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  1. I see she is still outboard powered! I wonder where they have left her "Trailer"
  2. Bit of a b$g*×r on a Sunday night if you have an early start Monday morning.
  3. Looks like he has been back Steve. It burnt down Friday night! The fire crew were there for 8 hours so it must have gone up well.
  4. Of far greater importance could it effect:- Power boating happens throughout the summer... The regatta is but once a year!
  5. Near Buxton Mill? But then you mention JM! His neck of the woods Ellingham Mill perhaps.
  6. These were taken by a member of the Viking Owners on the Medway. I have to say that it does not look too shabby to me.
  7. Electronic Labs (Poole) kit I have been on a boat recently that still has a flashing led, 2 band Echo Sounder like the one above.
  8. Very true but you have to remember 50 years ago there were no Chinese electronics churning them out for £100. Most boats I sailed on, if big enough had Sailor Equipment which were well built mostly in Scandinavia but very expensive. I relied on my offshore pack of parachute flare for years but when I got my first Westerly bought a seafarer echo sounder, Radio direction finder and their Seavoice VHF.
  9. I do wish that I had taken a photograph. I was at How Hill House yesterday and in what I think is called the big room is a collection of of skulls and bones of different creatures found on their field trips around the house. One exhibit was the skull of a Pike, it was enormous, the teeth were over half an inch long, probably closer to three quarters, found in one of the fens. The write up said they had never seen one as big. I just did not think! Too busy stuffing myself with delicious sandwiches and cream tea.
  10. I was crewing on passage from N Laoghaire to Milford Haven (Pembroke Docks) during the 79 Hurricane. It was very rough and we cut short the passage and landed at Fishguard due to the complexity of navigation around St David's Head and Wooltack point with their off lying islands. The conditions were very bad but our Contessa 32 never gave us a moments worry. It was owned by a London Dental Surgeon and we were bringing her back from Ireland following his holiday.
  11. I hope that you will get out on the water Peter with your camera. I really enjoyed what you captured last year.
  12. ChrisB


    Nothing like the fragrance of "R" in the tank. I used to put it in all my sport cars, smelt like the racetrack. Pretty sure it was vegetable based.
  13. ChrisB


    Duckhams were the first to produce a multigrade engine oil and the name "Adsil" is still used for a range of high performance (clear I believe) protective coatings. When I worked for Courtaulds Coatings (International Paint) we lived in constant fear of cross contamination between divisions that silicon could get into regular industrial finishes. We would not even allow silicon cleaners in the offices and certainly not silicon lubricants in the plant. I always understood that is why GRP should be waxed not silicon polished. Waxing reduces the need for "Grinding Back" should the substrate ever need painting.
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