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  1. The only thing we didn't like was the heat in the room, didn't even bother with the duvet just had the sheet over us and the fan on all night but had to put earplugs in to keep the noise out,in suppose putting air on in would up the prices. As for the food, we ate at the Hungry Horse pub 100yds away, much better and cheaper
  2. I just love those big Swancraft boats I wanted to have one this year but the boss woman wouldn't pay the extra so we settled on Swan Reflection which we regretted due to the very cramped toilet/shower area. Good write up as usual.m
  3. Great write up, really enjoyed it, we prefer the southern side, and a beautiful looking boat. One question, what was wrong with the Premier inn to be able to get a refund, we use that too and this year had a really uncomfortable night as it was so hot.
  4. That's a lot of revs even for a petrol engine, why so high I wonder?
  5. Sounds like you had a lovely time, we've had Sunday lunch at the Wayford and really enjoyed it. Have to ask if Reflection has been kept as good as Swancraft, had them, we're on Reflection1 in August and looking forward to it after being on Rapture the last twice.
  6. We were there watching that happen, he tried twice to turn across the outgoing tide to moor up then he got too close to the ferry and couldn't slow down enough. Jim
  7. JimC

    how far away

    We did 265 miles to the Premier Inn at Norwich this year from Spennymoor in Co. Durham although we went via Peterborough to avoid the A17, think it's about 20 miles longer but quicker. Jim
  8. We were one of the boats moored at Cantley that glorious morning, fifth from the left, Swan Rapture, I was having a cuppa when I saw you cruising past, the river was almost flat calm. jim
  9. There's a Coop in Loddon may have something useful. Jim
  10. We are picking up Swan Rapture on Friday, and heading north on Saturday until Wednesday so here's hoping for fine weather for our first Breydon crossing. Jim
  11. Premier Inn at Broadlands business park for us, lovely clean room and it's own restaurant but we had brekkie at Sainsburys just down the road for half the money plus you can shop there too. Tried Acle travelodge 2 years ago and at £19 was a bargain but a tad scruffy, glad to hear it's been refurbished, well placed for the rivers tho. Jim
  12. We had Roy's garlic chicken too Robin, think you'll enjoy it. Jim
  13. Star Gem 6 was our first ever boat, we were staying at a caravan site and fancied having a go at cruising so looked around Richardsons yard, talked to staff there who let us on board some boats to check them out and that's how we ended up with her. Have to agree she is a great couples boat, very keenly priced, comfortable and easy to helm, we had a lovely time on her. Jim
  14. JimC

    NYA boat sales

    Just browsing at NYA site and they have an Aquafibre 31 for sale and the photo shows Swan Reflection2, would this really be Swancrafts boat up for sale or just to show what type of boat it is. It's a 2012 boat so wouldn't have thought Swancraft would part with a 2 year old boat. Jim
  15. Me too, missed my fix this week especially as we will be doing south to North this time round. Jim
  16. Hi Robin, are you still planning to get your own boat, I read on one thread you had something in mind. Jim
  17. Couple of questions that puzzle me after watching day 4 of Robin's blog. The dykes leading to Surlingham and Rockland broads are really overgrown with reeds, do they ever get cut back to keep the waterways clear and is Rockland kept shallow to benefit the wildlife or was it once more navigable across most of it. I recall in my younger days(50 years ago) being on a day boat with my parents and we were on Rockland but not as limited as it is today. Great blog today as usual, that heron in Loddon must sit there hours then fly a little way down river screeching his head off, lets you get really close to photograph him. That's the fastest anyone's been up the Chet, the wash must have been terrific. LOL Jim
  18. Hi Neil, just started reading your blog as we've been away for the weekend. We are also from Durham and this year I opted to miss the stress of the A17 and go on to Peterborough and onto the A47, it's 20 miles longer but most of it is dual carriageway and it was a doddle, no tractors, not many HGV's just plain sailing, sorry, driving lol. Jim
  19. JimC


    When we left Swancraft 2 weeks ago today they were 3 people short due to illness and 1 leaving and were under a bit of pressure trying to turn their boats around, may be worth a phonecall. We did offer to stay and help in exchange for a free holiday next year but nothing doin LOL Jim
  20. I was thinking of Cheryl Cole but then I'd have to look at that awful tattoo. LOL Jim
  21. I totally agree with you about the Beccles YS facilities, we found them smelly, the wash basin area scruffy and definitely in need of upgrading, and how they can justify £1-85 for a shower when you've just forked out £8 to stay the night amazes me, we opted to use our boats facilities instead. Jim
  22. Well we have The Reedcutter earmarked for our first night's stop which is next Friday, we're onboard Swan Rapture from Brundall and this year we decided to eat out every night if possible so looking forward to sampling some good food. Jim
  23. Sorry if I'm slightly high jacking the topic but I've noticed the powerboat racing is on Monday 26th August and would love to watch it. As we would be overnighting there and having an evening meal in a pub/hotel which ones would we be able to moor at and also get a decent view of the racing, and who dishes up good grub. In the unlikely event we can't get to moor at an eatery where else could we moor and then walk to see the racing. Jim
  24. Robin, where did you buy the Showroom Shine window cleaner from, it's a snip at £5, it's £8 up here in Durham, we use the polish on our caravan too brings it up lovely so would like to try the window cleaner as well. Jim
  25. That's brilliant. We're really disappointed this year, the great tits that nested with us the last 2 years have gone elsewhere, the female roosted in the box since late last year until about 3 weeks ago then hasn't returned although they both still visit the garden. We have a small camera in the box which gave us hours of enjoyment last year. Jim
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