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  1. A reasonable question is why do we need Facebook. I would have thought that the forum is perfectly adequate for most peoples needs. Andrew
  2. CCTV would not stop it happening. Who would operate it. Who would be responsible for maintaining the copies of recordings that would be required. Who would be allowed to view the recordings. There is a whole raft of legislation governing public surveillance cameras. Finally do you wish for your holiday experience to be recorded throughout your journey. It could come to that.
  3. Surely lights and CCTV is a knee jerk reaction. A ferry has been on this site since the seventeen hundreds in one shape or another. Indeed there were somewhere in the region of twenty ferries on the river Yard at one time, the majority being rowing boats for passengers only but some would take a horse and cart. As for incidents, as of now, very few and far between and I can see no justification whatsoever in escalating this matter into a major incident. In conclusion stay clear of the thing, that is all that is needed. Andrew
  4. A wherry and a ferry is a wondrous thing Do not challenge for a point to make. Or bring. Just pass on by with a cheery wave. Avoid the risk of being proud And brave.
  5. Is there not a notice on the river bank which states that you should not cross until the ferry has reached its destination. Andrew
  6. Would a new visitors center at Acle compliment How Hill, duplicate the facility, or replace it? Or perhaps provide a "new experience" yet to be defined. Andrew
  7. Smoggy surely it is as stated"they are considered fair game for criticisms" which is not "we" consider them fair game for criticisms. Therefore may I suggest that it is not a forum position.
  8. It was a funny old day yesterday in Norfolk. Blast me that were hot, I dint know what to do with meself what with her a naggen on an on about all the things that need doin. So I though wot I’ll do is have a little sit under me new gazebo. (My last one blew away last year onto Halvergate marsh somewhere). Well as soon as I got settled that started. No not her, Rodgers bloody combine, I knew suffin was up cos everytime he goes backwards in it a loud siren goes orf to tell anyone daft enough not to stand behind it. Well you never saw nuffin loike it A gret old cloud of chaff come out of the thing…………..and fell on me and me new gazebo, and that’s not all, half on it went in me cup of tea that she hed brought me. Well I sed to her I sed come on together I’m orf to Reedham I sed. And so orf we went. To sit on me wall. Well when I got there I hed to go roight down the end, past the Nelson to park me car, you know the bit nearest the bridge. Well no sooner had I got settled than she sed to me she sed we wunt stop long she said cos we hed got a lot to do. I think that she does it on purpose to wind me up I do. The quay was a full of boats, all shapes and sizes, and the tide that wus a cumin in loike I’ve never seen afore. That wus goin so fast some of them boats goin up river could hardly steer and those goin down river well some on em hardly made any head way at all, at all. Now that what I’m about to tell you is the honest truth. In front of me was one of those here picnic boats I dunt know why they call them picnic boats. How the hell do you have a picnic on a boat, there int no where to lay your rug and everyone to sit round it is there? Oi did not believe me eyes. On this boat there was a load of young uns together with an older women. There wuz 2 boys and 2 girls the rest of em bein in the pub. Well they hed all put their swimmin gear on. Trunks and bikinis and all that malarkey. And that’s not all they all had large rubber rings loike you see on a beach. Well I thought that’s a grand old do. I hint never seen anything loike it in me life. They then started to go down the heading to find a space between a boat to get in the water. Now as I said afore, that tide was a runnen fast, they wont had stood a chance. Fust of all they would have been swept up river as soon as they hed got in. And another thing how would they hev got out? Not on the quay or the reed banks further up river and no man or beast would hev been able to have swum against that tide. It would have been all hell up. I dint no wot to do. So I sed to her I sed I think that I ort to have a word I sed, and she sed “if you wish darling.” I wuz just about to say my bit when a long came that new quay assistant bloke. Now that was fourternut fortinut fortunit lucky, cos he has his lunch break up until two a clock. Now I thought that he would hev bin in a bit of a lather with them a wanting to go for a swim orf his quay. But all he sed to them wuz if you go in you wont get out and I wont go in for you. They started to moan but he dint hev any onit and he sed to them he sed get back on the boat he sed. Now wunt that a rummin!
  9. All that I can say, with my vast experience is..................................enjoy!
  10. Do not keep us in suspenders Simondo, what did he say? It could be that many of us might benefit. Andrew.
  11. It would seem that you can still get Van de Hum. Try the South African shop web site. Andrew
  12. Expilot. There are people who walk the walk. There are people who talk the talk. There are a few people who walk the walk and talk the talk. Without any question of doubt in my mind that you are perhaps one the few people who fall into the latter category with regard to the Bridge. May I ask your personal take with regard to the issues and subsequent solutions. Perhaps the latter is unknown. I do not know and I suspect that I am not alone. However I would welcome your thoughts. Andrew
  13. Look upon it as a bonus.
  14. Womack. I believe is run by a trust. As far as I'm aware fisherman are not obliged to yield in favour of a mooring boat..................but I may be wrong. Andrew
  15. Would you move an unattended hire boat a few extra inches to enable you to moor. What about an unattended private boat. How would you feel if someone moved your unattended hire/private boat. Or perhaps a ranger or a BA quay assistant moved your boat. Andrew
  16. The history of Norwich, the dark side of Norwich, is still remembered by some. The airfield at Mousehold , where the Heartsease estate now sits. The old aircraft shelters that still exist off the Salhouse Road. The company that still exists that.................. The smuggling that took place from the Frenchman to the trawlers to the coasters up to Thorpe St Andrew where welcome hands awaited the bounty of Brandy, Cigarettes and Cigars before continuing their voyage to Norwich The isolated airfields of Norfolk provided a magnet for some. I feel a bit of a shudder coming on! Andrew
  17. Oh dear! I cannot remember the posts you have edited or hidden. I expect in hindsight they cannot have been that important in the scheme of things. We will never know. What I do know is that the integrity of the forum must be maintained against those who lack understanding of those who have a deep and sincere commitment for the Broads in general. There are moderators who are tasked to judge and deliberate on those who challenge this ideal, those who challenge in a sensitive manner, and those who regretfully do not. As a forum of considerable standing we will address this issue and resolve this matter as is our position has proven in the past. Andrew.
  18. The Novi Sad Friendship bridge swung on Tuesday of this week. Albeit for a very short time. Carrow Bridge was blessed with a large gathering of burly men in orange boiler suits. For a "laying on of hands" to encourage the old girl to open. Nothing happened. She was never very reliable in her prime. However I am confident that she will rise for the occasion. If she will close is of course another matter. Andrew
  19. A good mooring up for grabs then. Nip in quick Robin whilst the bridges are open. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  20. Ranworth is for many a very special place. I visit more than many. Winter, Spring and Summer. Sometimes by boat but mostly by car. It is a place visited by many holiday makers in their cruisers, by sail, by motor cruisers, both private and hire. By car, by walkers, even by coach parties from the local holiday camps. School trips by coach. To visit the cathedral of the Broads, to visit the nature center on Ranworth Broad. For some, during our peak period it is a place of frustration, of anxiety, indeed dispair of a lack of help, guidance, advice. Where is the Broads Authority at this very important, focal, integral part of the Broads experience. Sure a Quay Assistant would be good. A Ranger, but these guys come at a premium, very knowledgeable, indespensable. However, at little cost there are those who are the very essence of our culture, our commitment to the Broads. The volunteer. Do not underestimate him. He comes at little or no cost. He will be of an age that brings authority, understanding, knowledge, and commitment. The Broads Authority needs to recognise this assett. Provide him or her, with a uniform, to assist the visitor to moor. Move boats to utilize the space available, to advise on how to moor, to inform, to simply enhance the Broads experience. Andrew.
  21. Ranworth is for many a very special place.
  22. A very warm welcome from me Barry. You will find that you are in a good place. Andrew Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  23. Well not for me doesn't. From my window I look upon fields of wheat and barley. Oak trees provide a Capability Brown landscape. When I first came here some thirty years ago I enjoyed the sound of the sky lark every morning when I took the dogs down the lane. I enjoyed the barn owl screeching at night and hunting along the hedgerows in the morning in order to sustain its young. Grey Wagtails, Yellow Hammers, Tawny Owls. Swallows and House Martin's would swoop across the fields of corn. Today..............nothing. Well I say nothing. That is not strictly true. Trundling across the fields today tractors with large booms were spraying a mist. Insecticides, weed killer. Who knows. However what I do know is that I now live in an agricultural desert. Devoid of wild life. I am not sure what is meant by population dynamics, or indeed global warming. I do however suspect that the farmers tractor has a significant part in what I consider to be responsible for this dramatic change in our country side. And for that we all share a responsibility. Andrew
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    Yep. Makes me sad when I haven't got any.
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