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  1. It is Chris Packham who has mounted legal action against NE issuing "General" licences.
  2. I want to know where and who this legal challenge has come from. Maybe Wildfuzz could throw some light on this? It is the Wildlife Officers who will have to Police it. Good luck to them.
  3. This is very important for those of us who run DIY shoots and protect crops out of season.
  4. VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE. for those of us on DIY shoots
  5. Local to The Broads ASAP Supplies in Beccles are Roca distributors. I am sure they will help you out. Their Tel. No. 01502.716993. I know they were taken over but I am pretty certain they are still on the Industrial Estate.
  6. Why has it got two IBCs on it's roof? This is not a new problem, it should have been tackled long before now.
  7. Somehow attachments got out of order but you will get the jist
  8. It may be inert Peter but if it enters the lungs or other organs the irritation can cause all sorts of problems. I would think blue asbestos fibres were pretty inert!
  9. I wonder what it will be after plastic? But Climate Change might get us first.
  10. The great danger of Micro-Plastic has recently been found to have entered the human food chain and is now not the preserve of fish, marine mammals etc. It is being found in us. The human race has a propensity for self poisoning. My generation born shortly after the WWII seems to have more than our fair share of Cancer. Now I will put my hands up and say we of a certain age, who enjoyed the 60s smoked and drank like gooduns and that has not helped. However how much is down to the food we ingested. DDT spread over the fields, fertilisers and animal medications now all banned to say nothing of the household chemical revolution. A nice breath of Flit anyone.
  11. What beautiful lines that boat had.
  12. But would you call it a Haar or a Fret ??
  13. My 12 week old new boat was hit in 2008 by a Richardson craft. They were very good throughout even putting us under cover whilst the canopy was repaired.
  14. Had to do a screen shot as kept getting message -200. Is this because I rec'd it from my son who is on his way to Norfolk from Australia and he sent it via Whatsapp? Nice stopover if you are travelling from Aus to UK, 5 days sailing, island hopping.
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