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  1. Like your use of a snubber for the side haul. Very good.
  2. A lot of hire craft are fitted out with Polypropylene warps. Under £0.30p per metre for 14mm when the VAT is reclaimed. However, if you have ever had a burn or a splinter off polyprop you would never use it.
  3. I got to Sainsburys at 0700 this morning and drove straight to a pump. However they were begining to pour in as I left the forecourt.
  4. We don't have any queues, up here in the NE corner! Because there is NO petrol in the Cromer/North Walsham area at all.
  5. This type of real time information is far more use if your concerns are bridge clearance.
  6. Remember, Tides are not an absolute science, they are a best approximation and local conditions re atmospheric pressure, wind have a considerable effect on predictions. Due to the constricting influence of the entrance to Great Yarmouth and the rivers thereafter tides are usually calculated on the basis of "hours after Gorleston" heights are above chart datum in similar unrestricted water. Really the only information the heights give you so far up river from their point of calculation is whether it is Springs, neaps or between and a summer deluge over a few days will wipe out any extrapolated calculations that you have made. My advice would be:- if you are concerned with bridge clearance on the Northern Rivers, Potter, Ludham, Wayford and Wroxham your best course of action is to monitor the various EA Monitoring Stations as the most accurate information available.
  7. Strange that due to the story of Donald Crowhurst Teignmouth Electron must be one of the most famous boats in the World. She however ended up abandoned, vandalised and stripped by souvenir hunters on Cayman Brac. All in all a very sad tale.
  8. Speaking from my only experience of a true wooden boat, a little 21/2 ton Hillyard that was planked in full length in Iroko, the problem is what has happened in the intervening years since launch. You just don't have that uniform quality and appearance guaranteed, and you don't find out until the enamel is off. As some know, the Folkboat that I sailed to The Azores was wood but she was one of the ones, like the famous Jester, that was cold moulded. I think a true woody shuld be planked.
  9. The Dragon really started it's UK patronage with The Clyde Sailing Club. In the 30s and after the war quite a few were built or converted up there to include an overnight cuddy. I don't think you could call them a cabin.
  10. Calor also have a rarity on 3.9Kg Propane at present.
  11. The sliding gas hob is a very common installation on yachts up to about 27ft, often going into the quarter berth area. The Swallow 26 is an example. However these boats are designed for the sea and most will not be subject to BSS.
  12. I booked a very comfotable cottage on the St David's Peninsula in Oct 2019 for Sept 2020 for just £648 for the week. By coincidence I had an e-mail this morning offering a cancellation at the same property, £876 for just 3 nights! No thankyou, anyway St Davids is a very long way from NE Norfolk for just what is effectively two days holidaying.
  13. Beautiful boats, absolute classic lines both above and below WL. Aldeburgh YC must be the nearest fleet. Love to watch them when I am down there in civilisation.
  14. Out of curiosity I have just looked. The name has been retained "Emerald Star" their premier range look lovely boats and much better value than The Broads offering. But you do have the time/cost of getting to Eire but worth every penny imho.
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