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  1. That map looks remarkably like The Norwich Union Flood Risk Map that dates from around 2003/4. I used it when looking for properties in Norfolk, which is most likely why we ended up one mile inland and just under 40m above sea level.
  2. Judith and I did a lot of touring throughout the UK and Continent when our two sons were young. We hired both a motorhome and a caravan first and for our needs the touring caravan won hands down. The caravan with it's fixed awning provided a more permanent camp at our destination leaving the car free to use. Another benefit was the ease of " leveling up" the caravan on it's jacks, as many sites in the Alps and Pyrenees are far from flat, in those days the RVs used ramps which I did not fancy to achieve a level plain, I have even seen an Italian family use a short axle stand! I suppose motorhomes today have air suspension to get a flat nights sleep. Having bought a touring van we used both it and the boat for our summer holidays. For years our boat was at Ridge Wharf Nr Wareham. We would tow the caravan to Lookout Caravan Park at Stoborough and day sail the boat to Studland or having the occasional night aboard there or in Poole Harbour. The caravan was invaluable though as it let the boys have a good run around, when they were little, away from the river and marina. Enjoy your wandering adventures.
  3. The above explanation assumes that you are familiar and competent in the water. Non swimmers the frail etc should go down the life jacket route.
  4. I would recommend Sea Safe Systems life jackets. For two main reasons. Firstly they are bespoke and British made but secondly and most importantly when it comes to servicing you just drop then off at Brundall Bay Marina ( as can any life jacket ) and they are then returned there. By bespoke there is a good choice of cover material ( I have a tweed one for fishing and shooting ) and they also offer an embroidery service for crew name, boat name etc. I am unable to post a link at present but just googleSea Safe Systems.
  5. If not using an all season or winter sleeping bag and let us be honest sleeping bags suit less and less as we get older! I subscribe to the duvet underneath with as many "tog" as the one over the top in cold weather. Although many would disagree I also have always used proper "Down" filled duvets as they tuck in round the body much better than synthetics. This system has served me well in boats with no heating and ice covered decks.
  6. Unless you are in the mould of Frank Dye and his wife Margaret. Their honeymoon (they met at the 1963 Boatshow) was a little Wayfarer sail out to St Kilda. Later their most famous Wayfarer " Wanderer" made passages to Iceland and Norway, the story being told in their book "Ocean-Crossing Wayfarer" "Wanderer" is now preserved at The National Maritime Museum in Falmouth. In later life they lived in Wells and their home was left to the community.
  7. I posted the report under a new thread simply because I refered to it with regard to the other current discussion about Johnny Crowes Staithe. I did not want to muddy the waters there. I thought that it would be a useful and interesting download for folks. That is all.
  8. For those who have not read this document and for general interest. ms-files (1).pdf
  9. I think you are correct MM. I wrongly assumed that the long gone staith was also named after John Crome, a leading light in the Norwich School of Painters. Or perhaps like so many Norfolk names it has changed in general use by lazy dialect. Stiffkey = Stuccy......Happisburgh = Haisbro etc. etc.
  10. I was once told that the actual site of Johnny Crome's staithe was about halfway between The Ant and Crome's Broad. But very overgrown now. Not where we moor now.
  11. That white line is what is known as a "Boot Top" or it is in yachting circles. You can buy special Boot topping Paint from Teamac, Hempel etc. What it is, and it's purpose was to provide an antifouling line that is scrubbable but does not need to be submersed to keep it's properties. There are often times when the antifoul is not high enough when loaded for an extended cruise but if you have high antifouling it goes tatty when you are not loaded. Boot Topping paint solves the problem.
  12. Due to delays I never got as far as Burnham Overy today. I walked at Blakeney and grabbed my picnic on Morston Quay. The charter season must be over for Charlie Ward and Juno as she is back on her Winter berth on Blakeney Hard.
  13. On a happier note, I have just looked at the Burnham Overy Staithe Webcam and Met Office forecast. So I will get my snap box and flask filled and have a drive along the coast road. For anyone who does not know Burnham overy Staithe, you can park free on The Hard (care with tide needed). The walk along the sea wall then over the dunes to the wide, wild, sandy Strand is stunning.
  14. It was a favourite walk of Judith and I, both in winter and Summer but wellies are essential in Winter if coming up from the Crome's Staithe end.
  15. Cancer is such a dreadful and deceitful curse. In the last 5 years I have lost my wife who I met on bonfire night 1966. We were together for 50 years 18 days and married for nearly 46 years and 5 friends, two of whom were also in the September 1962 intake at Merchant Taylors, so life-long really, we were all just 13 and I am now 70. I too feel alot of anger Griff. For them, with so much left to do, and at the huge void in my own life.
  16. We must break the shackles! And go forth to rightfully re-claim our heritage:--------- As "The sick man of Europe" like we were in the 70s, producing the best of British. Who else could give the world the Marina and Allegro.
  17. Unless they are adding Bromide to quell the "Grit" dwellers urges!
  18. Digital lightening for Grendel.
  19. The sandface cliff has been created by wave action. That is the high tide line. It was a smooth slopping beach until the Easterlies started. A lot of sand has gone! Hopefully to return with a spell of offshore Westerlies.
  20. Totally agree, a responsible reporter and newspaper would not have quoted "street language" in such circumstances.
  21. UPDATE There appears to have been more overall sand loss in the few weeks I have not been down to Bacton Beach. I estimate that the "Sand Face" is in places 8ft high! I sincerely hope that no youngsters or anyone else has the stupid idea to tunnel into it as a sand collapse takes no prisoners
  22. Probably because they do not have the Gas Safe Certification to work on boats. Quite a few boats have Truma heaters and hot water systems but try getting a truma approved fitter to work on a boat! You won't! They all have static and touring caravan certification but not boat. Too late I found out Tony at Bank Boats is a bit of a wizzard with Truma.
  23. There used to be social housing everywhere, it was called "Council Housing" but someone decided to sell them. Ex-Council houses in the village where I lived in Buckinghamshire are now demanding half a £m. We married in 1971 and even though we were both well educated and qualified had to rent out of the area. We worked and saved and bought back in the area three years later. The incomer thing is also not always what it seems. I have met a fair few Norfolk born and bred who after qualifying in various fields left for better career opportunity only to return forty years later for their retirement.
  24. I had a Black Hawk and for a short time a Black Prince. Both were very good boats and I used them on the sea out of Poole. I wonder if this boat has been re-engined as my boat had a BMW oil burner fitted and I am pretty sure no other option was available. The last Black Prince I saw recently was moored at Broadsedge and it had a bathing platform bolted on to convert it to outboard power. Except for the headroom, we were young and it was not an issue, I prefered the handling of the Black Hawk with it's 90hp Mercury 2 stroke. It got up on a proper plane in an instant. Not sure that I could afford the fuel bills now running on high octane + the "Quicksilver" lube, a trip from Wareham to Keyhaven would empty 4 X 5 gallon tanks and take a goodbite out of the 5th. We only had the Prince a very short time as Monday the 19th October 1987 ( Black Monday ) occasioned me to liquidate a number of desirable assets so it was only used really for less than one season. It had been our intention to base the boat at Port Leucate but our holiday home there also ended up in our "Sale of the Century".
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