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  1. just taxed my car today, this new system is easy. if you tax 6 mths on my tax level by post office cost £303.50 if i tax for 12 mths cost is £285.00 we now have the option to set up direct debit and pay monthly it costs me £299.25 (5% handling charge) good idea, if i sell car i just cancel direct debit,so job done, no worrying about whether i taxed or not
  2. just found a couple of photos, circa early 70s, both taken on lower yare, one at reedham excuse the quality ,scanned from old pics
  3. chameleon


    i was taught every 5 seconds was a mile ,best lightning show i saw was across the conway valley on the mountainside,good as a firework display
  4. i'm lucky,got friends in little eaton just a cab ride away,always a bed spare there cheers
  5. wrong 3 things missing a timbo a m-m and ME would this be belper dave?
  6. who is justin beiber? from what i see he's a spoilt brat with more money than sense
  7. you do realise geoff the title of this thread has given jenny morgan a heart attack
  8. am i right in thinking there was a floating chippie in horning late 60s early70s
  9. asked this as a quiz questionn a while ago, statistics say yorkshire, used to be burton on trent
  10. after last years "thrutching" wait till you see royal tudor about.
  11. dont forget the gate guard at waddington is famous, XM607 the vulcan used in the black buck raid on the falklands http://www.airsceneuk.org.uk/oldstuff/2007/431blackbuck/blackbuck.htm
  12. might be out later polly will watch for you
  13. we've just bought the gardener a ride on mower to do ours lol.
  14. a few more from the archive mike
  15. you could try jason at LBBY,he allows solo cruising mike
  16. hiyaa clive nice to see you mike and pat
  17. even worse for us dave overnight mooring £10 nothing back on the meal, will be a long time before we venture there again mike
  18. must have been return of the hullabaloos then :Stinky
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