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  1. Have been there before,not realising that this was happening. All you got see was sails.
  2. Long overdue, hope the bridges at Reedham and Sommleyton get fixed.For us at Brundall will see how it affects us.We pop up once a month to check on the boat.
  3. Yes this week I have two long days back tomorrow for 0700 till 1500.By and large I dont do many long days now.I have to be careful since I got COPD.Can lead to chest infections if I get to run down.
  4. Beat you me one year and eight months.
  5. For 2012 Olympics ai was based at crystal palace looking after the Brazilian s.Then I was paid time And a half and double time.Now only time Being caterers no one seems to care.
  6. The following story may make you feel better.At present I am working in one of the world's leading investment Bank,based in the city.I have worked there off and on for best part of eight years. To make life interesting they are operating in two buildings.Where I am we are offering a limited breakfast and lunch service, but a full on evening dinner.This morning we set up breakfast, then most of the power went off.Some lights,ovens working, however no water.This came back on about 12.10.Therefore no lunch service. Power restored about 16.30,so went ahead with dinner.The best bit the chef asked if I could work from seven this morning to 10.00.Which have.Most of my day spent telling people there was no food or coffee.Still it could be worse,it could be raining,oh it is raining.Never mind back at work tomorrow seven in the mind.See that makes you feel better
  7. Lulu,great pics.Must go one year.
  8. Oh yes I forgot the shoes.Mind you dont think she drinks and drives,she dont want to spill any.Think I better hide now
  9. We have a Alpha 29,we grease in two places.One in the engine bay going back behind the engine. The second accessed via the steps leading to the rear cabin.Dont know if that's useful. Welcome by the way
  10. Thought Gracie only liked chocolate and wine
  11. We are on the boat from 30 September for two weeks,are you on the river then B?Dont mention the football .
  12. Back in the early 90's we had two horse drawn caravan holidays, in Norfolk and we visited Bungay.I agree has the same feel as Beccles
  13. What's new?many of these Tokyo's do the same no matter about the weather.
  14. Looks great is it the carm before the storm.The weather here today in north Kent,mixed sun cloud,windy a bit of rain.
  15. We are on our hols from Saturday 31 August for two weeks heading north for our first week,then back south for our second week.Look out for those that dont know,Sweetkingfisher.
  16. J just remember sometimes teams promoted can at times cause a upset!
  17. There boats remind me of a door wedge.
  18. The chaps Finnished the work tonight, happy days.
  19. Perhaps the boat could be restored to its original state and become some sort of floating museum.
  20. At long last our boiler is being replaced today and tomorrow. The chap that was going to do it,let us down three times.We went elsewhere, for us a blessing in disguise saving us £500.We have also had three windows replaced .All part of our hope to get the house ready to sell and move to Norfolk. It's been a busy summer for us, a long weekend in Berlin in June,and our daughter gets married the end of August. A few days later we are up on the boat for two weeks,think we will need a rest.
  21. Sorry Grace Dicky Attenborough passed away some years ago
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