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    Stern Only

    I believe that those people who decide to visit, cruise the rivers during the winter months, are experienced and considerate people. I cannot ever envisage a situation where they would create a situation where other people, other winter boaters would be disadvantaged by unreasonable behaviour. Andrew
  2. Thanks for your reply Vaughan, as ever a fountain of knowledge always welcome in these modern times. There is however your closing comment: "At present, access has been closed off by the council and I for one, question their right to do this." Has this not always been thus. I seem to remember your father, Commander Ashby having to retire to the Buck to escape the unreasonable and draconian rules and regulations which were imposed upon Hearts Cruisers. So when you say access has been closed off by the council do you mean vehicle access? Does this mean mother and a child in a pushchair, or indeed disabled parishioners in wheelchairs or invalid vehicles. Please correct me if I am wrong but I cannot remember any provision being made with regard to those with mobility issues. Andrew
  3. Who owns the River Green? What can be done? Indeed what should be done? Andrew
  4. In the news again I see. http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/print-1-5766095
  5. Did not these names originate from the wherry men and their families. Each length of river, from bend to bend was a reach and each was given a name. Some of course were of little significance but many of importance with regard to ease of navigation and to this day are known to some, but will be lost in the fullness of time. As will the names of local staiths and moorings as urbanisation takes its relentless toll together with seemingly disregard of concern by the authorities of those who choose to moor or reside long term in places which is seen as inappropriate by many. Andrew
  6. One aspect of these rescues has constantly amazed me and that is simply the speed in which the emergency services arrive on scene. When you consider the maze of narrow country lanes that exist in Norfolk and Suffolk and access to the rivers is limited in many cases, especially if you are trailing a rib or driving a large fire engine. Add to the mix a large number of holiday makers do not know where they are, where they have been or indeed where they are going! Yet, time and time again, seemingly against all the odds, when many people might just give up and say they cannot possibly get there in time, they do. I think that is truly remarkable and would seem to demonstrate to me that a lot of training, co-operation and resources have been put in place, behind the scenes, for which we must all be truly grateful. Andrew
  7. When the RNLI are called out to an incident on Breydon or wherever come to that is there a charge made to the individual concerned ? To the boatyard concerned. Or to a third party concerned, or a charge made against the Broads Authority. Or is the cost involved, and everything comes with a price, funded by charity. If the Broads Authority were to take responsibility, perhaps involving several man hours, there will be a cost. Which they just might just decide would be better absorbed by others. Andrew
  8. Ranworth was there first stop. They all got in with a wriggle and a squiggle. The BA ranger was there to help. HW staff as well. The children well behaved, polite, and a pleasure to welcome. The staff, attentive and caring. Long may this event be an annual event.
  9. Wussername

    Lads Week

    Thanks Grendel. Great write up. Great pictures. Andrew
  10. Give it all to The National Trust I say, and be done with it. By the way members get free car parking, we would therefore get free moorings and they also do jolly good muffins. Wussername.
  11. Should be standard on all hire boats. I cannot understand why it should be exclusive to solo hire. Wussername.
  12. Nothing in the river when i looked. I presume they all got over ok.[emoji15] Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  13. There has been two non breeding pairs at Strumpshaw for the last two or three years. Old Wussername.
  14. You may mock. I'm just trying to bring a bit of culture to the forum. An intellectual contribution. Don't look up if it fly's overhead is all that I will say.
  15. Close. But sorry no cigar. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  16. Seen heading towards Reedham this afternoon. A Red Kite. Old Wussername.
  17. As Shakespeare said: "One man in his time plays many parts" Well done. Trouble is that I cannot think of anything that I am good at. Andrew
  18. Wussername

    Norfolk Men

    That wunt me master Vorn. I dunt no narthan.
  19. i am not sure Ray that the car bit is relevant. it is a boat. Concentrate on that bit. I was hit by a hire boat on Salhouse Broad three weeks or was it four weeks ago. I was moored up. Having lunch.They reversed into me, at speed in attempt to stern moor. I had ten people on my hired picnic boat. Children, parents and grandparents. It was a serious hit, at speed. Glasses, food, plates on the floor. Cupboard doors flew open, the contents smashed on the floor. I had ten guests on board. All confused. Upset. On the hire boat, one women injured, badly bruised hand in an attempt to fend off. Some of the hire boat people were in tears. the hire boat attempted to leave. One member of their crew was standing on the stern, his arms extended in a passive manner and in broken English told me that it was the first day on the boat and they they did not know how to reverse the boat. i requested that they reversed back. They did not feel confident enough to attempt the maneuver. so another member of the crew used the boats dinghy to the bank to confront me. As he approached I informed him it was not to be a confrontational meeting. I helped him from his dinghy and shook his hand and thanked him for meeting me. By the way, it was friendly fire, a blue on blue. We were both from the same boat yard. I told him that I was duty bound to report to the boat yard which i duly carried out. And we carried out the formalities. Although I feel that the lady with the bruised hand would carry her discomfort for the duration of her holiday. I felt so very sorry for the hire boat driver. He had an expectation, for his holiday, which failed to reach his ideal. The Industry, the Broads Authority, those who rely on our visitors, our pubs, restaurants, our media, indeed the forums need to be aware of the value and impact of their contribution.
  20. Hi Poppy. "Properly prepared and instructed". By who? What training has that person received? What accreditation has he obtained to teach, to instruct. Do all boat yards conform to the standards and principal of that which is accepted and approved with regard to the basic requirements recognised by those of us, including your goodself, and have a reasonable expectation that these disciplines have been identified and understood. Some will say that the trial run has stood the sence of time. It requires little attention. I disagree. It needs revisiting. There are so many implications which relates to the boat yard, the boat yards agent and his client, the customer, in the event of a serious incident. We live in a different legal environment from that of years ago. That is why I believe Poppy's post is so important. Andrew.
  21. http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/river-chet-cruiser-sinking-one-of-200-crashes-recorded-on-broads-1-5686298
  22. A wonderful tale Timbo. I gave it a laugh. I wanted to give a thanks and a like. But unable. Andrew
  23. Great photo. Ship shape and Bristol fashion. I love to see it. No wonder when people coming into moor sometimes get themselves into the most awful muddles when presented with a dog's dinner which they try frantically to untangle. Andrew
  24. My word. Thank you Breydon. I hope that others may contribute to this post.
  25. Evening Flight was certainly at Stalham Yacht Services for some time.
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