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  1. HOPE THIS WORKS FROM MIKE AND PAT http://www.elfyourself.com/?mId=62293027.3
  2. thats him geoff, the other bloke is dajen dave
  3. we were there from 6.30, dajen turned up later must have been the lack of pink carnation
  4. we were where stated, DE RODES ARMS BARLBOROUGH stranger, dajen, april pat and myself, at least us oldies can read,and turn up at the correct venue.lol.
  5. ah there is life in gainsborough but not as we know it
  6. SEPT 1969 SWMBO No1 complaining all the way there,got stuck in traffic at RAF coltishall air display, finally got to horning,nearly burnt clutch out in the traffic.once aboard SWMBO loved it. for the princely sum of £22 we had azure spray from turners of horning for a week, glorious weather, shirtsleeves all week, being new was panicing when someones bows pushed against our transom in GY yacht station splitting the bolt away from one half of the door, thought i was going to lose security deposit,since then have hired regularly,both north and south,now finally got my own boat.
  7. I cant afford the financial times,how about the beano
  8. does this place have a drinking area?, dont forget its mainly a food establishment
  9. do we need to book a table dave?
  10. im annoyed as i visited the falkirk wheel 2 years ago and was in digs 2 miles from them without knowing about them, was working up there for a week could have found time
  11. more the merrier clive, its a crown carvery and does a good meal
  12. wouldn't be a northern meet then liz
  13. as long as im back from bedfordshire
  14. that place has a lot to answer for,it's where pat and I first met, sounds ok to me though.
  15. can liv e with caravans, my biggest gripe is lorry drivers overtaking on a 2 lane rd, anything up to 5 miles to get past, at least the A 42 has a no overtaking zone for lorries 7am to 7pm, on a busy day I can lose an hour because of lorries, i do 20.000 miles a year, driving to work,not at work.
  16. after a frantic call from polly i have a quiz and it can go ahead as normal about 8.30
  17. clear as mud,but, looking at your pic i see the words aspect ratio, these i understand
  18. whats happened,have they put a different lens in, the whole picture seems distorted?
  19. is that the difference between a 7 day camel and a nine day camel?
  20. ooh you are awful, but I like you
  21. martin we used to live in scunny, had no end of bother when putting home address, very common problem, not a worry now we are out in the sticks
  22. I'm up for that john,only thing would need to replace helm seat,otherwise as the only helm I would end up with whats known in the trade as "a numb bum"
  23. just called in at local jet filling station £1.23.9/ltr for diesel, cheaper than asda,£1.24.9 nice to see lowered prices for a change
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