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  1. I think that you should think of it as a "welfare call". This explanation will bring comfort to you.
  2. Is it so important that at first glance the ranger was not sure. This discussion lacks a degree of substance.
  3. This shift in quality. In what respect may I ask? Andrew
  4. A formal complaint does not necessarily mean that their employment record is compromised or risks dismissal and loss of income. The Quay Assistants do in fact receive many compliments and indeed some complaints all of which are received and acted upon in a correct and just process. I am not sure that such a discipline exists on any forum. Andrew
  5. This is wrong. The new guy, one guy, the last one. This is character assisination on a completely unjustified scale. It is wrong on so many levels. If you have an issue inform the authorities in a proper civilised manner. It is wrong to hound those who are unable to defend or even recognize who amongst their colleagues, or indeed themselves, as being judged as being unsuitable. Andrew
  6. My understanding is that the people employed at Reedham are not Rangers but Quay Attendants. They carry out a very important task with regard to the safety and welfare of many who visit the area. Andrew
  7. I did not say you were lying and further more accept your superior knowledge on this matter and respectfully retire from this particular matter. Andrew
  8. The OP seems to refer to one occasion. Others just watch. What others? If you are genuinely dissatisfied with their work ethic why have you waited until now to mention your concern. I have nothing but admiration for the guys who work there. Sometimes one simply has to admire the control and patience in which they deal with quite difficult circumstances. Andrew
  9. I do not agree. I do not understand "some do not attempt to help anyone" This is simply not true and an unfair comment. Andrew
  10. I am often at Reedham I used to live there for a number of years. To this day I visit summer and winter on a regular basis. I know some of the quay assistants very well. Without exception they have all carried out their duties in an exemplary manner. I cannot speak though for those who have recently joined. I have not met them or seen them. Andrew
  11. I do not understand. You had no issues with regard to mooring. He assisted others. An off day? Andrew
  12. Great. Why does my dear wife make such a drama of cooking breakfast? Andrew
  13. However people need to know how to use them, when to use them, where to use them and where not to use them. Oh! And how to handle the boat when conditions are such that you are unable to use them.
  14. http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/somerleyton-carbon-monoxide-poisoning-1-5545579
  15. Thars a rummun do that all depend on how regular you are dunt it. Three days! Are you a fillun arn it up?
  16. What is the difference between a fret and a haar? Or is it one and the same. What causes it? Warm air full of moisture meeting cold? I have experienced it many times on our coasts and of course the dramatic fall in temperature. Many times I have seen the bank of mist or fog on the horizon and then after perhaps three or four hours of hot sunshine it sweeps to the shore in a matter of minutes. Indeed reaching inland for several miles. Andrew
  17. What about the toilet pump out. We could have the commercial pump out or the private pump out. A private boat arrives for a pump out. That will be £18.00 please. Er! No. I'm private. These are private poops. I have already paid for water and sewage on my domestic tariff. So I am entitled to a free pump out.Already paid for me old mate. Charge it to the local council. According to the Controlled Waste Regulations 2012, there is no such thing as boat waste. It's either household waste or commercial waste. Waste produced at a private boat is clasified as 'household waste', exactly the same as waste produced at a private house Then is it not an appropriate time to challenge the classification or will this saga continue ad infinitum.
  18. Great - you pay the extra costs! Unnecessary ones as it is the councils legal responsibility to clear domestic waste! It is boat waste. Domestic waste comes from domestic property....houses.
  19. So be it if they have been appointed by the Act of 1988. Matters not in the scheme of things. It is not household waste. It is not domestic waste it is boat waste. So why should any extra burden be placed on the private owners? It is not a burden it is a responsibility. Why should I pay for it. The whole drive of the EU Directive behind all this is 'the polluter pays' Yes. I agree with that. Private owners have already paid for their household waste to be dealt with. Household waste. Good for them. So do I. What about their boat waste? Who should pay for that? Andrew
  20. Hi Fred But do they all provide a waste disposal service Andrew
  21. The BA as self proclaimed custodians of the Broads have a degree of responsibility. As I have mentioned before the hire fleet is a shadow of its former self. It is the private sector with over 3000 craft who have to share the burden. Unless of course Waveny District Council would like to send over a dollop to the poor and distressed of Broadland District Council.
  22. We often read of the money tourism brings into an area, so , Yes I do. A contribution to age concern would be good. Please pay me direct. Cut out the middle man. No they don't but the owner of the mooring pays rates, this cost is passed on to the moorer, so the moorer pays. Does the owner pay for waste collection? Andrew
  23. Other visitors to National park family members, tend to stay in B&Bs or caravan parks. Each have bins and those bins are emptied. paid for by the owners of said caravan parks/B&Bs. These costs are covered by the rates as paid by those owners. Boat owners (the vast majority of them) pay mooring fees. Within those mooring fees is the element that covers rates. The number of boats that don't pay mooring fees is insignificant so we shall not head that way B&Bs or caravan parks, hotels, camp sites, holiday camps all produce waste The collection of that waste is as you have correctly stated is paid for by the proprietor. Irrespective as to how the owner pays for this service is to some extent irrelevant. An increase on his business rates or on the number of bins or the cubic capacity of these bins is taken into account and a charge is made accordingly. The owner will budget for this fixed cost or variable cost as the case may be. However you pay to stay at his establishment and the services he provides. Waste disposal is one of the services provided. Indirectly you pay for the disposal of your waste. You will not see it on your bill, but you do pay for it. Boat owners (the vast majority of them) pay mooring fees. Within those mooring fees is the element that covers rates. Do they all provide a waste disposal facility by default, by a legal requirement? Also the vest majority of boat owners also pay rates for their homes, whether they are there or not so domestic rubbish disposal is paid for already. Do you think that it is reasonable that the local parish of a small community should pay for holiday makers rubbish, or private owners rubbish. Of course not. Why should they. Andrew
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