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  1. pretty sure the organiser (janetanne) will contact you when he reads this,he's always looking for entries
  2. was a great place for ice cream and if you were early enough crusty cobs in the morning, sadly missed
  3. "brabazon and amazon" surely you mean brabazon and mirage
  4. there is a shortage of phials for blood samples so pat has had a blood test postponed indefinitely (1 month so far)
  5. up here in sunny north lincs, last sat morrisons queue back 2 roundabouts, this week no queue, normal service, never saw any queue in edinbrough all week
  6. dont forget the motto is "never let the truth spoil a good story"
  7. indeed this pic brings back memories,this ended up as our shunter
  8. as a former yard shunter I often wondered if it ever did, many the night i've been thrown the keys to reverse a container truck into our shed, the most notable was a guy who had been driving artics 20 yrs, couldn't back into our loading bay, after numerous attempts he gave me the keys and in it went, (it was the same manoeuvre I did when being tested). for the record i learned on a volvo FL10 4 wheel unit, it was great. could put it anywhere ,all our trailers were curtain siders
  9. growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional
  10. cawdrons is good ,had a hog roast from there for the forum meet at salhouse 2016 (my 70th) very very good as all there will agree
  11. yes indeed , actually took a pic in horning 1969 but liike many things it disappeared at divorce time
  12. used to be a fish and chip boat years ago, anyone remember it?
  13. have a look here https://forum.norfolkbroadsnetwork.com/topic/24114-nipper/?tab=comments#comment-374087
  14. sounds like the place in oulton broad, upstairs near that little broadway area, we had tournedos rossini there, was it the golden galleon?
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