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  1. only on sundays after chapel
  2. PETER, wong again, this is the true flag,you lot are all incomers from various raids ,viking, romans,and for those who hate the french many of you are descended from the normans after william beat harold in 1066 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-World-of-Flags-3m-10-flag-Welsh-Dragon-Bunting-Wales-/231485930873?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item35e5a2fd79
  3. simple answer, take the A148 at kings lynn then follow follow A 149 from cromer to stalham, actually 7 miles shorter but admittedly not quite the norwich bypass,will save all the stress tho.
  4. no worries bonzo you enjoy, do not see why macd have started putting cheese on tho, used to enjoy better without, and yes i eat plenty of cheese
  5. bonzo ,you make the same mistake as mcD. no way do i want cheese with a breakfast muffin, spoils brekkie completely
  6. gary, zacthedog has given a list of old pennants to'- flying colours tel 01423 860007 they do printed and woven very good service, got a NBYCo one from them
  7. just seen on Facebook, looks like clive has bought geo. smiths yard and is moving fineway dayboats to there
  8. the other way iain is buy and use a roofbox, then put it on ebay when back home, saves storing and cheaper than hiring
  9. got similar last night , said the server had reached its resource limit
  10. after all that stella, no wonder you slept lol
  11. Iain buy a roofbox for the motor then bring your own
  12. already worn the print off the boat copy,now on second one,
  13. if this topic is current next week coowee will no doubt comment, he is off grid this week but is a member of and librarian for the richard 3 society,no doubt with more information
  14. the gift shop building, is being revamped, a hairdressers, , the centre section not let as yet, and a tea room/cafe.there seems to be lots of work going on
  15. not really john,just an iron with a curved sole plate, we dont want any flat warps do we?
  16. why would we drink water when sailies bucket and chuckit? also local fish and fauna foul it
  17. cymru am byth diolch i chi Iain
  18. the calendar seems to be full of members birthdays and nowt else,
  19. Whats going on. a prime site like this and the fleet keeps reducing, used to be 20+ last year 8,now on webcam only 6. time to give up the lease and let it become part of the yacht station?
  20. not been to white horse for years, sounds good to me
  21. some nasty person sent me a letter last October for not displaying my toll plaques.the boat was in the wetshed and has the plaques and reg numbers hanging from pulpit rail, been there all season, specsavers comes to mind.
  22. look out for chameleon john, thu 2nd to mon 6th
  23. mine didn't arrive but, I agree with strow, pay online march 31st
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