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  1. not had instructions for you alan, have you ordered one?
  2. only thing is there is no such thing
  3. swine, posting that I'm suffering at this hotel without any cider, having to drink becks
  4. southern softies you lot, up north we're still in shorts and shirt sleeves
  5. you been learning to tell time?
  6. thats twice this year howard be careful
  7. here in kent having to drink bud light (no draght cider available)
  8. just for a change, the view from my office window today.
  9. best answer trev is as soon as pat receives them, I am assured we will have them next week they will be dispatched asap
  10. I remember a hirer being shouted at by a rather large coaster changing moorings from port to starboard in norwich, almost got squished, saw it again near reedham, please excuse the pic quality , scanned from an old instamatic pic
  11. to be pedantic 1197 123e engine, worked on dozens
  12. you're lucky our mounting kit was £64
  13. richos guys use the wetshed for grp repairs and constantly leave the door open, can't chuck them out
  14. what happened to the wearers name?
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