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  1. never not felt safe and in younger days could not afford to do it anyway. now dont feel the need
  2. TOPICS FOR TOMORROW FILM AND TV CONNECTIONS CHILDRENS BOOKS COMMON 3 WORD PHRASES break for T,P or even G&T 1 TO 10 EVANS ABOVE SHEER LUNACY LOG IN HERE;-https://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ no password required 8.30 friday
  3. cant imagine how you lot must drive, 50 years motoring at av 20,000 a year, only once been stuck and that was behind some idiot who stopped on a hill,, never had the need for snow tyres, chains grips etc, good tyres and good winter driving techniques (learnt one bad winter living round buxton)always worked for me.
  4. with a massively larger budget, do you want tolls to rise to fund it?
  5. when we hired it ,we found it suited our needs perfectly, was easy to handle and economical, 4 adults 2 kids,would have hired it again in the same situation, but went down to 2 adults , now have our own the engine at the time was a 1.6 escort diesel as were many of alphas hire craft,
  6. friday 15th may ranworth, sat 16 cruise in company to salhouse, sunday 17 departure
  7. dont forget jamboree on the air JOTA in october, scouts from all over the world communicate by radio, they have now added jamboree on the internet JOTI, been going since 1957 more details here ;-https://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources/3228/jamboree-on-the-air-jota-and-jamboree-on-the-internet-joti
  8. having just seen this, I hired starfire when they were both in alpha's fleet engine was enough ,only downside was sidewind, very spacious saloon, did 2 weeks and covered most places north and south
  9. you can get medication fior that charlie
  10. try again link now works ok
  11. have emailed arthur
  12. in a word no, this is r644 star supreme 4 now carrying the name goodnight irene
  13. many years ago there was another scientific consensus which said the earth was flat , so in your eyes that was a fact?
  14. what about people in high rise flats etc, no way for them to charge anything,the lucky ones will have to be on their guard against fly by nights pinching leccy, totally unrealistic
  15. so saying, all that seems to be happening is just that, reams and reams of it appear on here for perusal by the "opposition"
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