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  1. Oh dear! I cannot remember the posts you have edited or hidden. I expect in hindsight they cannot have been that important in the scheme of things. We will never know. What I do know is that the integrity of the forum must be maintained against those who lack understanding of those who have a deep and sincere commitment for the Broads in general. There are moderators who are tasked to judge and deliberate on those who challenge this ideal, those who challenge in a sensitive manner, and those who regretfully do not. As a forum of considerable standing we will address this issue and resolve this matter as is our position has proven in the past. Andrew.
  2. The Novi Sad Friendship bridge swung on Tuesday of this week. Albeit for a very short time. Carrow Bridge was blessed with a large gathering of burly men in orange boiler suits. For a "laying on of hands" to encourage the old girl to open. Nothing happened. She was never very reliable in her prime. However I am confident that she will rise for the occasion. If she will close is of course another matter. Andrew
  3. A good mooring up for grabs then. Nip in quick Robin whilst the bridges are open. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  4. Ranworth is for many a very special place. I visit more than many. Winter, Spring and Summer. Sometimes by boat but mostly by car. It is a place visited by many holiday makers in their cruisers, by sail, by motor cruisers, both private and hire. By car, by walkers, even by coach parties from the local holiday camps. School trips by coach. To visit the cathedral of the Broads, to visit the nature center on Ranworth Broad. For some, during our peak period it is a place of frustration, of anxiety, indeed dispair of a lack of help, guidance, advice. Where is the Broads Authority at this very important, focal, integral part of the Broads experience. Sure a Quay Assistant would be good. A Ranger, but these guys come at a premium, very knowledgeable, indespensable. However, at little cost there are those who are the very essence of our culture, our commitment to the Broads. The volunteer. Do not underestimate him. He comes at little or no cost. He will be of an age that brings authority, understanding, knowledge, and commitment. The Broads Authority needs to recognise this assett. Provide him or her, with a uniform, to assist the visitor to moor. Move boats to utilize the space available, to advise on how to moor, to inform, to simply enhance the Broads experience. Andrew.
  5. Ranworth is for many a very special place.
  6. A very warm welcome from me Barry. You will find that you are in a good place. Andrew Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  7. Well not for me doesn't. From my window I look upon fields of wheat and barley. Oak trees provide a Capability Brown landscape. When I first came here some thirty years ago I enjoyed the sound of the sky lark every morning when I took the dogs down the lane. I enjoyed the barn owl screeching at night and hunting along the hedgerows in the morning in order to sustain its young. Grey Wagtails, Yellow Hammers, Tawny Owls. Swallows and House Martin's would swoop across the fields of corn. Today..............nothing. Well I say nothing. That is not strictly true. Trundling across the fields today tractors with large booms were spraying a mist. Insecticides, weed killer. Who knows. However what I do know is that I now live in an agricultural desert. Devoid of wild life. I am not sure what is meant by population dynamics, or indeed global warming. I do however suspect that the farmers tractor has a significant part in what I consider to be responsible for this dramatic change in our country side. And for that we all share a responsibility. Andrew
  8. Wussername


    Yep. Makes me sad when I haven't got any.
  9. I think that you should think of it as a "welfare call". This explanation will bring comfort to you.
  10. Is it so important that at first glance the ranger was not sure. This discussion lacks a degree of substance.
  11. This shift in quality. In what respect may I ask? Andrew
  12. A formal complaint does not necessarily mean that their employment record is compromised or risks dismissal and loss of income. The Quay Assistants do in fact receive many compliments and indeed some complaints all of which are received and acted upon in a correct and just process. I am not sure that such a discipline exists on any forum. Andrew
  13. This is wrong. The new guy, one guy, the last one. This is character assisination on a completely unjustified scale. It is wrong on so many levels. If you have an issue inform the authorities in a proper civilised manner. It is wrong to hound those who are unable to defend or even recognize who amongst their colleagues, or indeed themselves, as being judged as being unsuitable. Andrew
  14. My understanding is that the people employed at Reedham are not Rangers but Quay Attendants. They carry out a very important task with regard to the safety and welfare of many who visit the area. Andrew
  15. I did not say you were lying and further more accept your superior knowledge on this matter and respectfully retire from this particular matter. Andrew
  16. The OP seems to refer to one occasion. Others just watch. What others? If you are genuinely dissatisfied with their work ethic why have you waited until now to mention your concern. I have nothing but admiration for the guys who work there. Sometimes one simply has to admire the control and patience in which they deal with quite difficult circumstances. Andrew
  17. I do not agree. I do not understand "some do not attempt to help anyone" This is simply not true and an unfair comment. Andrew
  18. I am often at Reedham I used to live there for a number of years. To this day I visit summer and winter on a regular basis. I know some of the quay assistants very well. Without exception they have all carried out their duties in an exemplary manner. I cannot speak though for those who have recently joined. I have not met them or seen them. Andrew
  19. I do not understand. You had no issues with regard to mooring. He assisted others. An off day? Andrew
  20. Great. Why does my dear wife make such a drama of cooking breakfast? Andrew
  21. However people need to know how to use them, when to use them, where to use them and where not to use them. Oh! And how to handle the boat when conditions are such that you are unable to use them.
  22. http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/somerleyton-carbon-monoxide-poisoning-1-5545579
  23. Thars a rummun do that all depend on how regular you are dunt it. Three days! Are you a fillun arn it up?
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