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  1. that was brian blessed still size challenged and booming voice
  2. driving to scotland , saw more sheep in yorkshire than i ever have in wales
  3. steveo should be doing next weeks quiz
  4. regulo was there and frightened the others away
  5. thats a no brainer peter, the answer is yes
  6. welcome to the real world of driving robin
  7. windows 10, wont entertain it, 7 or 8 and firefox
  8. think it must be your end its ok on mine
  9. funny place for a water point
  10. you can get tablets for that
  11. having used norwich market over the years i find it's not worth the visit ,overpriced tat, if this is the best god help the rest! markets generally are in the decline ,mainly due to pound shops, primark and other cheapo shops, many on here will remember Thoresby sunday market with over 1000 stalls, 3 hrs at least to browse it all,they even put a roundabout on the A614 to cope with the traffic,gradually went downhill,great gaps in the rows of stalls, sadly now closed only decent sunday market within reasonable driving distance seems to be at Skirlington between Hornsea and Bridlington
  12. they won't vaughan , its the same everywhere
  13. yeah that won me the quiz, i got 8 out of 10 cats and won by 7 points
  14. TOPICS FOR TOMORROW TV DING DONG MELLOW YELLOW BREAK FOR T OR P OR EVEN WINE FEELING FRUITY WW1 TRIVIA LOG IN HERE http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ no password needed all welcome 8.30 tomorrow evening
  15. the man who thinks boating is a contact sport
  16. thats ok but when the crew has mobility issues and can't bend it's easier to leave them down
  17. got it in one, was taking off this morning was working near the runway
  18. the view from work today, poor quality due to fog,hope you plane spotters can identify plane and even the location
  19. only problem there , getting a good ground plane for the aerial
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