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  1. The news today,its been a good day.From Monday six people can meet,children can go back to school.A good day,is that correct. Yet today over two hundred people died, many of which a slow and painful death. The start of the week a airplane crashed in Pakistan. 97 sadly died.We were shocked .Every death is sad a life gone,family and friends affected by there passing.Yet today 200 odd gone many a painful death. Pain touching family and friends, the Doctors and nurses, the cleaner left to clean up the departed.A good day!Now nearly 40 thousand lives lost to this dreadful virus. HOW many more.So Monday more freedom,just think for a moment, dont take unnecessary risks. None of us has the cast iron shield. We are all at risk be careful, stay safe we must beat this.
  2. I agree ,most river users look out for one another. Like many owners I am a member of the RNLI, I have a VHF on board. As others have said there are already The Broads Authority, broads beat,boat yards and private boaters.All keeping an eye on the river.
  3. Anything that improves safety on or around water is very worthwhile.
  4. Oh dear oh dear,as most know I love Chelsea fc.Also Rugby Cricket Tennis etc.I make no bones live sport is great .I should be watching England play the West indies next month.Not sure I will get to see some live sport. My view is not supported by many.I think contact sport should be postponed until perhaps next year.When hopefully this virus is more under control .
  5. Marina and I have taken part from inside of the house with the windows open,not outside.
  6. No ,you can however save the vinegar for other things.
  7. Perhaps my last comment is this: There are days marking this or that .Best friends day,God mother day and so on,May of made them up.Think you get my point.Often special days can be a time to reflect on what's happened. For example 11 November Remembrance day.Often a time to pay respects to those that died and suffered. I would hope a day such as I've suggested could be a respectful and dignified event.Think with some thought it could be a good way to say thanks.
  8. Just now theres talk of perhaps two matches with the West Indies .Behind closed doors,money being the driving force,the same as football. The ECB have a four Million pound gap in funding. I should be watching England v West indies at Lords next month. Last email from the MCC pushed back to July.I dought it will be cancelled.
  9. I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I think you can target those that have stepped forward .I dont wish to be flippant. Most of the heroes are obvious.The Doctors, nurses, Emergency services, care and key workers.Highlight them,some may think there are heroes,okay give them a nod. It's worth pointing out as I said at the start of this post.The lady that started the clap for heroes has suggested this is probably the time to stop,and has suggested a special day once a year. For myself I will not leave the house until more then likely the end of June.I'm Furloughed and may lose my job.I'm not a hero . In normal years I take part in fund raising. Its what I enjoy,I've always done so and hope to continue. To fund raise alongside would increase the profile of perhaps some smaller charities that dont always get much attention.
  10. There are no real winners. Politics aside it's a balance on health and Economics. We are slowly getting out of this ,but theres still real danger that numbers of infections could raise. I'm at home more then likely at until the end of June.I want to get up to the boat,go out for a meal and a drink.Cant yet,the balance is very hard to judge, we all have to balance the risk.We can now go to the beach are we prepared to do so we thousands of others and take that risk. It's worth bearing in mind that yesterday for instance nearly 400 died,that's two fully loaded planes .To get back to a near normal life is still going to be hard achieve.
  11. What have I done! I still believe in the idea of setting aside one day a year to mark and celebrate The NHS,care and key workers.In this dreadful time,many of which gave there all some sadly dieing themselves. I think a special day could be done with dignity and respect. I agree many staff on the front line are poorly paid and should receive more.Sadly I dont think that will improve. Theres to many useless self appointed celebrities with to much money just for doing nothing. Some of the coverage on TV and the press is frankly disgraceful. My view for what's it worth is at times when they get it right it's great can change life for the good but often they also make matters worse . This disease has affected us all in ways ,I dont think any of us would have imagined.Before this appeared. Let's have a low key celebration, just to say thank you,with some fund raising for good causes.
  12. My point which I thought I had made very clearly, but it seems not ,is ALL those that have helped in this dreadful time.Many of which are unsung often lowly paid.Lets thank them all,and I do include the RNLI.Covad-19 is the most serious thing to hit us at present,but many unsung heroes help as all the time.
  13. As I've said we thank all those that help to keep us safe now,by clapping each Thursday. The World has turned on its head in the last ten weeks.Supper man and woman are not the cale crusaders. They work in Hospitals, care homes key and support workers.All it needs is one special day to Highlight all the good work they do often putting there lives at risk to help us.
  14. My suggestion is for one day to highlight and celebrate all those involved in the care and support of the public plus key workers.That in fact is what's happening now.In the beginning it was intended for the NHS.Since then it's also for care and key workers.
  15. The lady who started the clap for heroes ,has suggested that today maybe the time to end the Thursday clap for heroes.She has suggested that,instead replace with a Annual event to mark the good work by NHS,care and key workers. Some time ago I started a petition via change.org.uk.To have a NHS day to highlight the good work carried out by all those working to keep us safe.It was also my intention to use the day to fund raise for charities involved in the care sector. Sadly I never had enough support to push my petition further. I think it's TRUE that if the Thursday clap for heroes continues the impact my be lost.It may be the right time to set aside a once a year event to celebrate all the heroes keeping us safe,the Doctors, Nurses,care and key workers.
  16. One for Alan, pickled Gherkins.Now and again marina buys mini cucumbers. I turn them into pickled Gherkins.. Wash the cucumbers in cold water,sprinkle with table salt and leave for 24 hours,turn occasionally. Good quality pickling vinegar, look for 6%.a little sugar .You will need about 500ml of vinegar two dessert spoons of sugar.Heat until sugar has dissolved, allow to cool.Wash Kilner jar,I then leave in a oven 100c for 5/6 minutes. Raise cucumbers place in the jar with a few pepper corns,dried dill or caraway seeds .Cover with vinegar and sugar seal and leave the longer the better.Each Christmas I do onions for the family,sometime mustard pickle. Ideas for Gherkins Use in stragonoff, beef,chicken or mushroom. My method is sa follows.one pint of white sauce.1 oz butter, 1oz flour.Melt butter add flour cook for about five minutes, make sure the mixture does not brown,slowly add about one pint of milk,bring slowly to the boil reduce the heat use a spoon or a whisk.Try not to get any lumps. Set aside.finely dice one medium sized onion or shallots. Cook on a medium heat until softened, set aside onions. For mushroom stragonoff,use mushrooms of your choice. Always nice to have a selection. I often use chestnut and button,plus some oyster. Just cut into large pieces, fry in a little oil salt and black pepper light brown in colour.Add smoked paprika a couple of teaspoons should be fine add about 300ml double cream,a little white sauce,bring to the boil,reduce heat,check seasoning slice a few home made Gherkins and a few chopped chives or parsley serve with long grain rice.The same method for beef or chicken. Gherkins good also with potato salad or tartare sauce.
  17. This whole story is showing the country in a bad light.We have all suffered hard ships for weeks on end.For my part ,apart from two odd hours in hospital I've been at home for ten weeks,my world is the house and the garden let's it.This man thinks we are all stupid. He is a aide not a politician. It is disgraceful and it will remain today's news until he goes.This dreadful disease and the fight against it is not helped by this very selfish man.
  18. Later I'm going to give tips on pickles.Just need to ask MM
  19. The thing that really annoys me ,is firstly driving 250 miles and not stopping. He's words.Really with a young child.Driving to check he's eye slight.He must think we are all daft.I for one have lost some respect of Boris over this. What is also disgraceful is the way the press have hounded him.No social distancing there.
  20. For many years I was involved in the community. I was Chairman of the Thamesmead Advisory Forum, then a community Director of Thamesmead Town.Thamesmead suffered from a bad press sadly.Much of which was untrue or quoted out of context. I've seen the press looking for people that may have a grudge to share.I learnt to keep the press at arms length. I was also a member of the BOV/IMB at Belmarsh prison for nearly 14 years.Our training always included how to speak with the press. The press sometimes become the news.Yesterday was a point in question, clips shown all day.Hords of the press surrounding Dominic Cummings. No Social distancing there.
  21. I know its unusual, but the press sometimes only want to print what they want to hear!
  22. Sadly I cant go anywhere apart from my garden. Until the end of June.once I get the okay, we will be up on the boat.
  23. Very nice,will be good to get back on the boat when I can.Sadly not yet .
  24. I need to go for a drive to see if my eyes are okay.
  25. Chocolate brownie cheesecake. My recipe for brownies sadly is at work.However I often use the BBC recipes,there're very good.I would make them the day before.Break into pieces and line the bottom of your glass or dish. For the cheesecake 300 ml soft cream cheese,300ml double cream.This can be done by hand or electric mixer/blender. Mix slowly.Add the juice of three lemons and the zest.You can also use lemon curd. If the mixture is too stiff, just add a little more cream.Pipe into your glass or dish.break a few pieces of brownies on top.allow to set in the fridge for a few hours,dust with chocolate powder or grated plain chocolate. And serve. Any problems with brownies let me know. I will post more recipes and tips as I've said on my other post.
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