolk. With foresight it should have been protected and its surroundings likewise to preserve that which was held dear by the people of Thorpe St Andrew and indeed visitors from Norwich and the local area. There are good people on the island, Take a pride in their homes. Some it would seem quite content to live in depravity. It is the latter that needs to be addressed, not insurmountable. It just needs understanding and a willingness by the residents and the authorities to recognise the issues and act in a positive manner to bring back the River Green to its former glory. Andrew
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