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  1. might be out later polly will watch for you
  2. we've just bought the gardener a ride on mower to do ours lol.
  3. a few more from the archive mike
  4. you could try jason at LBBY,he allows solo cruising mike
  5. hiyaa clive nice to see you mike and pat
  6. even worse for us dave overnight mooring £10 nothing back on the meal, will be a long time before we venture there again mike
  7. must have been return of the hullabaloos then :Stinky
  8. happy with whatever night, if afloat usually have laptop and depending on phone signal can take part anyway mike
  9. "tip toe past lbby" heard of tip toe through the tulips is this the same? what is needed is a blast or two on a certain woody's air horns. mike
  10. probably miles out but it looks like the thurne at potter mike
  11. works for me tim ,great mike
  12. you haven't found them yet arthur, dave high or lowbrow don't care mike
  13. sounds like a plan to me love quizzes as polly will tell you lol mike
  14. talk to jason LBBY, he replaced mine on service ,good job he did it was rotten, could have sunk. mike
  15. bit like the python aussie sketch, everyone called BRUCE to avoid confusion lol mike
  16. nice to see you john even if you don't know the difference between warm white and white light lol mike
  17. the post in question is now removed after robin's reply which laid it on the line and odviously ruffled some feathers, glad to be out of it mike
  18. crowle near scunny jim mike
  19. which area of lincs jim? . ,mike
  20. chameleon


    last week we bimbled around the north and passed a good few trip boats both from norfolk broads direct and the southern comfort, one thing puzzled us, why do the trippers look so miserable? mike
  21. hi john,i just use my i-phone,it has a setting to use it as a hotspot,if its not working pat has a galaxy ace 3 which has same facility,friday night t-mobile 3 internet was down and i had to use pats with ee 4g, both are fast enough to run or win a quiz. mike
  22. nip into boulters at horning,£1.18 /ltr
  23. having filled up yesterday at boulters was well surprised, last time out we were across to norwich down to oulton broad ,back to potter and then home to stalham, plus return to horning yesterday, 47.7 litres for approx 30 hr cruising against the tide to acle coming back and a few extra revs crossing breydon both ways. works out at just over 1.5 ltr per hour for a 1500cc BMC diesel well pleased with the result
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