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  1. This was my view this morning,the building with the green top.Tower 42,in my day Nat West Tower. I worked there from 1980 to 1993.Also the cheese grater and the walky talky just seen also is the monument.London bridge.Out of sight to the right is the old Billingsgate.The other photo HMS Belfast Tower bridge and in the distance Canary Wharf. Over the years I have worked in many of the buildings on view. Ian.
  2. Glad it's done,as I said he does SK. Dads
  3. Chelsea14Ian

    My Day

    Don't think so,went past on the 2ay home.Lots of there boats there.Have a good trip.Nice,but cold out.
  4. Chelsea14Ian

    My Day

    Called in for lunch at the New Inn,a few day boats and mainly private boats on the river,then onto Wroxham. Now on our way home.
  5. Chelsea14Ian

    My Day

  6. Chelsea14Ian

    My Day

    Just up a cove to cheap the boat,all okay.Hope to be up last weekend in March.Now off to Wroxham and potter.Maybe lunch at the New Inn.Some pics,many boats out for the winter.
  7. Chelsea14Ian

    Hand Made Chocolates At The Ferry Inn, Stokesby

    They also say chocolate is good for you.Think I'll pop to the Doctor,to get them on prescription
  8. Chelsea14Ian

    The View From Work This Morning

    Some pics of where I am from yesterday until next Friday. Working in the lodge ,which is a bit like a B&B,then in the cafe.Not to busy,next week looking after a group of 25.It is cold beyond belief. Yet yesterday in the cafe it was hot.The centre has very large windows so it's like a greenhouse.Still it's better then being damp and wet .Have a great weekend every one.We are going to check the boat tommrow then a spot of lunch somewhere.
  9. Chelsea14Ian

    The Band

    Marina and I just got back from seeing the Band in Dartford. For those that don't know it followed on from a talent show a few years back to find Five boys to form a band.The show is a light hearted musical. It is the story of five girls following Take that,back in 1993.It's very funny,also sad at times.Then it jumps forward twenty five years,sadly one of the girls had died.The girls meet up again.It was a great night.We saw the show last year in Norwich. If you like Take that and good entertainment you will like this.Next up for us Take That in May at the o2. Ian
  10. Chelsea14Ian

    The Six Nations

    The Six Nations kicked off last night,a good result for Wales.Beating France in Paris. This afternoon England take on Ireland in Dublin.I hope we can overcome them,will be hard to do,but let's hope.
  11. Chelsea14Ian

    The Six Nations

    Great result against France.Once again England played well.Took there foot off the gas in the second half.Next up Wales in two weeks time.Will I am sure be a hard game for both sides.
  12. Chelsea14Ian

    The Band

    As I said before,what you on about!
  13. Chelsea14Ian

    The Band

    What you on about.
  14. Chelsea14Ian

    Private Boat Hire Request

    Welcome I agree with others most would not let out there boat.Try boat yards.However not sure you will get a boat next week. What type of boat are you after,age and price.Worth a visit to Brundall, Horning and Wroxham. Anyway good luck.Ian.
  15. Chelsea14Ian

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    My Grandfather was in the Royal horse Artillery.
  16. Chelsea14Ian

    Water Points

    Not sure we stop for fuel and pump out.We are based at Cove, so top up our water there.
  17. Chelsea14Ian

    Well Done Norwich Market

    Norwich market has been voted the best in the country. We always stop off to the market.When we are close by.The market is always worth a visit.Often picking up spices,sometimes fruit and veg .Indeed think Norwich has a good selection of shops.Marina always likes calling in to the bear shop.We often spend a few bob there.If you have not visited give it a go.
  18. Chelsea14Ian

    Water Points

    Brooms not sure opening hours in March.They have winter and summer hours,best to give them a call.They charge for water.
  19. Chelsea14Ian

    Places To Moor

    Horning,pre book at the New Inn. Say hello to Gus.One of the best pubs on the broads.The Village is also worth a visit.May see you there Welcome to the forum. Best wishes Ian
  20. Chelsea14Ian

    The Six Nations

    I don't want to make a prediction, just hope we play the same as today.
  21. Chelsea14Ian

    Well Done Norwich Market

    The cost of fish has gone high in recent years.When I was a child it was a cheap meal.Not anymore. That not the only item that is not cheap.This morning I brought assorted candy nuts £10.00.Lamb at one time was fairly cheap,no longer.
  22. Chelsea14Ian

    The Six Nations

    What a great result from England,some great Rugby,out playing Ireland. Well done lads.
  23. Chelsea14Ian

    Broads Boating For Beginners

    Very good vid,sure some people don't always listen however.Back to the video.The gentleman hired sure he works for the company.He looks like the chap I used to see at the London boat show.We always shared a joke.Still for anyone new to boating a good watch.
  24. Chelsea14Ian

    Well Done Norwich Market

    I agree markets over seas are in the main much better. Supermarkets have given markets a knock.Also sadly many people want a one stop shop.As a chef I like food shops in all shapes and sizes,often spending way to much money.
  25. Chelsea14Ian

    Hoseasons 83 Brochure Wanted

    Vaughan,don't know if you can help.My mum and myself hired a boat in 1974 from a boat yard in Loddon or Chedgrave. Think it was a steel chilled boat called Capri.Not sure is was From Hoseasons or Blake's.

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