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  1. Thank you Gendel. Great pictures. Delighted that the weather improved for you guys. Vaughan and I really tried hard to be with you all. But sadly not to be. Do you know what. All the booze had been purchased. BBQ purchased. BBQ food purchased, sausages, chicken, burgers ........everything. Bread rolls to be purchased, fresh, on Saturday morning. And then, well, I have got certain health issues and all had to be aborted. And all this happened hours before departure. So, not to be. Perhaps next year.
  2. My experience tells me to keep arms, legs and feet inside the boat especially when mooring and when other boats are mooring alongside. It is a simple request for the helm to request and for the crew to acknowledge.
  3. There are many I am sorry to say that just don't care. There are many that just don't know.
  4. Fear ye not. The forecast for Easter is good. Warm. Temperature in the high teens. Trust me.
  5. By the way have not seen a Black swan for ages. Always used to be a pair on the Broads somewhere. Andrew
  6. A Chinese duck? A mandarin duck. An ornamental duck most probably escaped from a collection.
  7. I am pleased to note Paul that you have disassociated yourself from this minority as stated in one of your previous posts. ”Very best wishes indeed, but sad, sad news nonetheless. I can't call it the last of the riverside stores, but the last of the really good ones. It will be a big loss, not only to the boating community but to the village, and the surrounding area too." Andrew
  8. They wish to retire after many years serving the local people and the tourists. In this respect they must be allowed their chosen path. ST. Are you aware of the financial issues which they would have considered prior to their decision. No I expect. Neither was I. They worked hard and provided a "remembered and much appreciated service to the local community and tourists alike" I find you comment ". When you live in a village, as we do, you have to consider other people, being such a small area, and to deprive a community of a much needed resource should be looked at as unthinkable" These two people are allowed, and should expect a quality of life, to which they are entitled after so many years of serving the community. Andrew
  9. Hi Mark It is a topic I am interested in. What better place to discuss. Andrew
  10. It was not a comment deliberately intended to promote discord. It is my opinion. A discussion point. I am not seeking your credit or opinion and by your tone neither do I welcome it. All I ask is for consideration for that which I consider important and worthy of further deliberation with the forums interest paramount. Andrew
  11. Regretfully it is not becoming a "tiny part of this forum". We need to recognise our core values and objectives. We need to concentrate on that which the forum has become renowned, established and recognised as a leading authority on Broadland matters. Andrew
  12. You may not like what I am saying. Take it as you will. WHERE do I find a forum that places a greater emphasis on Broadland matters. Broads, rivers, boats, local historians, history, our destiny and how we are able to shape our future. We seem to my mind lost our way. Andrew
  13. Wussername

    Loddon Staithe

    My cousin has moored his cruiser on the Yare on the outskirts of Thorpe for several years. I met up with him several weeks ago and told that he has sold his boat. The reason being that he personally felt intimidated by the number of liveaboards. During one weekend in the summer he counted over 45 boats. Some of which were in very poor condition. I went from Brundall to Norwich during late summer early autumn and counted 35 liveaboards. Neither of these counts included boats on the island at Thorpe. As mentioned. Commissioners cut and Whitlingham on the north bank were both full. Is this trend likely to become established with continued growth and if this should be the case should some form of disciplines be put in place, standards identified and implemented. Andrew
  14. I can feel the Neanderthal grunt making a comeback and will become recognised as the correct and formal method of introduction, conversation and goodby. Complemented by the trusty smart phone. Until of course the battery runs out.
  15. Well that is the old boy who nicked it. All those trees. I like trees. Here on the Broads we are blessed with a huge variety of trees and long may we protect them. Have you ever been to the lock gates at Coltishall and walked to the road bridge through the wonderful avenue of trees. What are they. Hornbeam. Thousands walk to Salhouse broad, generations in the fullness of time. My grandchildren still marvel at the gnarled oak trees and play as I did amongst the fragile trunks. I love the trees of Broadland and long may they be allowed to enhance our landscape and contribute to our ever threatened wild life. Trees BY JOYCE KILMER I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree. A tree whose hungry mouth is prest Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast; A tree that looks at God all day, And lifts her leafy arms to pray; A tree that may in Summer wear A nest of robins in her hair; Upon whose bosom snow has lain; Who intimately lives with rain. Poems are made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree.
  16. If you have spotted him, he has spotted you. His equipment will have recorded your speed before you were able to register his intent. His on board camera will then capture up your number plate and relate that to the laser reading as you pass within the speed limit.
  17. Wussername


    None in Strumpshaw that's for sure. Andrew
  18. Wussername


    I have just been hit by two bills from my garage, one for £440 and today £360. Rats eating the wiring. Thus immobilising the car on each occasion. Have any boat owners experienced rat damage Andrew
  19. I always favoured the west bridge, nearest Jenner's. The east bridge, nearest Hearts, gave you an extra inch. However, by the time you got to the East bridge, on a rising tide you had lost the advantage, and the tip from the holiday maker to boot. Andrew
  20. But the money is no longer there. It is no longer there for so many, no longer there for so many worthy causes. No longer there for that which we took for granted only a few years ago. Do you know what John. I have seen in Tesco's, for several months now, if not a couple of years, a bin. By the exit door. For people to donate food for the poor and disadvantaged of Norwich. People who are so desperate that they have to rely on the charity of others for such basic requirements. I never thought that in my life time I would ever see such a public demonstration of help in my city. There is little or no money left to pay for the disposal of waste by the local authorities for boat waste. People who enjoy the pleasure of boating must now come to terms with the realisation that they, be it hirers or private owners have to pay for disposal. A concept which many deprived people find difficulty in accepting that they have up until now accepted as their responsibility. Andrew
  21. Well, that certainly is an option. During office hours I suspect. What about High days and holidays. Weekends and bank holidays. Gulp! I would retire to The Buck and sneak out of the mooring under the cover of darkness and take my chance.
  22. I am sure that my question has been raised before. If you have to leave the Thorpe St Andrew river green mooring immediately after your 24 hour period has elapsed, what happens if you are unable to go under either of the railway bridges because of the tide. Or, indeed could squeeze under but lack of confidence prevents an attempt. Ask the audience, phone a friend, go for 50/50? Or ring the Parish Clerk? Andrew
  23. Wussername

    Stern Only

    Posted 2 minutes ago I was going to say you haven't met us then Andrew but wait a minute, you have!! Indeed. I remember. A wonderful pint in the Malsters at Ranworth. I was dragged away under duress by the enemy. She who knows me so well. A session in the making, sadly not to be. Please keep me in the loop when you are next in the parish so that I may create a diversion. Andrew.
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