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  1. although i didnt get a pic in the calendar,hopefully will see my boat in there as one of the pics has it centre stage
  2. why pollute and dilute whisky, rum etc by adding tea or coffee
  3. why waste time with tea or coffee? just stick to beer,cider or wine
  4. bubble and squeak aint part of a full english, where did you get that from/
  5. better especially home made ones
  6. hash browns have no part in a full english , they are american, fried bread is english
  7. no polly is unwell so using an hotel
  8. all gone, griff must have started telling jokes
  9. i've escaped, free at lasst
  10. getting her bottom wet again
  11. went to the local carver sunday SHOCK, HORROR , they have the christmas tree up already
  12. 2 coats of antifoul and by now she should be afloat again, the putty queen now looks like a smurf with all the blue antifoul,pics to follow
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