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  1. I would think that the BA have neither the manpower or IT resources to move away from what they do without adding a lot of additional admin costs.
  2. It is a Cat. S car, so the insurance considered it a write off. I would want a good look at it and put it on a jig to make sure it is straight before parting with money. That said many Cat. S are repaired and safely returned to the road.
  3. I guess the real jewel would be the rear wheel drive Rover 75 V8. With it's longitudinal Mustang "Lump" it must be sought after like some of the other contempary "Super Saloons" The Ford Cosworths, Mercedes 190 Cosworth and Vauxhall Lotus Carlton. The latter I also had as a company car. I could have purchased it from the company at it's depreciated value (straight line to zero over 4 years) what an idiot I was! It just went to BCA like the rest of of our fleet disposals.
  4. I had a company 2.5 ltr Rover 800 Sterling. It was a superb long journey car, I drove from Cherbourg down to Andora and it was effortless.
  5. ChrisB

    River Bure

    Yes, as I understand it the Upper Ant was "Canalised" to create the NW&D canal.
  6. ChrisB

    River Bure

    Probably because it's source is in Antingham. The source now is normally taken as Antingham Ponds however I think these were created as mill ponds. Smallburgh is derived from Smale apparently, and some years back when dredging, cobbles were found next to the pub where the "Ford" in Wayford was.
  7. ChrisB

    River Bure

    There is a old indiginous species in our Village who's family were originally from Potter and he does not even pronounce the "H" it comes out something like "Potterarm" all one word! I think that in the past there was a laziness of speech that is the root of the dialect and the unusual pronounciation of many place names.
  8. Some very nice "Holiday" designs in the fleet.
  9. Me neither, but I have God alone knows how many books from Slocum to the present day.
  10. THE TAMING OF AN "A RATER" AT POTTER, in a breezy 3RR 2011. (
  11. An "A Rater" on a reach past St Benets brings a nostalgic lump to my throat for my days in Marlow, Bourne End and Cookham. Many Many happy days on that stretch and many, many late nights at Skinners of Henley.
  12. ChrisB


    Not as expensive as "Walk Ashore" overnight in Lymington. But there again Potter is not Lymington. The Broads are still very good value. I think The Rising Sun ( now it is part of The Recruiting Sergeant family) it's setting and loads of free mooring compares with the best The Thames has to offer or any of our inland waterways as a place for a "run ashore" Above "Potter" above "Wroxham" and above "Beccles" are really the jewels of The Broads.
  13. Who remembers Marty Feldman? Now there was a comic who was not PC.
  14. Depends what project, netting the cliff or pumping sand? They are going to pump 1.8 million cubic metres, that is a lot of sandle castles and will take time. The words Rome, Day and built come to mind.
  15. The colonies between Mundesley and Bacton Terminal are periodically lost for a season due to landslides. Netting has been used before to move the Martins along. One instance being the creation of the excavated ramp at Happisburgh.
  16. The Rover engine was an end of life puchase from GMs Buick Division I believe. As well as being fitted to three Rover models I can think of,it was supplied to Morgan, MG, Land Rover for two models and I think TVR had them as well. You surprise me about the weight because I always thought it was an aluminium engine. It was not immune to upper end problems causing clattering and oil consumption. My Father was in construction and he had a number of SWB Land Rovers fitted with V8s around 86/87, might be a little earlier and they were not without issues.
  17. Yes, I think it was basically two dolomite engines, so it had a rubbish foundation.
  18. A lot of that went on years ago. There were garages who specialised in putting V6 Fords and Rover V8s into Triumph Stags.
  19. Totally agree with peoples sentiments regarding Freemans. The stepped deck line of the Mk2 put it in a different class visually over the Mk1. Also the number still being enjoyed testifies to the quality of build. Interior joinery was also very good.
  20. My late father knew everything there was to know about seals! Stupidly he fancied a change having had two BMW 2002 the later being a tii and bought a new NSU ro80! The seal trouble began day one virtually. The car was never on the road. The garage bought the car back in the end as they were part of a group that sold other makes and they were going to loose our company car business if they had not. For our younger readers who do not know what I am talking about it is one of these:
  21. Look no further than Eastwood Whelpton for GRP classic. Tempest and Hurricane are Olin Stephens designed, Sparkman and Stephens 34s. Tim Whelton modified the under water profile so they could sail on The Broads. This was the yacht design that Ted Heath campaigned, the first of his Morning Clouds, in which he won the Sydney Hobart and Admirals cup. They are still built in Australia and making round the world and and long blue water passages. You only have to look at their lines to see an absolute classic.
  22. ChrisB

    Subsiding House

    The problem with floating is the services and utilities have to be flexible as a very dry summer can lower things considerably. Once saw a septic tank break the surface when it was pumped after a flood. The ground had become waterlogged and the black water was failing to run away. The household's only option was to use it as a cess pit and pump out when full but when they tried to do this it wanted to float and a three cubic metre GRP sphere is pretty damn bouyant.
  23. A boat with a mast and sails is always the best starting point.
  24. It is a sad fact but very many yacht clubs are seeing falling numbers. There are just not the same numbers of people coming in to the sport. Sailing is not alone, there are golf clubs that used to have long waiting lists also with falling membership. Whether it is time or money, who knows? I suspect time because my old cricket team who would field 3 teams struggles to get 1 x 11 together these days.
  25. My favourite at the moment is the new Morgan +6 which was launched at the Geneva show in March. It retains the classic Morgan look but it's BMW 335hp six cylinder takes it to 62mph in 4.5 seconds and tops out at 160mph. A genuine hand built future classic for £80,000, not really too steep.
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