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  1. ChrisB

    Let's Drive: Levisham To Whitby

    Or Bealach na Ba and Shieldaig commonly known as The Pass of the Cattle to Applecross. 11.5 miles long rising to nealy 2100 ft from sea level and back to sea level. A good snow storm in late June is a regular.
  2. ChrisB

    Let's Drive: Levisham To Whitby

    Whitby is great but my two favourites in that neck of the woods are Staithes and Robin Hood Bay. Two beautiful villages especially out of season.
  3. In my day it was Triumph Bonnevilles and Norton Commandos that were king of the North Circular. That is until the best of both worlds....Triton Norton featherbed frame fitted with a Bonneville power unit mated to a close ratio Norton Manx gearbox.
  4. ChrisB


    I had a Nasa BM1 on my boat to monitor my two batteries and it was money well spent.
  5. ChrisB

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    There is a loudspeaker symbol in top left hand corner. Default is "Off" just click on it to turn on.
  6. ChrisB

    My Day

    Not wishing to waste "Shirt Sleeve" weather in February, I stayed North today and walked Blakeney Marshes. Juno is looking very smart with her new antifouling. 20190215_125816.mp4
  7. ChrisB

    My Day

    20190214_121913.mp4 20190214_121913.mp4
  8. ChrisB

    My Day

    Such beautiful day in Norfolk I decided to travel south and walk the large dune system at Winterton. Stopping at Horsey for a few minutes on the way. Feb 14 and I walked in the dunes in a shirt and jumper! No doubt we will pay for this springlike week.
  9. ChrisB

    Hoveton Great Broad, Bushcraft And A Canoe.

    Some portage from car park to Broad and back again at Salhouse. He must be well fit.
  10. ChrisB


    I had £1200 of damage to my berth cushions stored for winter in my loft. Had stored them there for years but this winter (2012) they chewed every one.
  11. ChrisB


    The edible dormouse? No, too fiddly I think you would need two or three to make a meal.
  12. ChrisB


    In my Native Chiltern Hills there is the King Chewer, the Glis Glis or Edible Dormouse. This bu#*er did a load of damage in our home just before our purchasers Surveyor was due.
  13. ChrisB

    Countryfile 10/02/2019

    "Styx" was that a freudian slip? Is not Styx the deity and river forming the boundary twix earth and Hades?
  14. ChrisB

    Cleaning Up The Lego

    Most likely a Lotus or BRM. The last seasons before his plane crash (71,72,73,74,75) were Brabham, Shadow and Lola. Do you have a Lotus in Gold Leaf livery? I remember there was a lot of celebration in 1966 when he won the Indy500 driving a Lola Ford. Hope you get him back to his right car.
  15. You would need to speak to Hunter Fleet as it depends on the Battery set up, also tide will make a large difference to range.

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