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  1. Just got home,a great night.Two backing bands good young American girl 15 and a London family band.Then a warm up about half an hour.Lots of old stuff got the crowd going.Some new stuff and old stuff,a surprise they did about 4/5 Queen hits,which was good.We are going to see them again at the flicks on the 6 July. Now need to sort out another concert. Hope to see Ed and adele. Let's see .ONe of my old favourites sadly no longer with us,Pavarotti in the cinema
  2. At the 02 waiting to see Westlife. Just been to the shops here.Some good buys.
  3. Strange MM has not replied to this post,must be checking the takings!
  4. Not sure if I'm correct..Think there is a group called swan rescue also.
  5. Have just caught up watching the Great British Menu, at Abbey Road.My 0ld manager Doreen and Lester Sound Engineer were at the lunch.So pleased they were invited. Great to see Abbey Road.I spent, off and on about five years there as Head Chef.One of my most interesting jobs.
  6. Why dont we do birthday posts, like Facebook. Okay some members,like me are about 160 and will need a very large cake for all the candles. Some members dont put there date of birth on there profile, but it's an idea.What do others think?
  7. Sorry will try again ,better at cooking than tech stuff.Hold on Marina I have a bad cold and cough, that's way my singing was not as good.Now starting to loose my voice. Don't encourage her Grace!It dont take much
  8. Just back from seeing Take That.It was there last night of the tour,from the principality studiam Cardiff. As always,they put on a good show.Next week Westlife at the 02. Hopefully I can attach a video of there last song Rule the world, with additional vocals from me.I must point out I have a bad cold and cough.
  9. Just on my way back from bluewater. Its Marinas, birthday in a few weeks time.Okay brought some stuff for me .Chocolate, scotch well do have s bad cold,and got lunch.We are in Berlin for her birthday. Tonight we are going to see Take That at our local cinema .
  10. Yes indeed,my father wanted to join up,but was a miner.Therefore he had to serve in the mines.He joined the RAF after the war sadly he died when I was a child.My grandfather served in the RHA during WW1.Both wars touched most of us in one way or another.The TV coverage very moving and respectful.
  11. Today of course is the 75th anniversary of D-Day.Just spare a thought for those that served and the many that gave there lives. We will remember them.
  12. Any money paid to BA,sure it wont go towards diesel for SOB.It never goes anywhere!
  13. Marina and I wont be there,so for us no probs.Instead we will be in Berlin.
  14. I didn't for one minute think it landed there,it was my light hearted look .However my message was not.the bravery by those that took part in D-Day was incredible.
  15. Took this photo yesterday on the way to work at London bridge station. Part of the D-Day events going on here and France to mark the 75 th Anniversary. Spare a moment to remember all those that gave there life for us.
  16. A big set back for England, hope it doesn't prove costly. Think they thought it was going to be a easy match.Clearly not.
  17. Pleased for Liverpool winning the Champions league. They missed out on the premier league. Of course Happy that my team won the other day.Chalsea still the only London team to win the champions league.
  18. My guess,before the start most people stay in the bar.The same when we was there a few weeks ago to see Take That.Once it stats they all flood in.The same happens at Football.
  19. Our day today very busy.First up we took poppy out cat to the vet.She has a course of jabs June and December for her Arthritis and her nails trimmed. Then food shopping. Shopping done then head to Leeds castle, Marina doing Segway,a Birthday present from me(last years).Next up head to see our daughter Nicola,her boyfriend his parents and family,also a long time since we saw her horse Whizz. A busy but enjoyable day,helped by the weather. Some pics:
  20. Great result against South Africa.
  21. Did I mention Chelsea won another cup last night Well done the blues.
  22. Today is the start of the Cricket World cup. England are world number one and have a good chance of winning. Looking forward to watching them play.
  23. I am of an age to remember campaigns for let's keep Britain tidy.Sadly it didn't work.Think there must be some joined up thinking. From companies turning away from single use plastic,Governments National and local getting tough on those that leave rubbish where it shouldn't be and us taking responsibility of our own mess.
  24. It's up to you of course, but I wouldn't do so ,think would be problematic. At the very least get advice from boat builders.
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